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Bright Red Gums

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For five days now my two year old has had bright red, swollen gums. She has had a noticable fever every night. Anyone know what causes this? It literally came on overnight. The poor little thing will barely let me look in her mouth! It is obviously tender but does not bleed. The gums are really sticking out!

This is my third child, so I am not new to teething babes. But I have never dealt with this! I am familiar with localized inflammation when a new tooth is erupting. This is way worse than I have ever seen.

Hyland's teething tabs are giving a little relief, but not much.
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Sounds like an infection to me so teething tabs wouldn't work. Could she rinse her mouth with a dilution of tea tree oil and water?
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My mother used to wet a lipton tea bag and give it to us to gnaw on for mouth pain. Something in the tea numbs pain, also helps some with irratation. Just tell the child not to chew to hard. Tea grounds aren't that fun. I've used it after my son had major dental surgery with very swollen gums, it seemed to help him also. We also use it for mouth cuts and minor injuries to help stop bleeding.

Good luck.
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