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Nighttime diapers - how long?

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My dd, age 3 and four months, has been out of diapers for about seven months, and I would love to stop using a diaper on her at night. The diaper seemed dry in the mornings almost all the time, so a few weeks ago I put her to bed without one and she woke up soaked! We went back to the nighttime diaper. She doesn't mind wearing it, and I have no reason to push for nighttime dryness, but I was just wondering what to expect? About how long does it take for a child to be dry through the night? Is there a point after which using a nighttime diaper actually hinders a child from achieving nighttime dryness?
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Good question. My dd is 3 yr 8mo and I, as you, don't mind the night didies but wonder if ...
I'll be watching for responses.
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That lasted the longest for us. Leah wore pull ups to bed for along time. When she finally left diapers behind, we put a towel under her. If she roused during the night, we would take her to the bathroom.

We were wet a lot, but it didn't last toooo long. After being wet a few times, she started getting the idea to get up when she needs to pee.

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Saige actually did it backwards.At 2 she stopped peeing at night.But I put a diaper on her anyways.At around 2 and a half when she stopped wearing diapers,I never used them again.Now,she has amazing bladder control,as did I (My mommy says) when I was little.She will go all day without peeing if I dont remind her.
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my daughter's nearly four and a half. When will it end?????
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I almost hate to post this, but my ds will be 6 in June, and he's still in diapers at night!!! At his 5 yo checkup, the doctor said it was something he just can't control, and that the problem does run in families... (dh apparently had this prob) We had lots of potty problems with this child.
Luckily, my almost 3 yo ds was fully using the potty before he even turned 2, and has had a few dry diapers at night this week! I guess he'll be out of the diapers before his big bro...
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Ali is 5 and will be 6 in October, and she's never had a dry night in her life. I've searched the web and not found anything helpful and our Dr says that there isn't anything medically wrong.

We use pullups as they are much more comfortable for her at this age.
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My son, who was trained just as he turned three, was day and night trained at the same time. But he never peed at night, even when he was in diapers, after about 18 months or so. My daughter, who is three and not yet even remotely interested in training, doesn't pee at night either. I have no idea why...but it does make life easier! This sort of thing seems to vary wildly from child to child, and a normal kid could be anywhere on the spectrum.
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Oh, my, I had no idea it varied so much. Yikes. Thanks for all your replies, everyone!
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My DS#! was in underwear during the day from just before he turned 3 , he was "being trained" for a long time though. (he had a big problem with constipation). When he just turned 4 he asked to not where a diaper at night. He went through some periods where he was having accidents but in general he was fine. One morning after an accident as I was changing the sheets we were talking about maing sure he went before he went to sleep ( some people I know take their kids to the toilet in the middle of the night, but I never did) and I mentioned that grown ups wake up when they have to pee in the middle of the night. A few weeks later, when he woke up in the morning he said "mommy, now I am like a grown up " He was so proud that he woke up during the night to use the toilet! It was really cute!

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My daughter is 5 1/2 yearsd old. She is just now trying to not wear pull-ups at night. It is because she was embarrased at a sleepover at her cousins, (that they weren't wearing pullups).

I have not forced the issue, and when she is ready she will stop night time wetting.

She is a very deep sleeper, I figure she is doing more important things at night, (like dreaming) and it uses up all of energy to "concentrate" on waking up to go to the potty.

We let her wear pullups and don't make it an issue, our doctor also said that she is not developmentally delayed, they usually don't address the issue as an issue until about age seven.

Best of luck.
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My oldest dd is 6.5 and rarely has a night that she isn't wet. She wears pull-ups and so far seems unconcerned about it. She is a very heavy sleeper. My 4.5 yr old also wears pull-ups at night and almost always fills them. Both potty trained during the day on their own at around 2. I haven't been concerned about it or asked our doc about it at this point. I do know a few other kids who are similar. I think if I got her up during the night a time or two she would be dry, but I don't. But that's probably what it would take.
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My dd literally said 'mommy, i don't want to wear diapers anymore' about 3 months before her third birthday. I hadn't even mentioed potty training yet. She stayed in a pullup at nite and woke up soaked each moring for about a month. She never once had an accident during the day. One night we were out of pullups at bed time and just through down a water proof cover under her part of the bed, figured we'd clean it up in the morning. But she woke up twice to pee during the night. It was like she knew had no pullup on. From then on we let her sleep in her skivies and she has only had one accident and it was during a nap. So the big difference for us was when she knew she had to get up. I guess we're lucky. It was literally like she had a daytime potty switch that was just flipped on, and then later the nighttime potty switch just flipped on. I personally had nighttime accidents till I was probably at least 5, and I just eventually grew out of it. I also heard that most dr's don't worry till the child is at least 7. Good luck!
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DS is 4yo and tonight had a tantrum because he didn't want to wear a diaper to sleep. Well, he only started seriously using the toilet in March, and still has accidents pretty regularly. But since no matter what part of the bed he starts off in, he ends up next to or on me in the night, I have a personal interest in his external dryness ...

Tantrum or no, 'til it's consistent for a bit, I'm in no rush to stop the diapers. When his siblings start "training," we expect the same thing, even though diapers are a hassle. Much less hassle than deodorizing the futons every morning ...

A fine general rule: The family that sleeps together would prefer to be dry together ...

- Amy
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