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Originally Posted by LiLStar View Post
Theres SO many brands and types. prefolds, covers, fitteds, contours, aios, pockets, one size, pocket aios... then plain and simple, some work well, some don't work well. some are expensive, some are pretty cheap. they all have such vastly different fits and different babies are going to fit better in differen't ones. hook/loop, snaps, side snaps.. and wet bags, liners, inserts, doublers, snappis, washing routines, detergent, repelling, stinky build up, stripping.. rash creams that are safe for cloth, night time solutions that work for a heavy wetter, wool, wool wash, lanolizing!!!
Yeah, I'd say that about covers it . It just seems too overwhelming to even start. I'm afraid I'd blow a bunch of money on stuff and then have it not be the right stuff. It just seems too complicated.
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I went to both extremes. DS wore almost exclusively CDs, even at night, until the day he was potty-trained at almost 3 y.o. Then came DD. Our house was under renovation, DH was working constantly, I had a toddler and a newborn, and I could not do it. I know a lot of moms on here do, but it really felt like the last straw. The researching, the buying, the washing, drying, folding, prepping them so they were ready, the diaper bag issue.

I felt really guilty, but sposies were SO much easier. DD is fully trained now, so the stash is donated, and I've moved on.

And for the record, I've never run out of sposies and had to make a midnight run to the drugstore. (I will always have a soft spot for an adorable wool cover, though!)
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I was a newbie with no support. I got AIO's thinking that would be the easiest to learn. My washing machine was as old as the hills and we lived in a place where I could not line dry regularly due to the weather and my baby kept getting terrible rashes. I used a cream which killed 2 expensive diapers . Still rashes, rashes getting worse, yeast... Talk of stripping, bleach (or no bleach), vinegar, specific creams I could and could not use, soaks... I got overwhelmed. I sold the diapers and went to disposable.

However, when DS1 was about a year old we moved to where there was a diaper service. No more worries about washing, yeast, creams, soaking or any of that! And, they cost about the same as disposables and require no special care at all. Remove from baby, toss in bag, set out for pick-up once a week. I don't have any extra laundry and they are always totally sanitary, clean as clean can be and delivered in a nice pile I just plop by the changing station. We signed up with the diaper service, I got a few fold-and-tuck covers and we've never looked back (and with 4 yrs of professionally laundered diapers, not a single serious rash on either kid). Really, the diaper service is the only way I could (can) cloth diaper. I'm lucky its here as I couldn't CD without it...
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Originally Posted by jewelsJZ View Post
i only use cloth when i have one child in diapers at a time. when it's two kids at once, it is just too overwhelming and we switch to disposables. i wish i had the time and energy to have two in cloth at once but i just don't.

exactly that.

Along with laundry for the normal 1 change a day, it was too much.
Also the mention earlier of bulkiness was true in part for me, too, especially with 2.
We used them up till a year ago then switched. Also, mine did get a little worn out as I was methodical about changing them every 2 hours because my son was always wet and if I left it longer, they'd leak.... so they got worn out quicker.

With me it's not SO much the time and energy; I could hire them or whatever, but more the ability without spending much of my day at the machines.
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I'll answer for my sister since I use cloth and she's not on MDC.

She works full time and her MIL babysits. MIL is okay (but not really supportive) of feeding my niece EMB, organic baby food and not CIO but cloth would just be too much for her. My sister doesn't feel that its worth anything to just use cloth on her days off.
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so. . . we're hardcore into cloth (I have 2 in diapers and we have no dryer, and I've only ever used sposies on dd when we were travelling to another continent - 48 hrs of straight travel).

That being said - if I was ever tempted to ditch cloth it's during those horrible, messy diarrhoea toddler poo episodes. Crap, I've been tempted to throw the cloth diaper away rather than scrape/rinse/touch that stuff - especially while pregnant!

(instead I let Dp deal with them all! he's a saint!)
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We used cloth till we moved to our own home[from an apt] the washer in the new home didn't work. We ended up purchasing a used washer off craigslist for 50$ works fine for clothes but I don't think it could handle diapers.
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Mine might be a bit unusual, and not very helpful, but:

I used mostly cloth with my three oldest. I always kept a pack of sposies on hand, in case my kid suddenly went through the last 4 clean diapers before I could wash them. We used them for traveling. That was about it.

