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We got pregnant while on vacation in late Aug/early September.

Last week I posted on fb, "Remember that great family vacation we took to the Outer Banks? Looks like we brought home an unexpected souvenir." I also changed my user pic to one of the positive tests.
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I took a picture of the kids looking into the oven at a hamburger bun. I posted it on my wall saying "So apparently I've been bitchy lately! If so, I'm really sorry!"

I also just e-mailed the photo to the rest of our family (non FB people) to make sure that EVERYONE was told at the exact same minute.
My FIL and one BIL just thought we were passing on a pic of the kids lol! But all the females understood.
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These are all so fun!

I have at least a couple weeks before I put anything on Facebook.

My DH is a SAHD, so I think I'll go with that theme. Something like

" . . . is happy to announce that [DH] is getting a promotion next year! Double the responsibility and a new boss in the house, but what do you expect in this economy. "
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Originally Posted by Mandynee22 View Post
Those annoy the poo out of me too. I had a friend with "is so sad and wondering WHY???" One person asked what was wrong and she says "I don't want to talk about it" What? Obviously, you do...
I love all these ideas even though mine is done :-)
omg, back to being OT for a moment .. my SIL did that, too. She was visiting her mom (my MIL) and her husband was three hours away at their new apartment when he texted her to tell her they were over. (long story .. he's an ass, she's an ass, they both did it themselves and quite frankly, I'm sick of her bullsh*t pitty party) Her mother immediately texted everyone AND sent out a family email. Then SIL goes on fb and her status says "is really upset and doesn't know what to do" when someone asked what was wrong she replied with "I don't want to talk about it publicly yet" ... umm ... you already did and so did your mother. I really wanted to reply back with "then don't update your status to something like that if you aren't going to discuss it. That's just asking for attention" but I realized it didn't really matter because that's really all she ever does - beg for attention. Ugh.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand ..

For a status, I'm thinking of maybe saying "apparently has two heartbeats right now"
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I am going to announce in a few weeks and am considering "is growing a June bug". I'm due early June.

There are some good ones here though...
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I am almost 13 weeks and hadn't announced anything... until I saw this thread!

I HAD TO USE "has the Egyptian Flu!" it is too hilarious not to use. Plus I think it is ambiguous so no one will really get it, and if they do it is okay.

So the plan is my husband is going to finish the line in a few days (when we hit 2nd trimester) by saying "because you are going to be a mummy"
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One of my old high school friends put "OVbunEN" which I thought was cute.

AFM, I didn't really do anything specific because DH "accidentally" announced it reeeeeally early on and we have almost all the same friends. He put "...is excited to be a daddy" as his status.
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I'm hoping to (in a few weeks) do:

A________ thinks three is a magic number!

Since this babe is our third I think people will catch on. And then add a link to the Jack Johnson "3 Rs" song. I just like the song although the actual lyrics don't fit at all with pregnancy!
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Dh put (with my prior knowledge and consent) something like "Honey my Google counter says it is only 186 days til the birth of Bean. Should we announce it now or wait til the morning sickness subsides?"

We have a lot of different FB friends so I put "...is growing a whole new person."
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At almost 15 weeks, I just put today: Eating for two during the holidays is the cat's pajamas. Cute enough, and true
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This is a fun thread! I was thinking of doing something like:
"...is doing her part to make sure redheads don't go extinct."

(DH and I are both redheads, so I think that most of our friends will know what that means.)

I love OVbunEN, though. CUTE!
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Love this thread!

I posted "Is growing brains and kidneys. Hard work."
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i announced really early with this one... i posted a pic of the two frer's i peed on, lol. then i put 'wow... talk about totally unexpected' not very discreet. lol
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I waited until I knew the gender and wrote "is tickled pink...again!" funny enough not everyone clued in! lol
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I did end up going with "is generating a coefficient of relatedness equal to 1/2." My academic friends got it quickly and then the rest followed suit (it helped that I posted tummy pictures and my ultrasound later that same day).
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Well, I really wanted to use the creative FB announcement, but my mom, sister, and other friend all FB-Wall outted me within a couple minutes of each other. I was saving up for 12 weeks, but nooooo everyone had to steal my thunder.
Most of my close family and friends knew since I found out, but ALOT of other friends of mine (i.e. those who I primarily communicate with through FB) didn't. Then today afformentioned friend tells me my mom made some comment about me not knitting for the baby (my fb status said ___ is knitting for herself, only.--though I was implying for the bean). My sister then made a secondary comment, and friend made two like comments. Then friend posted on my wall about how we will have cool babies.

I know its dumb, because its facebook, but I wanted to tell the news, not have my mom, sister, and friend say crap. So I basically had to come out with it. I don't use twitter, but I'm sure my mother beat me there anyway.
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I posted this cartoon on facebook when we announced



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If we are blessed with another pregnancy, I'll have to come up with some wording to incorporate the fact that it will be a rainbow baby, since we lost our third child.  I'm thinking of changing my profile pic to a rainbow, then writing this:  "After the earthwide flood happened, and eight humans were left alive in the ark, God put a rainbow in the sky.  A rainbow is thing of beauty.  It does not, however, mean that the storm did not happen, or that the storm's effects are not long-reaching and long-lasting.  Jonathan's life and death were a stormy time in our lives and we will never forget him.  Another baby would by no means be a replacement for Jonathan in any way.  Having said all that, though, we are excited to announce that we are expecting our rainbow baby in ___." 


If we end up being due in May, I might put this on Jonathan's Facebook page: "Some of you MAY be wondering where I've been.  You MAY figure it out when you're done reading this update.  I MAY give you some hints, or I MAY come right out and tell you.  It MAY be fun to ponder my reasons for being absent.  Is it good news?  Is it bad news?  The time MAY come soon enough when everyone will know."

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These are some great ideas!!!


After some thought I think I'm going with,

While I now need a bigger car, it still will NOT be a van (We are car people and I'm going to miss my Mustang!!)


another option is... as if two october birthdays wern't enough... (Mine and DS1) 

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