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I posted "...is going to need a bigger car." Everyone got it.
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I just put up: "...is nurturing her inner child...literally. "

I have no idea if anyone will get it. I'm 20 weeks now, so it was time to say something...
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okay, aparently taht was too cryptic, so I followed up some confused comments with: "I love to cook...but I'll be cooking this one for the full 9 months! (though I'm already halfway through.) "

If that doesn't clear things up...I don't know what will!
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Hm, won't be posting soon, but I think I'll have to go the bun route because my hubby is a manager of a bun line for Sara Lee. Do, maybe...

is cooking a bun with her husband.

has a bun in the oven and it's Toby's fault!

is glad Toby decided to finally bring his job home (too cryptic)
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Originally Posted by ChiroMum View Post
I'm totally stealing the 'Egyptian Flu' one!!

Hubby and I are headed to Egypt in about 6 more weeks and are holding off on announcing until we return. That should be hillarious!!
That will be so funny!

I heard that joke as a child and have spent my entire adult life wishing I could use it
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Originally Posted by jul511riv View Post
I just put up: "...is nurturing her inner child...literally. "

I have no idea if anyone will get it. I'm 20 weeks now, so it was time to say something...
I would have gotten it b/c that's what I call this baby, lol.
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I am 18 wks, think it's about time to declare it to the world. There are many many people whom I have not told.

Think I'm going to use the " is barefoot and ......." one.

I do however love the 21st century one too.

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Ok, crap, just announced it. Am really nervous now!!!!
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Ah, this brings back memories--this is where I was exactly one year ago! Wow, time flies. So I looked up my old announcements on my Facebook page, and the day I took the pregnancy test I posted "... is thinking "holy s*&%, lions!" (this is a reference to an internet meme) and pondering an afternoon nap in the hammock" because I was a mixture of excited, bemused, and probably a bit nervous as we hadn't been trying to get pregnant (though we were going to soon and were really happy). One friend actually guessed from this.

A couple of weeks later (I waited to a whopping 4 weeks or so because I was too excited to wait until 12 weeks), my "official" announcement was "...is pregnant with anticipation for (due date)!" which most people got, since it wasn't too subtle.
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I may do something like a countdown if I can figure out what would be for #1. It would be something like "4...3...2..1...4th child, 3rd VBAC, 2nd HBAC, 1st [I haven't figured this out yet]" Of course, that would only work if I decide to have another HBAC. I think I would have too many people ask me "What's a VBAC?" or "What's an HBAC?".

I did see one person put a Baby on Board sign as their profile picture. It get the point across directly, I suppose. LOL
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this is a fun thread! i love the diff ideas
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I announced mine on St. Patty's Day: "will not be joining you for green beer. My eggo is 12 weeks preggo!"

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A friend of mine just used "... needs advice from moms of 3" She has 2 now. I think I'll modify it for me: Sara needs advice from moms of two!
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Originally Posted by TSomm View Post
...is using facebook for mass dissemination of personal news - Matt and I are expecting our first child in January.

I always thought it silly when people get way too personal on such a public forum, but I thought bun in the oven status was ok.
That's pretty much what I like about Facebook- it's not a public forum for me, just my most loved and trusted, so I can talk about most anything.
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I announced mine today :-) I had my Drs appointment, I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow and we got a strong heartbeat so I felt safe.
I said, "...is creating life, because that's how I roll. Should be done the beginning to middle of April"
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I said "I hope three is easier than two" on my older DS's third birthday and everyone thought I was pregnant ...which would have been surprising since DS2 was just four months old.
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We're going to be announcing to extended family at Thanksgiving, so that evening or the next day I want to post "is 'cooking' a 'turkey' - should be done in June"
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I left a string of very subtle hints.

Started with "Rhiannon is dropping hints"

moved on to some hints about "liking what she heard" (I had heard the heartbeat that day)

"Rhiannon needs some clothes"

"is baking"

"is creating something"

"would sure like a beer right about now"

"is happy and hopeful"

"is also hungry"

"has no blood left" (they took a bunch at the dr appt)

And then finally, I posted a picture with "Rhiannon is not giving any hints after this one" and it was a picture of a hotdog bun in the oven.
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I was dealing with incredible morning sickness so I announced with "...is harboring a feisty fugitive."
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I had the B52's on while I was doing housework last night and can't believe I forgot this one! I wanted to use it for myself, but obviously that ship has sailed.

...Is TIN ROOF.... Rusted!
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