When we had Aaron, ds2 was still in diapers. We used sposies for a while after Aaron died, and I made two attempts to start using cloth again. That didn't work out. We ended up throwing out about half a pail of diapers, with the pail, when we both switched back to sposies and forgot that there were cloth diapers soaking. Blech. (That's embarrassing to even admit in "public", but we were in a pretty bad way, mentally.)

So, now dd2 is two months old. I haven't got around to finding a new pail. Until I do that, we're using sposies full time. I feel like I'm cheating...except when I almost run out and have to make a dash to the store - way bigger hassle than a load of laundry, imo!

ETA: I've noticed a few people mention bulkiness. I have had frustrations with this over the years. I don't care how they look, but a lot (most?) of manufacturers of baby clothing definitely size the clothes based on the assumption that a trim little sposie is under there, not a bulky cloth diaper. It can be a pain to get clothes that fit with cloth.
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at this time we are not using them because when we moved across country the house we were renting was suppose to not have a washer or drier, and since i had no idea where a laudry mat was, and how often i would be able to get to one do to heavy snow (we moved in winter), i gave them to a grateful mama and went to posies. but when we got there he had bought a washer and drier. we just didn't have the cash on hand to restock the fluff, so i just still use them. it makes me sad because i love cloth, i love all the choices and all the lovliness. the love hanging cloth on the line, i love the big padded butt. they made me happy. and honestly i did have some pricey stuff but my favotite was the big birdseye type and a good wool cover.
ah well, i made another mama happy with my stash. and when we have another baby, i will be stocking up!

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You know, I CD'd all three of my kids, but I have to agree with those who mentioned snobbery as a turn-off. When I had my first two in 1993 and 1995, there was no internet and I didn't know anyone who CD'd (though my mom and all her friends had of course used cloth), so I didn't know any different than to go out and buy a stack of pre-folds, some pins, and vinyl pants. Worked fabulous, no problems every. Yes, my kids looked weird when double (and then later triple) diapered for bedtime, but they didn't care, so I didn't either.

Then I had my 3rd in 2002 and it was a whole new world. I mean, I used the same old system I'd always used and you'd have thought I'd chosen to diaper my child with chunks of moss covered with a bread bag. Yikes! Unreal. "Here, try this (aio, pocket, whatever) diaper and you'll never want those prefolds again!" "OMG, how can you use pins? You'll hurt him!" (FTR, I did once pin a diaper to my eldest baby in the middle of the night. He survived with no visible scarring.) Also, when I decided to CD my older two, a primary reason was we were really poor and it made sense to CD - way cheaper. When I had my youngest, we had enough money for sposies but I figured I'd save money again, just because that's a good thing to do. I couldn't figure out why I would want to make CDing just as (or more!) expensive as using paper diapers.

So, yeah, there's this weird culture around CDing that I really don't like. Actually, that's true about almost everything that has to do with parenting, but you didn't ask about sports, BFing, homework, or anything else.
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#1: Didn't know ppl still used cloth till he was around 12 mos. (My 2nd bro was cd'd when I was about 6-7 yrs old, so it was on my radar, but not common in my circle.)
#2: Horrible rashes, no matter what I did for her.
#3: He outgrew all the diapes by 3-ish mos. I did prefolds & wool covers that I made from old sweaters. I would have had to move up to toddler size and I couldn't afford it. Also, w/ 2 other kids, time was crucial. And the laundry was atrocious. With 5 ppl in the family, more laundry was just a bad idea.
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I used cloth for all three of mine, almost exclusively, because to put it bluntly, I couldn't afford to put three kids in diapers at the same time with disposables without having to cut other things in my budget that I really didn't want to.

To be honest, most of the "diapering community" really really really turned me off. I mean, I guess if it makes you happy to spend $40 per diaper for a cute print that your baby is going to poop on, there's no harm in it, but as another poster mentioned, the snotty comments about prefolds and pins really was a little much for me. So I could see a newbie getting caught up in that, and it doesn't boggle my mind anymore when people complain about the expense. (If you shop around a bit, prefolds and wraps are CHEAP!!)

I also had the luxury of being a SAHM with a hubby that also worked from home. So I can understand how some mamas, with little to no support at home, don't want to deal with doing 3 loads of laundry a day if they only have a modest stash. And if people have to haul 'em to the laundromat or down apartment flights, ugh. I applaud those that do it, but...I know flat out there's no way in hell I would have. Not with baby twins and a toddler, sorry.

