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A friend of mine put "..is growing a tiny penis inside her!"
That was so cool! (She knew she was having a boy though.)
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Loves baking and has a bun in the oven.
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Just did mine today! First was

(MyFirstName)(DH'sFirstName) 2.0 is in development. Expected release date: February 2010.

Then a friend pointed out that 2.0 implies that it's an improvement on the original. Sooo, I changed it to:

I, for one, welcome our new fetal overlord.
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A girl I know put "(Name) just heard the most beautiful sound in the world...her baby's heartbeat."

When I am preg (hopefully soon!) I'm just going to say "(Name) has a bun in the oven!"
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Very interesting updates. I never even thought to update FB with mine. I guess I am going to have to do it soon enough (though I don't have many friends on there).
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.....is spilling the beans, there's a bun in the oven.

I had just told the coach of my roller derby team (I started Facebook as an easy way to communicate with my teammates), it was such a relief to finally break the news!
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is freaking out, her Easter Egg was fertilized!

(I got my bfp on Good Friday, babe is due at Christmas.)
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I think this is awesome! The Egyptian Flu?! That is hysterical. I would change my signature but I already did a due date calculator and I don't want to jinx it anymore

If we are pregnant, then we're due in May. Funny thing is our daughter is Maeleigh and everyone calls her Mae. So I'd like to do something to incorporate that. Hmm I may write something like "Maeleigh in the Middle: Coming May 2010" since this baby would technically make her a middle child. That seems appropriate for us since we joke that we're going to have 13 children so we can get a TV show and everything for free since everyone else does it

We're hoping to announce at Maeleigh's birthday party in October .. so maybe we could do something like "Happy Birthday soon-to-be big sister Maeleigh!"

"Another Brewers fan is in the making!" (We cheer for the Brewers, you could put any team in there)

hmm gotta think of some more ... these are great!
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I haven't announced yet, but I am thinking of putting "is eating for two."
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I haven't announced yet but I think I am going to put " well we planned....and God laughed"
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I put "increasing the population by one...due to arrive mid-January" and I think seriously only one other person got it. Guess I need smarter friends.
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Facebook has made things really complicated for me this time around. It was the the thing so much nearly three years ago when we conceived my 2nd child, forget about it going on five years ago when we learned of DS#1.

Now, I'm linked to EVERYONE on Facebook! Friends, family, coworkers, internet friends, clients, etc... The last two times I told a couple of very close friends and all was fine. NOW, I don't feel like I can tell ANYBODY for fear they'll make a comment on FB and the WORLD will know INSTANTLY! I even harped on my poor DH about being CAREFUL on Facebook!

It is nerve wracking to say the least!

When I do announce it, I'm going to use something from this thread! That's for SURE!

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A friend of mine did a series:

is in the family way

killed the rabbit (referencing the old fashioned way of pregnancy tests)

is seeing pink lines!!

I *LOVE* the fetal overlord one!! Definitely using that one!
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Originally Posted by BarefootGirl View Post
A girl I know put "(Name) just heard the most beautiful sound in the world...her baby's heartbeat."
Awwww.... That's so adorable. I think I might steal that one!
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I was boring and just said "is 12 weeks pregnant".
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"My eggo is preggo."
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I put 'is craving oatmeal cookies, I don't even like oatmeal cookies!'. Everyone responded with you must be pregnant! Omigish are you? Awww congrats!! Lol
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I went with the simple and boring "...is 13 weeks pregnant".

But a friend of mine who announced her pregnancy a little while before put up a video and when you played it you heard the sound of the baby's heartbeat and words came up on the screen that said "what you are hearing is the sound of our baby's heartbeat. Due August 2009 ". I thought that was really cool.
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A friend of mine put "Today is brought to you by the number 3 and the month of Febuary" Her #3 is due in feb.

When I finally make my announcement (waiting to see a HCP hopefully in the next month or so) I'll use "Just because I"M PREGNANT doesn't mean I'm a weaner" Since I'm still nursing my little one and I want tosee how many people get it
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there are some really great ones here. i'm definitely going to have to steal one when i decide to go public.
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