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I really liket he Love Shack one and I'm thinking about trying to get dh to write "you're WHAT?!" on my wall and then I can reply to that and see if people figure it  out. I might post about halloween and then have him do that about the same time.

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I plan on having some fun with mine, as my 8wk appointment is on Mar 30.  So 2 days later is the fabulous April 1. :D  


Since I'm due in mid-Nov, I plan on saying something like "will be EXTRA thankful this Thanksgiving!"

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Crashing, but I loved my FB "coming out"


I changed my profile pic to a shot of DH and I at a friend's wedding. Under it, I wrote: "New suit: $200, Bridesmaid dress, $180, New Camera, $140. Telling all of FB that there's really THREE people in this picture: Priceless!"

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Originally Posted by librarygirl View Post

Love this thread. I'm not pregnant yet but when I am and ready to announce it, I think I'll use, "In ___ weeks, I'm getting a promotion and a title I've wanted for a long time: mommy"




<3 this!!!

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That is an awesome idea, TheDivineMrsM.  Three people in the picture is priceless!

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we waited till our 20wk ultrasound to tell family even, since it's #4 and we knew we'd be getting all kinds of rude comments. so for our fb announcement, i posted an ultrasound pic with this caption... "Baby #4 coming in July!!!

Yes, we're happy...No, it isn't an accident...Yes, we know how this happens...No, we're not crazy...Yes, we're fully aware that we "have our hands full" and we like it that way!"

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I hit 14 weeks on my 21st birthday,(i waited so long bc my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage) i debated and debated, but overall i went with this.. My whole family, my mom, dad, sister, husband, ect, all spammed fb with a similar message at once, making sure i was the first to post obviously lol...


I put "Is going to be a mom, Happy Birthday to ME!"

My husband put "is going to be a dad, Happy birthday to my wife M"

My mom put "Is going to be a nana! Happy birthday to my daughter M"

so on and so forth!!!  

and along with it, we had a 3D ultrasound the day before and we all put our favorite picture up with it. trying to pick a different one each time... the message got around quickly. and my family got in on the excitement!!! =)


a bit much for some but my whole family was excited bc its the first grandbaby/neice they had a hard time keeping it in! =)

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Crashing, but I loved my FB "coming out"


I changed my profile pic to a shot of DH and I at a friend's wedding. Under it, I wrote: "New suit: $200, Bridesmaid dress, $180, New Camera, $140. Telling all of FB that there's really THREE people in this picture: Priceless!"

Love this! DH will be getting back from a trip about the time I'm ready to announce, so I think I'll try something along these lines...
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I think that when I get pregnant there will be the serial announcements from all my mom, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles and grandpa about their new titles they will have.  They are so rooting for my husband and me to have a baby.  Can't wait for it to happen.

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These are some creative ideas! I just waited until I was nine months along, and last week I said  "...is expecting a baby any day now" bwahahaha. Of course the main people who needed to know already knew this.

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I saw one on another forum which was


Roses are red, Violets are blue,

For the next 9 months I'm eating for two.

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I saw a REALLLLLY cute idea that a friend showed me, that we plan to use when we finally update Facebook.  It is a photo strip with 4 pictures.  In the top photo, the mom and dad are "mildly" smiling and holding up a sign that says "Guess What?"  The second one is of them looking down at an ultrasound photo that you see in the picture.  The third one is them with a big surprised/happy face and the sign that says "We're pregnant!!"  The fourth is them kissing (a kiss on the cheek would be really cute and sweet if it is too "personal" to really kiss). :)

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I'm so excited to be able to FINALLY announce my pregnancy this next week (I will be 12 weeks on Thursday).  For my FB status I have two in mind so far


-Since we are shopping for minivans (this baby will be our 3rd), I would put a couple of pictures of the vans we are deciding between with the status: "I need your advice.  Which van do you think would hold 3 kids the best?"




-"Looks like our car and our family is getting an upgrade

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I had DH take a picture of my kids (there are 3 of them) lined up next to my belly.  They were wearing plain colored t-shirts.  Then I wrote "2004 Model", "2006 Model", and "2009 Model" on their chests in photo editing software, and on my belly wrote "2012 Model coming in Nov/Dec!"  I posted the photo along with the status update that we were very happy to announce, etc.  Everybody liked it!

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I'm not pregnant yet but I think I may just change my profile picture to a photo of my belly with me holding up 3 fingers  (it will be our third).  Kind of a straight shot close-up of my belly button and hand.  Then we'll see who figures it out.

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Oh man! I'd forgotten about this thread! I posted this little poem about a month ago, to announce our anticipation of #6:

Six-pack cans of coke,
(forget those Six pack abs)
And for tons of Family Fun,
You’ve always got Six Flags.

Six are the colors
That make the Rainbow’s hue
Red, orange, yellow, green
Blue and purple, too.

Six-legged insects,
Six gears on a car;
Six degrees of separation
can take you pretty far.

The Six sides of a Rubik's cube
Are lots of fun to fiddle,
But you’ll need a Sixth Sense
To solve this little riddle:

Mr. Green, in the bedroom, with a candlestick,
In case you still need a "CLUE..".
Sometime in January, 
Baby Six is due!               

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Oh I love this thread!  I'm trying to think of something witty to announce.  This will be SO and I's only child (he has two already and I have one) and it was QUITE the surprise as SO has a V.  I'm thinking maybe a picture of the two of us holding a sign that says, "Miraculous Swimmer" and see how many get it...

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Since I currently work part-time as a post-partum doula and since THAT line of work will be completely out of the question once my new little critter arrives next March, I need to find me a job that'll get me a trickle of EI to replace my doula earnings... so my FB status, coming sooner than I'd like (I'm suffering from "advanced maternal age" so slightly higher risk for miscarriage and I'm only 8 weeks along) will be along the lines of "Hey everyone, I need a job from Sept-March, 30-35 hr/week, must pay into EI - know of anything?"  The bright sparks will figure it out.

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I have a friend that took a picture of a roll (it was a cinnamon roll)  in her oven and posted it as her status. It only took seconds for people to start posting.


I've always just posted a picture of our ultrasound and the due date.


Is your due date in March? Im 13 weeks, 2 days and my EDD is Feb 7th. Wouldnt that make your EDD Feb 17?

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I see that this post is old, but figured I'd post anyway. We haven't announced yet but we're telling our family (We live very far away from them) by sending them a "Soon to-be ........" t-shirt and the first ultrasound then just waiting. haha! That way every family member gets their own little personal time. And then we'll post a picture I made that has a number 1 followed by "st" and a heart. Then the number 2, "nd" and two wedding rings, then a 3, "rd" and a question mark. Going off the "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage" kinda thing. :D

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