I wholeheartedly support people who CD. I did. It's not exactly rocket science. Unless you're buying the tony dipes, it's also very cheap. (though now that I'm thinking about it--since we're on a well and don't pay for water AND because of my household support and extra hands I was able to make most of my own washing solution/detergent...I could see it not necessarily being cheaper for other people) But I don't think anyone needs to be lashed with a wet diaper if they decide it's not for them. If CDing is going to stress a mama out to the point that she has to choose between babycare, eating, and washing, cut the CDs first. My priorities for mothers with babies and young children is that one should maximize the time and energy given to the child, with a strong second being nurturing oneself, and thirdly what you put on your kid's butt. For many people, myself included, CDing CAN be a part of mama-nurturing because it makes US feel good. Some children can't tolerate the adhesives or other things even in 'natural' diapers (like my DD) so CDing becomes essential to their health. But for those who it will be a huge burden too and whose children are unhappy with it--you know what? It's okay not to CD. If CDing makes you a better mama, then go for it. If it detracts from your energy in a bad way, then I don't think it's a thing to martyr oneself for. And I'm talking about it from the perspective of someone who CDed 3 children simultaneously for almost 3 years.
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We switched to disposables at night around 15 months--at that point my son was still waking up 2 times/night to eat. Changing his diaper would wake him up enough that it would be difficult getting him back to sleep, but the cloth diapers would become uncomfortable from all the pee from night-drinking, and that woke him up, too. He started sleeping more hours as soon as we switched to disposables.

We sometimes use disposables during the day because the babysitter is unwilling to use cloth. It took enough work to find a babysitter I trust--cloth was not a hill I was willing to die on.
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Toddler poo.

It is just very stinky, and sticky, and hard to clean.

not to mention the fact tht none of ds1's covers ever actually fit ds2. Babies come in so many different shapes, yk?

I loved cd's for runny BF poo. I never had poo blowouts in a good cover like I did with sposies. And in that stage where they pee throught just about everything, wool mad all the difference.

really it depends on what day it is. i keep going back to cloth, because lots of sposies give my ds's an allergc rash.
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This is kind of therapeutic, reading that I'm not the only one who has given up on cloth. I don't think the OP started the thread with that in mind, but I'll take what I can get.

Baby #1 - CD'd almost exclusively, at home and out & about. Switched to sposies for pull-ups when we got near the end of potty learning.

Baby #2 - Up to about 18 mos, CD'd at home, sposies for going out. Packing the diaper bag with cloth was too challenging with two kids, both because of the bulk and the need to plan ahead. Starting switching more & more to sposies when life got complicated by pregnancy #3, a move, and diapers began wearing out and leaking. We are on a well, and hard water made laundering routine ridiculous to try and manage the build-up/leaking.

Baby #3 - Tried to do cloth for her even though toddler ds2 was in sposies, and even freshened up my stash with another $100-150 of new dipes. Skinny baby meant fit was difficult, we moved twice before she was 6mos, I'm pretty sure I had ppd and was just completely overwhelmed by life. Sposies were easier - no laundry, no sorting, no explaining to dh the rules about which diaper fit which way. I tried a few times to go back to cloth, but everything I have leaves wicked scratches on her skinny hips from the velcro, we are on the go so much more with 3 kids now, and I'm pretty much done investing money in cloth. I have guilt over it, but there it is.
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I have CDed with all 7 of my children, at one time or another. I have been pretty hard core at some times; like 2 in cloth pullups and 2 in diapers. I LOVE to make them. I LOVE to come up with new improved patterns. I LOVE the feel of them. I LOVE the look of them. I have also used a service before. Without going into any stories about my very long ups and downs with cloth; for 12 yrs now; these are some things I had to consider as downers.

#1; investing in a serger or new sewing machine; right now, I am shopping for a new SM (again) with my CD fabrics sitting next to me to be cut out

#2; wanting the cutest ones ever, but yet, cannot afford them. Or want one sizers, but again, the money; snaps are expensive but preferred over Aplix/velcro

#3; knowing the amount of work it is to actually make them all over again, because I donated my dipes AGAIN

#4; Dh HATES cloth, even with aplix or snaps. He won't do prefolds, and I hate having to change the diapers all the time. My oldest children can change sposies easier to also help out. Cloth will make changing almost solely MY job.

#5; extra laundry; with 9 in the house, ugh.

#6; no real savings, even using energy efficient front loaders; because of initial investment and not happy with prefolds (although I have used them many times). I have used recycled fabrics for dipes, and that helps a lot.

#7; smelly washer, and over the years of washing (even after discovering vinegar and baking soda), my front loaders will still transfer the odor to the next load of clothes. Stopped the CDs, and the washer is back to normal. I would almost rather take them to the laundromat. DHs biggest objection too.

