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Holistic Dentist in Houston/Sugar Land?

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I am looking at TTC in about four months and have two amalgam fillings I got as a teenager that I'd like to have removed (& replaced w/nontoxic) before getting pregnant. Can anyone recommend a holisitic dentist, or at least one who won't balk at my refusal of the fluoride gel trays and request to replace "perfectly good" fillings for mercury concerns? (Every woman in my family two generations back has thyroid disease so I'm just not willing to mess with fluoride.) We are currently closest to Sugar Land but I'd be willing to drive as far as Katy or Conroe for the right office. I'd also prefer they take insurance since we do currently have dental coverage.
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Are those your only two amalgams? I know this isn't what you asked, but it may be safer for your next child for you to keep those in. I don't say it lightly, I became hypothyroid because of my amalgams, but after removal, you need some time before you TTC, it can change the balance in your body and stored metals start shifting around, trying to be excreted, but it takes a while and they can circulate at higher levels for a while.

I don't know anyone in the area (I live in Sugar Land) who removes amalgams safely, but there's got to be at least one, probably several, around. I asked last year when I was new to town and didn't find anyone, but like I said, I'm sure there's someone! I went back to Austin, I got mine removed shortly after moving here so I went back to Austin since I knew a dentist there.
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Thanks Tanya, that's good to know. How long before TTC do you think it would be safe to have them removed? (I just have the two amalgams, my only other filling is the ceramic bonding stuff.) If I don't do it now it could be several years before the next opportunity since I really don't want to do it while breastfeeding and we are hoping to have kids #1 and #2 fairly close together.
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There's not a lot of information out there, it's a lot of best-guessing and extrapolating from the small amount of data. Personally, my best guess now is 12 months. Andy Cutler is one of the best guys on mercury toxicity and a good resource on how our bodies start dumping mercury after we get our amalgams removed. I used to think it was only mercury toxic people who had this dumping phase, it's the time period from 3-6 months after the amalgams come out when a big shift occurs in the body and circulating metals significantly increase. Mercury toxic peoples' symptoms get worse during this time period, mine followed this pattern as well. The weird thing was that my husband, who detoxifies very well and definitely does not have mercury toxicity issues, and only got his amalgams replaced with composite on general principle, experienced the same thing (I think we saw the effects because he's very rundown in other ways). I did not expect this. So I really think being pregnant in the time period 3-9 mos post-amalgam removal is risky. The limited data I've seen says that around 9 mos out, the level of circulating toxins is comparable to before the amalgams were removed, and so then to give yourself 3 months of good levels before TTC, that's how I came up with 12 mos. But there's a lot of best-guessing mixed in there, and I wish Cutler had more data--I don't know anyone who has more data than he does, but it's still not a well-researched area.

But I really hope someone knows of a dentist who is good with the safe amalgam removal protocols! There are two mercury free dentists in the Houston area that advertise as such, but I found both to have very high pricing and I didn't choose them. I'd love to find someone reasonable locally, just to know them, and hey, maybe I can get my teeth cleaned!
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