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Need baby shower ideas

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I'm beginning to play a baby shower for my two best friends who are expecting a baby in July. They have requested "lesbians with sperm donor" variations on games. Since I'm not very good with shower games to begin with, I'm at a complete loss! Did any of you have showers that did games that were specific to lesbian parenthood? Any ideas welcome!
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Hey. I have no idea what they are asking you for, as I don't know any shower games that even mention sexual orientation, let alone are heterocentric. But I'm also not big on shower games. One thing some friends & I thought up for a shower that I thought was really cool though, was to have a whoel lot o fblank onesies and t-shirts and lots of iron on letters and patches etc. Everyone got to design an article of clothing for the babe, in sizes to fit over the nextyear or so.
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ps - at my shower we didn't do anything but eat. and eat. and eat. yum.
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Okay... just brainstorming here:

Variation on the game where you can't say "baby" or you lose your diaper pin to the person who catches you... one with the most diapers at some predetermined time wins. Most showers I have been at lately have added "cute" and one or two other words to teh list because people got so good at not saying baby. So, get crafty and and instead of just basic safety pins use either pins or clothespins (some people get cranky about putting holes in their clothes!) and decorate them with a small bead sporting a ribbon tail. Egg and maybe sperm to the list of words you can't say.

Pin the Sperm on the Ovum... need I explain? If you tear or in any way damage your sperm you lose automatically.

If you do the game where you bring out a tray of items that people have to memorize and then list, do basic baby stuff but add theme items. a colored Easter egg, a turkey baster, test tube... I dunno what all. Ask your friends for input, or others who have gone that route.

If I think of more I will post again. Good luck and have fun. Ask your friends if there is anything in particular they are picturing.

Maybe cupcakes decorated like eggs with cute little smiling sperm diving into the middle.
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well, we weren't really into games, but our shower included lots of old(er) family friends who hadn't seen me in years and didn't know my partner--my sister organized it and just couldn't imagine us all just sitting around so our game compromise was a trivia quiz about us. it was actually pretty funny and entertaining for all involved--no one got a perfect score but our mothers got places 1 and 2--so that was validating for them, I think! we made some of the choices "radical" and "outlandish" so it cracked everyone up and broke the ice in a very mixed crowd.
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One of the best shower games I played was diaper the teddy bear....You can do levels, sposies then easy cloth then pinned cloth. Anyone can do it, and funny thing is men are usually better at it...don't know why though.
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I'm not too much for shower games either but I do want to second those who mentioned the onsies and trivia.

We threw a shower for a friend where we bought a couple packages of onsies, a few stamps, and lots of fabric paint. We let everyone paint/create a onsie. Some people painted free form and did awesome and some of us who are less artistically inclined used the stamps and whatnot. Best of all, the parents went home with several cool onsies.

Also, couple trivia at a shower can be really fun and not cheesy.

Good luck!

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