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We have wood salad plates that DS uses, as well as regular salad plates. We bought the wood plates during his throwing stage, but he likes to use them still because he knows that they are "his" plates. He doesn't have a problem using regular dishes either. Our glasses are pretty heavy so we don't usually let him use those- he uses plastic tumblers or his KK.
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chloe, cameron and caitlin use both it depends whats the first thing i grab when i go into the cupboard. caden always has plastic because he has a habit of emptying his food onto his tray and throwing his dish/plate onto the floor.
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We all use real plates in our household..
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Regular plates, but plastic cups here...
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I had dd use plastic plates for a long time and she still uses plastic cups. We don't have a lot of plates, cups, or bowls and I don't want to react out of stress when one gets broken and I have to replace it. I have very bad memories of breaking dishes a lot as a child, it was both scary to break them and have glass all around and the scary to hear my mom scolding me afterwards. It is something that really pushed my buttons even with visualization so I chose to use plastic until recently. She doesn't typically carry her plate anywhere so I didn't replace our plastic ones that have broken down over the years. Her cups she does carry and she likes to be in charge of filling them so I have her use plastic still.
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DS uses both. Usually it is the same type we are using. Unless he is having something small that doesn't require a big plate. But he does have special cups.
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real. we do have a child's one that is like tin. but otherwise, she uses the same plates we do. if she threw plates, i would re-think it, but she never has.
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nope, the kids, toddler included, eat off the same (glass) plates we do. usually, like the op, they use the salad plate/dessert bowl sizes, but if those are all dirty, they'll use the regular sized ones. they get regular utinsils as well. now, i will do plastic drinking cups if i know they're roaming with their water, but we use glasses for meals.
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dd usses regular plates and bowls. i have fiesta ware and it is evidently quite durable as it has been tested almost daily for the past several months. i also have one small wooden bowl that dd uses sometimes as well.

i hate plastic. mostly i think it looks tacky, but you know, whatever potential toxins and stuff too...
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Tempered glass. And the kids drink out of half pint mason jars for the most part.
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DD had a time where she use to throw her plate when she got bored and didn't want anymore food. We got into the habit of giving her plastic plates because of that. I haven't gotten out of that habit. She hasn't thrown a plate or glass in a while so I might start transitioning her soon but shes shown DD2 the wonder of dropping plates so it might be a while before not needing plastic plates.
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we use stainless steel.
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Hunter has little glass plates that are his size, and also plates for kids that are plastic. It depends on what we're having and the size of it that determines which plate he has.
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We use both. DD has some plastic bowls for snacks, but mostly I use a salad plate. She has these monkey faced plates too, but those only come out once in awhile. We used them the other day because our friend was here and she always uses "kid" plates, so we did that day.
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Regular plates/cups. I must say that I love the small square plates from Crate & Barrel.

He uses small glass juice cups that I also bought at Crate & Barrel. They are thick and super strong (they've been dropped repeatedly but haven't even chipped or cracked).
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real plates, although the kids usually eat off of the salad plates.
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We use both. have some plastic like kids plates and bowls that were gifts, but cant be microwaved. So I also use corelle al lot.....kids never broke one but I did. I have some small jelly jars ?welches? with characters on them kids drink out of, they were perfect for toddlers. still use them...I even like them for a quick sip
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real here too, he's never broken anything in the year and a halfish he's been eating (in that same year and a half, I've broken at least four things :P)
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We have some Melamine plates I like to use simply because of the lip/edge that they have. Kiddos are still at the stage where things slide quite easily off their plates
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Real plates. No breakage so far, but we've been lucky and for some reason DD just doesn't like to throw them (every other kid I've ever met went throw a phase of tossing dishes). We use BPA-free plastic sippy cups around the house, when DD is walking and drinking at the same time, but use a real glass at the table.
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