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I've had mine for over a year now and love it.  The Carafe is still plastic but its not like you store anything in it.  I hesitated to buy one for years but you will not regret getting one.   I use mine alot for smoothies, pureeing soups and I need to start making ice cream again. 

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We have the Blendtec and are so so so happy with our purchase.  We use it constantly and it's the way I get DS to eat vegetables, he's 2 and oh so picky.  He loves his smoothies.  I've also made sauces in it, but mostly green smoothies.  Delish.  Sure it's a lot of money up front, but never having to go to Smoothie King again and pay those ridiculous prices?  Worth. Every. Penny.


I wanted it for long enough and it's boosted our nutrition enough to justify the cost.  Definitely money well spent, but then we use it a lot.  Kale= hidden.  Mommy= happy.

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I've had a Vitamix for years and absolutely love it! It really is an incredible machine. I make a lot of smoothies, etc. and struggled through quite a few cheaper blenders before taking the plunge.  They are a bit expensive, but they do come with a 7 year warranty, which helped calm my nerves about spending so much.


You can save some money ($70+) buy buying refurbished ones directly from the company, and they still come with the warranty. 


Another tip, you can get free shipping (generally $25+) if you use a Vitamix promotion code from an online Vitamix affiliate like http://rawblends.com/

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If you are really going to use it, then a Vitamix is absolutely worth it! Every hard earned cent!


They are an amazing machine and I can honestly say since having one, it has changed my life. The Blendtec is up there as well, I have friends that absolutely love theirs. People often have difficulty deciding between the two. This Blendtec vs Vitamix comparison really can help.


Once you use a Vitamix you will understand. I had used several blenders in the past and really nothing compares if you are going to make use of it. As for deals and such, you should check with Vitamix Promotions where they have reconditioned, free shipping and the latest deals.


There really isn't anything you can't do with a Vitamix. If it's something you are going to pull out of the cabinet a few times a month, then it probably is not worth it - otherwise go for it! You will not be disappointed.



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Funny this thread got bumped. I just received my vitamix for my 40th bday! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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