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I wrote it for my DS first day of kindergarten. 1 down 3 to go, those that stopped to read appreciated the subtlety wink1.gif
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I have really been wondering about how I was going to come out to those who are less close to me this pregnancy, and just came up with my “Facebook official” status today. I plan to get DH to take some pics of me and our daughter this weekend, because I was 17 weeks pregnant Thursday and she will be 17 months old tomorrow. It just clicked in my head today how kind of cool that was. So I’ll take a good pic where maybe my bump will be at least a little obvious, and add text – 17 weeks for my belly, and 17 months for our daughter. Will also be fun for baby’s scrapbook and memories, too.

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Just posted "Gaining weight for a very good reason...#guesswhoshavingababy

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I'm thinking about just posting links to pregnancy-related stuff occasionally and seeing who asks first.

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I bobbled the announcement this time. I posted the cliche picture of my husband and daughter and she was wearing a "Big Sister" T-shirt that we got her. however, then I posted 2 other pics on the same day so they all got kind of lumped into one "[my name] uploaded 3 pictures" announcement on everybody else's page, and unless they clicked through they wouldn't see the detail of her shirt. So a lot of people missed it and figured it out based on later stuff I posted. 

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A friend of mine just put a picture of a bun in an oven as her profile picture. No words. It was subtle and awesome.
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If we have another baby, he/she will be the baby after our rainbow baby, so I'm thinking of putting a pot of gold as my profile picture (you know, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow) lol and seeing if anyone gets it.
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We are currently ttc #6. These ideas are great!
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Mine's not super original, but I hit 14 weeks yesterday so I felt safe "announcing" to the Facebook friends (family and close friends already knew, and my coworkers).


Being Halloween, I just posted that DD was going trick-or-treating as two things: a zebra and a big sister.

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We put this photo up. It took some people awhile smile.gif
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So many awesome ideas! Gonna have to figure out which one(s) are my favourite and 'borrow' them :P
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I think someone should announce with one of those Bitstrips things that are so popular now.
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So I just thought of a way to tell DH that we're expecting (if it ever happens, which isn't looking good for this cycle, day 25 and not even an O yet). We joke with each other that I just want him for his "deposit" right now, lol, so I think that if a pregnancy happens, I'll tell him something like, "Your deposit is accruing interest." orngtongue.gif See how long it takes him to get it. Could be modified for a FB announcement similarly.
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My husband and I made our pregnancy announcement to our family at 8 weeks. We tried to be creative with the announcement so we did it two different ways:

1. We bought a few albums (for each family member) and on the first page we added the ultrasound photo along with the announcement "Baby Salazar arriving October 2014"

2. We printed the ultra sound photo and the announcement (double-sided) and rolled it up into a scroll and stuffed it into a balloon for family members to pop it and see the surprise inside.

Lastly, we recorded everyone's reaction and made a compilation video to share with friends and family on Facebook. It was a lot of work, but SOOOO worth it. Here is the link below for our final result!


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Jen, that was such a cute video. orngbiggrin.gif
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