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Whoops, I haven't bumped this one for a long time.

BTW, the petition pages are now available in German, as well.

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2449 signatures so far. Who wants to be #2450?

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done, #3053
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I signed but I dont know what # I was, anyway to find out? Would be a nice little tid bit to add to a sig with a link to it. I am quirky like that. (not THEE quirky)

(needs a sig)
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2498! Yay! 2500 is just two signatures away.

And Stella, to find out the link to your own signature, just click on "Website Endorsers" (listed under "View Signatures") on the main page or click right here and then enter your name. You can also get a list of all the endorsers from a particular country, region, religion or occupation.

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hmm well my unique ID was in the 3000s and I signed a few weeks ago. Must be well over 2500 now then right?
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Yes, I noticed that the signature count on the main page and the ID numbers of new signatures don't really correspond – the latter are always much higher. It is probably because double signatures and "nonsense" or "anti" signatures are deleted, but the remaining signatures don't move up on the list, because they have to keep their ID, and it would be too complicated and time-consuming to fill the gaps with new signatures. But that's just my guess; to know for sure, you'd have to ask the webmaster.

However, since I can't see any sensible reason for them to give a lower signature count on their main page than they actually have, I'm assuming that 2498 is the correct number of endorsers.

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2521! :

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I've seen several new names on the board.

Please consider signing this petition.

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Even though it says "2004" in the thread title, this petition is still running and hoping for many more endorsers. Please take a look if you didn't already sign it.


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MGMBill.org and Ashley Montagu Resolution and Petition

If you haven't looked over the website http://mgmbill.org, it is well worth your time. They are trying to get a bill sponsored to make male genital mutilation against the law, as female genitle mutilation now is.

While you are at it, look over the sample letters they have there to send to your representatives in Washington DC to request a sponsor for the MGM Bill. The bill can be seen on their web page. Their letters can be used as is, modified to fit your requirements, or you can write your own. I have contacted my representatives and of the three, one replied. Even if they don't respond, if they get enough mail on the subject, they may take notice of it and remember your views if someone else does sponsor the bill.

I try to get as many people as I can to write their representatives. If you are interested in seeing this practice come to an end, this may be at least one way you will be able to have a part in it.

They also have a link so that you can find your representatives and their means to contact them. (Snail mail or e-mail)
By the way, some of your representatives are reachable by e-mail.

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