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Kids not the only ones dreading school

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: I am too. Working at two different schools, working with new people, all the kids, back in the library, and taking two night courses. I should be grateful to not only have a job, but one that sounds lovely. But meeting two new library assistants, a new principal (although I get to stay with my beloved old one too) all the kids, being evaluated for accelerated certification. And these rigorous courses! I just feel overwhelmed. I wish vacation would last forever.
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I'm not dreading. I'm excited. :
I can't wait to meet my new kids, and have been in and out of school for the past two weeks (cleaning, planning, setting up the classroom).
I always get "back to school" fever, although, I am usually fried by the time Thanksgiving vacation comes about.
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I'm sure you'll do fine! Anticipation is usually so much worse than reality. I hope your transition goes smoothly and you will have a wonderful year.
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I've got two kids going for the first time this year and I am NOT excited at all. They were just babies yesterday. WHAAAAAA!

(they are though)
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I am not dreading. I love school, and so do my kids! :
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What kind of classes are you taking at night? I like to dream about going back to school again...so I love to hear what others are doing
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I'm with you. My kids are excited about going back to school. But I'm starting teaching this year, and I'm feeling ambivalent about going back to work. I think that once I actually get started it will be good, but the anticipation is making me nervous.
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I hear you!

I will have a class that is rather difficult this year. Lots of absences, not doing work, that kind of stuff. Not sure I'm ready for that to start.

On top of it, I got a second job when DH lost his last fall. I was planning to quit when school started, but it doesn't look like that will happen. So, I understand your stress of working, kids, and other responsibilities.

Kind of scared about being there for my own kids, the good job (teaching), and the crappy second job all at once. I understand about how I shouldn't complain, too. I'm VERY lucky, but, heck, I'm going to be exhausted!
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