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Got hooked to the show some three years back. It's fun to watch Dr. Sheldon Cooper's socially awkward interactions. All the characters are my favorite. It's few of the series that actually life your moods.... 

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I love this show.  It's one of the only shows that my boyfriend and I can agree on and watch together.  When I was sick and pregnant, I would watch episodes online and it always made me feel better. :) This show makes me laugh at loud which is very rare for me (I am picky about comedy).

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Just wanted to point out the fun factoid that the Amy Farrah Fowler character is played by Mayim Bialik who is not only a neuroscience PhD in real life but also a huge AP momma with a new book on the subject, Beyond the Sling.  She made her rounds on all the morning talk shows promoting her book and talking about cosleeping, extended breast feeding, and gentle discipline like it was a normal thing and not the freak show they usually make it sound like. 

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And she is rumored to be an MDC mama!

wave.gif Mayim, if you're reading this smile.gif
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We love this show!  My dh has all past seasons on our hard drive and we watch them all the time.  He often jokes that I am the Sheldon of the family...the female version, lol.  I admit often what Sheldon says are the things I think, the difference is I don't say them out loud, usually :)  And I do know what's socially appropriate most of the time, I just find it ridiculous... But I am not a physicist, I got my undergrad in social science, partly because it helps me understand the rest of the human race, :D  

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Just got into this show myself, and I can't get enough.  PVR'ed reruns on several channels is making it easy to catch up.

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We love this show.  I totally know (and was friends with) people like this.  Including the selective mutism with girls.

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