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4yr old and seasonal allergies? help...

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Hi! thanks for looking... Okay, my dh has seasonal allergies and it appears that my ds does also. Last week he was congested for a few days and now he's complaining of a headache upper face (between the eyes) so I'm thinking sinus pressure. My question is: what natural, alternative treatment would you recommend to help this little guy with his symptoms??? I know the conventional route is to give him drugs of some kind and I'm REALLY wanting to avoid that. This last couple days with him saying his head hurts just breaks my heart! (It's off and on not constant, but still...ouch!). Thanks in advance for any suggestions! love, maisy
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allergies suck! I used to have them bad...
some great safe treatments that can help- shiatsu!!! cranio-sacral, acupuncture (wait til he's 9 or 10 though), homeopathy...

dietary stuff: avoid dairy, wheat, citrus, bananas, white flour, white sugar, yeasted breads, peanuts, mushrooms, soy milk ...

what to eat : warm steamed vegis, baked yams, brown rice, fish, lean poultry, tempeh, unsweetened rice milk, miso soup, unyeasted breads (check out www.frenchmeadowbakery.com), nuts (no peanuts), apples, pears, flax, hemp oil, olive oil, beans...

diet is very important in combatting allergies of any kind. check into some homeopathic formulas and try shiatsu once a week for a while, I bet you'l see results!
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Have you heard of a neti pot? A neti pot looks a little bit like a tea kettle. You use it to "douche" your sinuses with warm salt water. I have heard wonderful things about them for years and I just bought one to help with my sinuses when I get a cold or my allergies flare up. I actually used it for the first time this morning because it felt like I was getting a cold. It is really easy to do, and not painful at all. I think your DS might even like to use it because you get to watch water pour out of your nose while you use it.

Here is a link to a site that has a picture of one being used.

Good luck! I hope your little one feels better soon!
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You can use Nettles make an infusion or tea. Herbs for Kids makes a glycerain tincture Nettles/ Eyebright sold at most health food stores. I agree w/ Bebeluna about diet. Good Luck! I am going to take my nettles right now (sniff-sniff)
(FYI nettles is a decongestant)

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We've had good luck using NAET--a sort of mix of acupressure, homeopathy, and short-term avoidance. The book is "Say Good-bye to Illness" and the website is www.naet.com. We see a wonderful practicing RN who is a licensed acupuncturist and homeopath, so she helps on many levels. If you're near MA, pm me and I'll tell you who we see!

Hope you find some help for your little one!
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I'm just gonna ditto the nettles.....


1. It works tonically, so you have to start asap, preferably when it is still winter before the allergies start, and have some every day.


2. Only an infusion is effective, because in order to get all of the nutrients and phytochemicals that you need from the plant it must be extracted in water. Use a sealed glass container like a mason jar, 1oz herbs to 1 qt jar, pour boiling water in, and close the lid. leave it on the counter for at least 6 hours, then strain and drink!

Nettles are nutritive, very safe. Do not hesitate to drink as much as possible. (I drink 2 12 oz glasses of my nettle, raspberry, motherwort, and lemon balm infusion every day- have not had my usual terrible hay fever yet....)
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Thanks for the helpful suggestions! I've been trying some homeopathic remedies....they've been doing some good. And we'll be trying the other methods mentioned here! You ladies are the BEST. Thanks again!! Maisy
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