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Just did our first BIG library run...

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OK, so I admit when I was reading through The Charlotte Mason Companion I had to chuckle when reading the part about how she brings a laundry basket to the library with her.

I could have used one today! We now have 74 items checked out on our library card & another 20 or so requested.

So our first 4-5 weeks of school are taken care of. These are all the living books to go along with the first 5 chapters in Story of the World Vol 1, and for our science studies. Also, for FIAR we're doing with DD2, and of course a bunch of just fun picture books for bedtimes and story times.

All DH said was, "You know, you can come back whenever you want."

Problem is I like to have them a bit ahead of time so I can look through them, get everything organized, and such.

Anyone else making big trips to the library gearing up for the new school year?
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i live in a very rural and tiny town. our library is smaller than my house. we have a 10 book maximum per person. I HATE IT! the only good thing is my library is a block away and we walk there daily.

you are so lucky!!!!!
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Wow 74 books! We have a limit of 20 (I think). But, we also have 3 different library memberships, so we can checkout maybe 50 max.
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we have a 40 book limit here
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We have a 50 book limit here. So we check stuff out on the kids' cards too. A TEN BOOK LIMIT?? That isn't even worth the trip, seriously! You'd have to go like every day!
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I'm jealous! We have a 30 book max and you can only have 10 books on hold at once. I need a 100 book limit total I think Many times when we go to the library I do need a big bag or basket to carry everything in.
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50 book limit per card here, with 4 cardholders. And yeah, um, I'm not even counting them all up! I'd guess we have at least as many books checked out at any given time as the op. We love the library. I often wonder if we are overusing the library, but the librarians assure us we are not. Now movies are another deal. We try to stay away from them because they are $1.25 a day fine per movie per day late. I'm just not into keeping up with due dates for movies .
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Oh, wow! Now I feel even better about our library. Really, it's quite good. There were WAY more resources on ancient civilization, dinosaurs, prehistory, and forestry (our first 4H unit) than I could ever possibly have taken out.

elizawill -- A 10 book limit? Oh no! DH & I take out more than that just for ourselves. (Yeah, forgot to mention in the last post that probably 20 of those books are actually for DH & myself. Totally not homeschool related at all.) We are very rural too, NY near the Canadian border, but are just lucky to have a good public library system in our county & the 2 neighboring counties.

freestyler -- had to laugh at your comment about needing to go every day.

I *am* seriously considering bringing a laundry basket next time I go. They do have those little carts that hold up to 2 of those plastic shopping baskets you can use while you're there. May have to use one next time. If DH hadn't been with me I'd have needed to make 2 trips upstairs from the kids room. Too many books to carry at once!
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Originally Posted by freestyler View Post
A TEN BOOK LIMIT?? That isn't even worth the trip, seriously! You'd have to go like every day!

LOL. we do go a lot! thank god it's literally a block a way!! i have to bring my dh and 2 kids everytime to ensure we can get closer to 40 books though (10 per card only). and what's worse...our librarians totally suck (very harsh, but honestly true). i buy everything we need for homeschooling and i don't rely on our library AT ALL. we do find great books there, but it's just a bonus for us...nothing i count on at all. i'm from atlanta where the library system rocks, so it has been a huge disappointment.

instead of a laundry basket, i have a reusable grocery bag from harris teeter (large cloth bag). i hole punched our library card & it's tied to the bag. my children each have their own bag with their card attached & the bag can comfortably hold 20 books each. anyway - i prefer this over the laundry basket just a thought.
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Originally Posted by elizawill View Post
i hole punched our library card & it's tied to the bag. my children each have their own bag with their card attached & the bag can comfortably hold 20 books each.
Lurker in this forum...de-lurking because that is the BEST tip I have seen in ages! I misplace our library card all the time!

Never again..........


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Wanting to see what you got I love books!
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We are limited to five per person so thirty for us but they overrule the computer for us if we want them too. It's a small town library three blocks from our house and we go 1-2 times a week.
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
Wanting to see what you got I love books!
I'm going to separate everything this evening by subject & topic, make a book list, & take pics. (Pics are for my IL's who live far away. I try to keep them involved in what the girls are doing....send lots of pics of activities, what we're learning in school, and random stuff.)

I'll post links to the pics & the book lists once I get them together.

The idea about attaching the card to your bag is really good. I do have a bunch of cloth grocery bags. Now it's just remembering to bring them into the library with me. They never seem to make it into the grocery store.
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we have no limit either, we love getting tons of books too!!!! definitely started already
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Man... I really need to start paying down my debt to the library. I'm so jealous now. I love the library but haven't been able to check anything out in quite a few months because I owe too much money. I hope you all are better than me at keeping organized and getting books back in time. When you take too many out the fees add up really quick!!
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We have a HUGE library bag, sold by our library, super-reinforced and incredibly heavy when full.

Since we have such a big family, all the kids except the 3yo have library cards. I'd never heard of checkout limits except for limits on DVDs and CDs? And we don't have late fees, only lost book fees.

We're doing SOTW II this year, and going to the library tomorrow to fill up on extra books. So far, the chapters are just overlap from last year, and the kids know most of the stuff we're covering.

Our usual checkout (not including the teens!) involves tons of mysteries for me, whatever cook books look nice to me, authors like Cornelia FUnke for my 8yo, the Commander Toad books for my 5yo (again, and again, and again), and anything my 3yo sees that catches her eye.

That's how I go through the library..."Ooooh, that looks like a good book!"

I love the bag/card idea. I must do this!

Love, penelope
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Wow, I'm not sure my town library even has check-out limits. The county library system here lets you check out 50 items per card.

I do have trouble keeping track of all my library books so I can make sure we return them on time, though...
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Yes! Oh my, yes! I was actually a little self-conscious checking them all out and hefting them out the door....and then I ended up renewing them all about three times before finally returning the books (and renewing some yet again).
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I would be so sad if we had a lending limit at our library. I'm a library whore. Not just a whore, but a glut. I go multiple times a week and often checkout more than I know I can personally read before they are due. I'm just triage challenged. But, we get tons of books for home school, as well as whatever has caught my interest at the moment, as well as political books, as well as mystery books as well as romance books as well as...well, you get the picture.
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We have memberships at two different library districts. One has a 25 limit and the other is 100. We generally have at least 60 things out at a time and that is just my husband's cards. If we all had cards, I can't imagine... Our house is already overflowing with books.

ETA: We usually go to the library at least 2x a week.
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