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therapist in Ottawa

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Can any mamas recommend a therapist in the Ottawa area? I am looking and don't really now where to start and would love recommendations. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

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Stephanie Irwin is fantastic. I can't recommend her highly enough – really empathetic but no crap, YK? I really liked her and we were dealing with some pretty heavy stuff at the time.
She's at 1755 Woodward Drive/613-228-0800
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i was given stephanie irwin's name by my midwife after my first was born. i didn't end up seeing her, but she was highly recommended.

now - o/t - hope back to work went okay megan - i've been on complete bedrest so haven't been out much in the past month but last time i saw you, you had daycare and all set up for leo. just hope it went well...for you both!

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Stephanie Irwin was also recommended to me. If you are looking for post partum/birth councellors, I don't think there are many in Ottawa. She does other stuff as well. Good luck.
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I highly recommend Christine Appelle. Both my DH and I have seen her several times, together and separate. She is really caring, gentle, compassionate and also to the point. She gives very constructive direct advice but in the most loving way. She is located on Sommerset St W right by the canal and is covered by almost all insurance. She shares an office with her husband, Morry Appelle and I think their phone book listing is in his name. Feel free to PM me if you want her contact info or any more info about her.
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Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions! Much appreciated.
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