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5 year old self weaned!!

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My son declared shortly before his 5th birthday that he would stop nursing when he turned 5. He was down to a quick nurse in the mornings only (DH and I joke it was like his morning cup of coffee).
He nursed a few more times the week after his birthday and then that was it. We went on a family camping trip and a 2 week road trip and he didn't ask once during any of it.
Then this week he said "So do I get a weaning party now that I am all done nursing?"


For his party he said he wants our neighbors, chicken legs, cupcakes, popcorn, balloons, and a day out sailing. I am all for that!

So 5 years and about one week and completely self weaned. No night weaning, no nothing. I thought I would be sad, but I guess I was ready too. It feels right.
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That weaning party sounds awesome--- are you going to do something to celebrate *your* accomplishment too?
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Congrats to both of your!! Sounds like a lovely experience!
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My oldest weaned at 5 and now my current 5 year old is weaning....

I have never had a weaning party but it sounds fun!!!
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can i come to your weaning party? sounds fun!
congrats to you both!
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aww, how wonderful!

The weaning party sounds really fun.
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my ds2 did just like yours, except we both forgot to nurse one last time on his b-day! thats how nautral the progression toward non-nursing was. LOL we had our last nursing about a week or two later and that was 2 yrs ago.

i wasnt brave enough to have a weaning party, since even my extended-nursing friends think i am weird, but if theres aever a dc3, i think i will go for it.

happy weaning, mama and son!
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Our older one weaned about a month after turning 5. It was time, he was ready-though he didn't think so at the time. He was only nursing if he took a nap, and was only taking a nap maybe once/week by then. That day, he discovered that he'd forgotten how.

It was pretty funny, though he didn't see or appreciate the humor at the time. It was a mom thing I guess. The idea of a nursing party hadn't occurred to me, so life just moved on.
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Congratulations, mama! Well done!!

I had a weaning party for my DD when she was 3, and now I need to plan one for DS.
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