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Poll Results: what is your household TV MO?

  • 8% (29)
    TV free, no TV ever
  • 23% (81)
    TV limited, but we do the occassional movie or show
  • 33% (116)
    we limit but watch something everyday
  • 14% (49)
    we are aware, but don't really limit, we just like to do other things more
  • 16% (57)
    we don't limit usage, but we do police the content
  • 4% (17)
    no limits on it at all
349 Total Votes  
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I voted limited but daily. Though in truth, under normal circumstances we don't let dd (2.5) watch every day, but she probably watches 4 or 5 days a week. However I just had a second child a week ago and at the end of my pregnancy I had to rest a lot and stay inside to avoid the heat because of my blood pressure, so we were definitely doing more tv than I would have liked. And I'm still resting a lot, so we haven't tapered it down yet, but soon I hope. Also my mother was here and was playing dd a lot of clips on youtube.

While I truly believe that tv free is best for children, I don't feel that in small amounts it is all that harmful. I definitely monitor content, I don't want dd watching anything with commercials, because I hate the idea of marketing to children. We have a Tivo so I record shows that I think are appropriate for her and we play them for her. Basically she watches (not all on the same day) Between the Lions, Sesame Street, Signing Times, Leap Frog's Letter factory, Math Circus or Talking words Factory, or she watches a movie. Her movie selection is pretty much Pixar's Cars, Ratatouille, and Finding Nemo. Also my mother bought her charlotte's web, but she hasn't seen it all the way through yet.

Ideally we would cut back to about an hour a day 3-5 days a week. I almost never put tv on in the background and we only have one tv in the house. So unless dd is asleep or at childcare I don't watch tv. There are times when I need to relax though (especially since dd no longer naps) and it is nice to turn on the tv so I can rest for a bit.
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re: "background" tv. I would never have tv on for background, but not because I've ever really thought about how it affects kids. It drives me crazy...absolutely nuts. If I must have background noise, I'm okay with music (depending on what music)...but not tv. It's beyond annoying.
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It seems like kind of a lot for a 20 month old. I have an almost 3-year-old and a 5-year-old and we limit a lot. We don't have cable or a converter box, so no channels to watch. They watch a dvd now and then. Husband and I usually watch a Netflix movie at night after the kids are in bed.
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Limited but daily here too. We usually turn on Sesame Street and/or Curious George in the morning to give me a few peaceful minutes to shower, so maybe about half an hour then (I have a 3.5-year-old and an 18-month-old). Then I sometimes let them watch a DVD in the car.

That's usually about it, although occasionally DD will want to watch a bit of a movie with us in the evening during the half hour between DS' bedtime and hers. Most of the time we play, but sometimes she'd rather cuddle on our laps and watch "Eloise."
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I voted no tv ever, and that's true. We don't have a tv so that makes it easy. My children will watch a dvd from time to time on my laptop, but it is so infrequent I don't think it would bump me to the next category. For example, my children had about 3 hours of screen time this summer.

I don't like tv for adults or children. It interfers with real life. I know my opinion would be considered an extreme one, but since you asked I thought I'd chime in.

To each her own, of course. However, I think if you are asking here, OP, you probably are already feeling that she's watching too much for your own comfort level.

If you ever feel like unplugging, give it a try. It's not really hard, and you end up with so much more time for everything else. You might like it!

I'm editing to add that i do believe a child is much better off with in a happy, relaxed, caring family than a stressed out one--that is a happy home with television is preferable to a an unhappy one with out tv. I'm sure that's obvious but I thought I'd say it anyway.
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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
re: "background" tv. I would never have tv on for background, but not because I've ever really thought about how it affects kids. It drives me crazy...absolutely nuts. If I must have background noise, I'm okay with music (depending on what music)...but not tv. It's beyond annoying.
It would drive me nutso, too. Music, I am okay with most of the time... but even that I have to turn off occasionally so I can think clearly. My kids are plenty of background noise themselves.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
It would drive me nutso, too. Music, I am okay with most of the time... but even that I have to turn off occasionally so I can think clearly. My kids are plenty of background noise themselves.
My ex would not turn the freaking tv off. It wasn't even close to being the reason we split up, but it was definitely a bonus of the breakup. I couldn't believe my feeling of relief when I came home each day to a house that didn't have a tv blaring at me. Bliss.
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we don't limit tv but do limit the content
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Movies only

DS is 25 months old and we watch movies, usually one a day during the latre afternoon when I need to finish chores and make dinner.

