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Tanya I think I remember you from the thyroid thread. I'm hypothyroid. That may have played into my low reading. I had to have my meds adjusted and was having low thyroid issues so I suggested they test the D, too. I think I had like a 25. It was mid-winter, though. I also have quite a bit of vitiligo and I don't know if that affects vitamin D production.

We only use sunscreen if we're going to the pool or the beach in mid-day. Otherwise I let the kids run around w/o it. We're white, but not pasty white except for DH and he's close. We're in NC.

Wow, I checked out your link. It's a bit over my head, but I looked up my latitude and longitude and checked it for a cloudless day in August w/ 50% of body exposed (shorts and a tank top?) and got that it would take 1 minute for type 2 skin (I guessed) to make 1000IU of vitamin D. That sounds pretty decent to me. For an overcast day in January it was nearly an hour.

I think I'll supplement in the winter, but continue to let them make their own in the summer. They go to a school where they're outside a lot every day rain or shine.

SBgrace, no I haven't retested yet. I'll try to get it done next time I go to the doc, but it seemed like I was going every other month there for awhile so I'm in no hurry to go back. They recommended 1000Ius. I found a good supplement at the HFS that I like and the kids do, too, and so does DH (lemon gummies). We also do CLO and try to eat a good amount of wild caught salmon. That's really interesting about the Hawaii study. Did they speculate why the test subjects were low? Diet?
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I interpret the results from the vitD calculator as support for high-dose supplementation. I mean--if I, as an adult, can easily make 10,000-20,000 IU on a summer day, and I don't think I'm going to OD that way, it adds credence to the arguments that what is considered high-dose supplementation is actually required to get and keep us in a good range. Since I'm not going to change my lifestyle to include several hours outside each day, plus good food sources (which I admit we lack).

I know I'm more comfortable with high-dose supplementation than most folks, but I'm taking 10,000/day for a while and then I'll test. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to overshoot the top of the range, but I *am* more comfortable with supplementation and the attendant risks than others are, so I know most would not choose to go so high.
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Originally Posted by mom61508 View Post
cool. I haven't heard of the test they use. Is that accurate?
I would hope that it's accurate. It seemed to be for my husband in comparing the test results from Grassroots to the previous test he got from his Dr.

Grassroots uses the blood spot test from ZRT
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Originally Posted by TanyaLopez View Post
I'm in Texas. We've got health stuff going on, so we're doing the supplement first and then test in several months approach. I think I was probably very low, and educated guesswork says my 3yo is probably quite low too.

Here in Texas, right now we're rapidly decreasing the amount of vitamin D we can make. I mean, sure, it's better than, say, Wisconsin, but it's changing fast right now. I love this little calculator...


% skin uncovered is a big variable, I sent the kids out in swimsuits a lot more than I otherwise would've this summer.

If you tested low, do you have a guess as to why you were low? I'm white, but my health is, improving, let's say, so I think I was low partly because I used to burn easily in the midday sun and also because of my health. So that's why my younger child, in particular, is likely low.

But I will test us all sometime this fall, this one I feel is important enough that I want to get it right and I don't know of any really good indicators that I can see.
tanya-how do you know what number skin type you are?
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Originally Posted by mom61508 View Post
tanya-how do you know what number skin type you are?
I googled skin type cancer, the skin cancer people divide people up into groups based on how/whether they tan. But keep the number in mind, because it can change over time, the kids and I have all changed to a higher number this year (and I'm pretty white, so I was surprised that I changed).
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Originally Posted by mom61508 View Post
Not to hijack your thread but how much D should a 14m.o. be getting? I give 800Ius a day in water. Is that plenty?
Personally, I'd give 1,000 IU under one and 1,200 IU to 2,000 at age 1-2. My 29 month old who is 26 lbs (yes, he is a bean pole like his mom and dad were!) 1,600 IU per day. He gets pretty much zero Vit-D producing sun light.
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I'd like to ask a basic question if I could. Yesterday, I purchased some D3(Kal brand) 1000 iu. It says from cod liver oil on the back. Later in the day I went to another HFS to p/u some vitamins for my DS and the guy was telling me I need to supplement w vitamin A as well. Do I need to supplement with Vit A when taking the brand I am taking? Also, are there any vegetarian sources of D3? I guess I will let DH take these and buy a veg source for me unless they are not as good.
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We just got our dd's results back from her vitamin D test done. The dr. was concerned because it is so high! It's 253 ng/ml.
I'm a little freaked out...can anyone help?
We've been giving her her the 2000 iu's a day in D3 drops because that's what the Nature's Market guy said would be okay for her size and weight.
We haven't gotten our blood tests results back..we go to a different dr. but the last time we were tested we were all in the 20's and 30's...so we assumed our dd would be too!
She said to stop the drops and have her tested in 4-6 weeks again to make sure that she is normalizing...also wanting to check calcium and phospherous levels...
Anyone else have this?

I just read on the Vit. D council website that you should give 1000 iu per 25 pounds per body weight! So I've been giving her way to much...she only weighs 36 pounds. I should have checked what the guy told me...
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I've never heard of a vitD test coming back that high, so I'm not a lot of help. Given how much vitamin D people (even little people) can make in the sun, I'm surprised, but clearly stop the supp and re-test. I haven't read of long-term problems with vitamin D toxicity--clearly it's not something anyone should strive for, but I think you just stop the supp and let it trend down. I don't know if there's any reason it would go so high with what seems like a not-shockingly-unreasonable level of supplementation?

Ya know, supplementing vitamin A (even with a cod liver oil that has some D) would probably help the process of reducing the vitamin D level, when our bodies use vitamin A, they also use vitamin D, so you'll put it to good use as well. But if you didn't want to do a CLO, I'd consider another vitamin A supp for a while.
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Thank you for your reply. I have been fretting about this all day and I talked to someone else today who said that it was surprising too, that really I wasn't giving her all that much.
Her dr. said that maybe she just wasn't deficient in the first place and it was just too much for her....said something about how she was mostly formula fed and had a lot of D that way. Which I don't know if that makes sense or not. She hasn't been on any formula for over a year and a half. She also asked about her milk intake...she only gets 16 oz of that a day so even if she were getting d from that it wouldn't be that much would it??
She has low muscle tone and apraxia of speech. At the same time we did this test we also had blood drawn for some tests her neurologist wanted to do, metabolic panel and I can't remember what all else.
I'm wondering if she has something going on that would cause her levels to be so high?? Would that make any sense whatsoever?
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It sounds like your DD has other health issues going on, most of which are well beyond me. The only thing I can think of is that the fat-soluble vitamins are supposed to protect each other from toxicity, could your DD be very low in pre-formed vitamin A? Doesn't seem like it would normally be an issue (though my son was fairly low in the past--but haven't seen issues like you are) but maybe your daughter is more prone to imbalances like that? We've got some health things going on, and I've seen some sensitivities in my son that most kids would be able to compensate for, but I need to learn by trial-and-error with him.
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