#8; having a baby in and out of hospital puts a real damper on doing CDs. That was our biggest reason for going back to sposies FT with #7.

#9; night time changing is a hassle once they are old enough to sleep through the night.

#10; feeling like we need to invest in a used w/d just for the diapers

#11; I know this may not be agreed upon, but the research that I was told (could be incorrect) was that one isn't really "greener" over the other.:

I think that is about it. But, I find it easier to do cloth, even with 2-3 in diapers; wash and dry. No need to pick up diapers (or get multiple sizes), take out the trash even more times a week. Prefolds can be used with both children, or the one size diapers that I will be making soon. And, right now, I am so glad that my baby is no longer in and out of the hospital and we are anticipating a healthy 8th child. And, I can now put them BOTH in.

Did I mention that I LOVE cloth diapers? LOL Kymberli
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Originally Posted by alexsam View Post
However, when DS1 was about a year old we moved to where there was a diaper service. No more worries about washing, yeast, creams, soaking or any of that! And, they cost about the same as disposables and require no special care at all. Remove from baby, toss in bag, set out for pick-up once a week. I don't have any extra laundry and they are always totally sanitary, clean as clean can be and delivered in a nice pile I just plop by the changing station. We signed up with the diaper service, I got a few fold-and-tuck covers and we've never looked back (and with 4 yrs of professionally laundered diapers, not a single serious rash on either kid). Really, the diaper service is the only way I could (can) cloth diaper. I'm lucky its here as I couldn't CD without it...
That. With my 1st there was no diaper service and I was already doing laundry for 4 adults (so at least 1x a day) plus working full time. There was no way I would even consider adding more laundry at the time.
Now that I've done cloth I think I would do it even without a service, though. The smell of disposables is naaasty to me. I'm weird about smells so it was great to start cloth and realize that JUST pee/poop without the strong perfume doesn't make me gag.
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I've spent a ton on cloth and we keep going back to disposables. There are a few factors for us.

Our daughter hit a stage where she pees a lot. If we didn't change her every hour she would wet through her clothes and need an entire outfit change -- meaning I would have to go upstairs either while hugely pregnant or holding a newborn sleeping baby. We didn't have enough changes of clothes for this. It's also very difficult to change a toddler every hour while holding a newborn.

We didn't have a good place to keep them -- they took up our whole coat closet and our downstairs was starting to stink.

All of the clothes we have been given barely fits over the diapers so she could hardly crawl.

I loved wool for night and would use those during the day but no clothes fit over aristocrats soakers.
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We use both.

The main reason I use cloth to begin with is I have a latex sensitivity, and the latex free disposable diapers are quite expensive to use all the time. DH and I are also lazy... We find it easier to do occasionally laundry than throw bags of stinky diapers in the garbage all the time.

Normally, we use cloth during the day. During the night, we chlorine free/latex free disposables (7th Gens). We use the disposables at night because they are less bulky, don't need to be changed as often, and easier to change (than prefolds...BGs are super easy).

By using both types of dipes, we never run out. If we miss laundry, we switch to disposables. If we run out of disposables (and don't have time to hit the store) we just use cloth full time. Usually neither happens, but it is nice to have backup options, KWIM?

Despite the fact we sometimes use disposable dipes, we always use cloth wipes. We have a HUGE stash of these as they don't take up much room. Even our doctor (who is more mainstream) recommends cloth wipes over disposable ones. He says that cloth wipes are way better in preventing diaper rash. If you don't want to invest in them, he says just to get a few cheapy wash clothes.

I mostly pack cloth dipes in my diaper bag—though I have 2 backup disposables. I also keep a backup diaper bag in the car (a great bit of advice from my hair stylist), and it's only filled with disposables as they don't take up much space (I rarely remember to fill the backup bag so I want to keep it filled with as many dipes as possible).
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Two reasons.

1. From my daughter's birth until this week, I've lived with my family. There are 7 people + baby living in this house, and I knew my mother would have a problem with me "wasting" water and using up her washing machine so much. It was much easier to just avoid yet another fight in an already stressful living situation.

2. I'm lazy and my daughter is high needs. I can barely get my own laundrey done, let alone be on top of her diapers. Yes, I know, the mei tai, but honestly? She screams bloody murder if I bend over in the darn thing! No idea why, but I must be UPRIGHT in it at all times if she's in there. I just don't want to deal with it.
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