I feel very strongly about live TV in front of DS (with the exception of our local weather channel that just airs the weather report) becasue I HATE commercials. I think they brainwash and use every trick in the book to get your attention, drone things in your head, and the like.

Also, I tend to stick to non-popular movies or older ones that are not licensed heavily. The reason for this is DS's first movie was Nemo and still to this day he spots something with Nemo on it and he begs.

So we cut out popular things and opted for old movies. Jungle Book is the pick this week.

DS and I are outside almost all day 365 days a year becasue Ds is a "barn rat" and spends most of his day at my stable with me and his babysitter. Then we go to a local farm, and then usually after a few responsibilities are taken care of, back out to swim or in the winter play in the snow. We're outdoorsy. So I don't really mind if DS unwinds with a movie after a long day outside.
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If I were the only parent, the TV would only be on for the occasional movie or show. However, dp loves his TV and I can almost never get him to turn it off. Ds is with him during the day while I work so unfortunately he watches way too much television. Once I get home it goes off and we either read, listen to music, or go outside for entertainment. On my days off, he gets to watch Curious George, Super Why, and Sid TSK. Or a movie such as WALL-E, The Muppet Movie, or a Phish concert DVD (he loves them lol) and that's it. He's also a huge fan of Jon Stewart, so sometimes we watch the Daily Show
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I don't like tv for adults or children. It interfers with real life. I know my opinion would be considered an extreme one, but since you asked I thought I'd chime in.
Not as much as the internet
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We watch limited but daily. And when I say we, I mean I do. DS could care less about the TV right now. He may watch for a few minutes if I put it on a kid's show but then he is off doing other things. If I'm watching a show he won't even look at it. I wouldn't mind him watching a 30 minute show once a day or an occasional movie if he was interested but I'm glad there are other things he likes to do more. He's also in daycare so he doesn't really have an oppurtunity to watch during the week. I try to keep the TV off weekdays until he is in bed. I can do it when it's just me, but DH always seems to need it on and it bugs me to no end. I wouldn't care if there was a show he wanted to watch, but I hate having it on as background.
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I think that is too much for a 20m. Our 26m doesn't watch tv yet but when he does, it won't be more than 30m a day until 5-6.

I watched a ton of tv as a kid but thank god I also read a lot. We never had cable. I was then tv free for ten years in college. DH watched a ton of tv prior to becoming a SAHD. But once he was home with DS, the tv was off all day until after bedtime. I watch a couple of hours a week and he still watches 10+
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We're somewhere between none and limited. DS "watches" the morning news with Daddy, maybe some in the evening (again with Daddy) before bed. A total of maybe a half hour, not every day, and not kids' programming. So pretty much none, but we don't exactly turn it off just b/c he's in the room, either.

I'm home with him all day, and only turn the TV on while he's napping. My sister was (and still is) a TV addict, and it's sad. I want him to appreciate it as one of many forms of entertainment, not as the activity of choice.
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My younger kids 5 to 9 maybe watch a DVD on the laptop on friday nights. ( And it is normally a old non cartoon Disney movie) My 3 and 4 yo do not watch any TV.

My oldest still living at home 15 1/2 and 18 both have tv's in their room and will watch movies sometimes. They both purchased their own tvs, but either really use them.

We do not have cable, nor a TV in the living room. It has not always been like this here. We were all TV junkys. I grew up in front of it, and always had one in my room. I guess I didnt know any better.

Life has been soooooo much better since it has been gone
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Originally Posted by Madders View Post
Not as much as the internet
I knew someone would call me on this!

A good point, but though I indulge a little--15 minutes or so a day--it isn't quite the same as tv. I'm a bit of a luddite and don't face book or youtube or play games. I do do some shopping here and MDC and e-mail, though.

My kids don't use the computer, but that will change. I do think that as the children get older the issue of computer use will be a much more significant and thorny one than ever tv was. I'm not sure how all that will play out.

