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I use Eucalan (http://www.eucalan.com/) in lavender but I've been seeing some very yummy scented wool washes with lanolin on etsy like cotton candy that I've been wanting to try. I need to find a good wool wash bar though for spot cleanung.
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Originally Posted by AfricanQueen99 View Post
There's a chick on etsy that sells her wetbags with two liners and one cotton outer shell. You snap in the liners and wash them as needed...I want to say they were something like $25. I haven't bought one, but there are options.

Since we're on the topic, can you guys link me to the products you use to wash your wool? Anything better than Lanisoh? Any soap you like?
Thank you.

I'm useless on wool. I am too scared to even entertain wool.
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Here's the etsy lady with the mulitple liners - http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php..._desc&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title - she must be new with practically no feedback, but it's worth a shot.
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I use ewe need it wool washes from hyenacart. Her smells are amazing! I got a whole box of tiny leftovers to put as a freebie with woolies that I send out and they make the packages (and my bathroom!) smell AMAZING!
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I also like Eucalan and Northern Essence (http://www.northernessence.com/). Their liquid lanolin is SO great too, so much easier to use than dissolving solid! They have nice solid bars that are great for spot cleans as well.

Mulvah, when your LO is three or four months old, you've got to give wool a try...some of those pull-on wool covers. I was really intimidated too and now I'm totally in love. They're so much more comfortable for DD around the house than plastic covers (if using a cover at all) and bonus, she can't take them off (yet). It's so much easier than it sounds!
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Oh my! those are some yummy scents at Ewe Need It! I just love hyena cart!

Thanks for the link that sells the solid bars, I really need to get one!

Mulvah.. I too was terrified of wool but it's handsdown my favourite cover. I have 5 (well 4 as I think I lost one in the move) and they work so well. If Parker has a bit of a diaper rash, I'll put a wool cover over his dipe when I can't let him run round naked and it almost always goes away. Plus they're just so cute!
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Last time I was shopping at Target in active labor, so in order to avoid that this time, I'm starting early.
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I'm going to need to get a few bath and body things, like Calendula lotion, but other than that, I have absolutely everything in the basement. We're just working on bringing it up and sorting it out. It's fun, and free.
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It's been on my mind a LOT -- I've picked up clothes at garage sales, but I'm obsessing over our big ticket items, like another carseat, a double stroller, and what kind of "big girl" bed we want to get for my daughter (we are thinking trundle bed?). I don't know how we'll afford it all. To be honest, I'd also really like to a buy a house .

I'm also really eager to get our closet cleared out (DH is going to move his stuff into our spare bedroom so we can have all the kids' stuff and my stuff in our bedroom) so I can unpack clothes and generally get organized in that way. Seems early to "nest" but I know I'd better do it while I have the energy .
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I bought a car seat yesterday DH's first reaction was "Isn't it a little early?" But it was an AWESOME deal a TrueFit for $99 and $5 shipping
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Originally Posted by patagonia View Post
I bought a car seat yesterday DH's first reaction was "Isn't it a little early?" But it was an AWESOME deal a TrueFit for $99 and $5 shipping
Where did you find that? I bought a True Fit for ds for over $200 with taxes and shipping.
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Me too

Blue and black Britax Companion for $95. It is beautiful!!
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I have bought almost everything I need already

purchased almost everything from craigslist, ebay or diaperswappers...
infant car seat
double stroller (this was my best deal at www.strollerreturns.com)
winter clothes (my first is a spring baby)
bundle me
newborn diaper stash

we would be ready for her tomorrow
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