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We realized that dd knew all the colors by 18 mo, and we didn't even know how/when she learned them. The concept was very clear to her very early.

So we were surprised when ds didn't know a single color at 2....and 2.5.....lol. Everything was "blue!", unless everything was "red!"

And then he spent a couple weeks asking "What color is that?" "what color is that?" about everything he saw. And, voila, he got it. He is now 31 months, and he knows them all.

Watching kids grasps concepts like this really fascinates me.
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My DD, 25 months, seems to know a few colors, sometimes! I do teach her from time to time but know she'll figure out colors on her own. Her ped. said she should know colors by age 3. Color blindness effects males, not females.
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I asked the same thing on another board -
my ds is very very smart, knows tones of other things but doesnt know any of his colors consistantly.

What people suggested was that colors are a hard concept to understand, because there are so many variations of each color - blue can be light or dark or inbetween, but its still blue. Whereas the number 3 always looks like the number 3, so its much easier to understand.

That makes sense to me.
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26 months here and often everything is "verde" (green). For a while everything was "azul" (blue)!

This week, she is showing more of an interest in learning the correct names for the correct colors, I think because I have been doing some painting on a wall, which she thinks is very interesting. I do know that she can see the different colors because of the way she plays with her toys, puzzles, crayons, etc. If I ask for a certain color of marker, she'll probably bring the wrong one, but if I ask her to match colors of different objects, she can do that. I think this is mostly a vocabulary issue for us, especially as we are a bilingual household. Numbers and letters get a little mixed-up, too. It's early yet!
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