I'm hoping that the habits of creativity and lots and lots of physical activity will be well established by then.
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I try to limit TV watching to when someone doesn't feel well. Unfortunately I get migranes relating to allergies and my allergies are really bad right now so DD1 has been watching way to much TV for my comfort. By way to much I mean about an hour every day or every other day. I don't like her watching TV at all but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. DD2 is always occupied with another activity and if she starts to look to see what the flashing lights are I either take out out of the room or turn off the TV.
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My kids, on days they are home all day, usually watch one show in the morning, and one in the afternoon, a total of 1 hour. If DD (5) has trouble occupying herself and staying quiet during DS's nap, she sometimes watches an extra show. Two days a week they are in child care (TV free) and don't watch TV at all. We are cautious about what, and how much they watch. Movies are a treat, as I don't like the 1 hr + of straight screen time. And, frankly, their attention span won't hold much past a half an hour. They don't do computers yet, but honestly, much of their TV time is MY computer time. It's "down time"".
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Since this poll is about TV, then it's less than 2 hours per week. My 2.5 and 4.5 yo's self-regulate, and are not really into into tv. DH and I never watch.

However, you don't mention computer time. My DD runs in direct from daycare to get on the computer, tries to rush through dinner.... so we have to regulate this for sure! If I were to be brutally honest, my DCs play on the computer up to 3 hours per day. :
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Zero screen time here.

I'm a little psycho about TV, though...I find cable programing to be evil...everything from Bob the BUIlder to adult programs and everything in between. It is time wasting and bad for your eyes (maybe not even true...but I'm convinced of it! )

I answered the poll "Limited to occasional use" because while we are tv-free for the most part...we do have a stash of some of the classic movies which we feel are very cool and can't wait for our kids to watch (Anne of Green Gables series, Water Ship Down, etc - a lthe oldies but goodies) and DH andI catch an occasional movie with our netflix subscription after bebe bedtime, so...we're not completely, completely free of any screen time, but for the meantime, DD IS. I could not, would not EVER ever put a baby in front of a TV....in my opinion, 2 years old is a little small.

Why watch TV....when you could....

Help in the garden
Play with sticks in the woods
Go fishing
Help mama cook
Play dolly's, trucks, dress up, etc
Squish your hands in some dough
Eat cookies and watch the wind blow
Dance to crazy music
Follow a butterfly

And winter weather is no excuse....you could always...

Bake a pie (or just eat it)
Learn to knit
Play with blocks
Make a snowman
Lick some yellow snow...

There are a thousand things I'd rather my kids were doing. It strikes me as painful that children have to grow up sooo quickly...when I think of the amount of time they have, before they are strapped down with unending commitments and keeping a house, etc...during those few shorts carefree years of childhood, they should be outside, learning to make things, helping mama and dada with some chores...any number of things.

My problem with TV, is that it encourages "nothing" time. You are building anything when you watch TV....your mind is engaged, open and receiving...but in such a way that I don't think, even if you're watching something educational, that you are actually actively learning.

I don't know....I'd rather not see my kids waste all that time with loud noises and blinky flashy lights...the soft light of sun through trees is much better for little brains I think. I didn't watch TV as a kid...my DH didn't either, but played video games. I can't tell you how many times he has told me he wishes he'd done something else with that time.

I know it's "only" 3 hours a day.....but do the math:

That's 21 hours a week.
That's 84 hours a month.

That's 1,008 hours a year!

By the time they are 10...if they start at 2...

That's 8,064 HOURS of their life....what could they do with that time? (well and edit to add: You can't forget the teenage years....from ten to 18 years old, that's another 8,064 hours....I can think of things that a teenager could do with all that time that could be LIFE CHANGING for them or someone else) I'd rather they were sitting around picking their nose, than opening their minds to all those little messages, ideas and flashy images....don't get me started on the number of commercials they see during that time...advertising is the true evil of our time, by my estimation!

Anyway...I know my views are extreme and so I don't judge mamas who have lots of TV around....but, I don't know. Just think about what it all adds up to...it adds up to a LOT of time spent building, creating, DOING NOTHING.
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