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It's a girl! And I finally got my home birth!

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Caroline Anne made her way into the world on Saturday, 22 August, (40 weeks, 4 days) in an intex fishy pool, in our dining room. She was 8 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long.
Labor was fast and intense, but the perfect experience to finish the emotional healing from my cesarean 18 months ago.
I got out of bed at 8:00 because the contractions were so strong that I couldn't lie down through them anymore. I would try to sit and rest, but couldn't stay seated; I had to stand during contractions, but of course, walking brought on the next one. DS and I took a shower, and I finally was able to drag DH out of bed when I couldn't even get breakfast for DS without stopping for contractions. (we both expected things to take longer than they did - I don't think he believed things were really going for a while there)
DH got busy cleaning the kitchen (frustrating at the time, but funny now) and kept on until I told him I couldn't handle it anymore and I needed his full attention. He was totally awesome. The best labor partner I ever could have dreamed of!
I called my midwife and told her that I thought this was it, and my body had gone straight to work, skipping right past the excited, early labor stage. She said it sounded good and to be in touch. DH called back an hour later, and said the contractions were 1.5 minutes, 3 minutes apart. She came to check on us, expecting to come and go, but I was so far progressed by the time she got here that she started moving very quickly to get things ready.
We tried several times to call the doula, but couldn't get her. Our plan was to send DS to stay with her husband but by the time she called back, I was adamant that he had to stay. He was also very wonderful - totally laid back, and very sweet when he saw that I was in pain. He could hug my legs, or pat my tummy and say "baby". He fell asleep as things got really hard, and woke up just before I started pushing.
When my doula arrived, I was already in the pool. She was here for about an hour and a half before the baby came.
Labor was 5 hours, from the time it hit in earnest. That ring of fire DID burn, and pushing did not feel good! I do remember saying at one point though, "if it didn't hurt so bad, it would feel pretty neat!" once I started to really feel her descend.
I pushed for a few minutes but didn't feel like I was doing anything. My midwife gave me a couple of pointers, and I immediately felt a difference. Carrie was born 10 minutes later.
It was so amazing being able to stay at home. I cannot imagine a better place to give birth. And I was thrilled that DS got to stay. He sat about 4 feet away from me and ate his lunch while I pushed the baby out, and came to see her immediately. He has been totally wonderful, and is completely in love with his baby sister.
As I type this, I am lying on the couch with my girl snuggled up to me, and my little man is sleeping in the next room. I feel so blessed.
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toh what a lovely birth story! aren't home water births the best?!:
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::: Congrats!! :::
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Congratulations!! What a beautiful story!

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Congratulations!!! Beautiful story! :::

And...I'm excited so many people are using the fishy pool...I can't wait to need mine.
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Congrats on your birth and your vbac! You did it mama!

: : : : : : :
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Congratulations! How exciting for your ds to be able to be there. Mine wanted to but there was just too much happening at once. I couldn't handle. enjoy your new little one
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Congrats! Awesome job!
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Beautiful story, congrats!
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congrats! I laughed at the part where your dh was busy cleaning the kitchen. In both of my labors I had to give dh the signal to get serious, stop "getting ready", and HELP ME at least by standing by me and acknowledging my contractions. Must be such a disorienting experience for men... Great story and happy happy birth. Congrats!!
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congrats on your beautiful birth and your little lady. i love her name, so classic!
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Congrats, mama! :
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon mama!
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Congrats on your beautiful baby and wonderful home birth!! :
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Lovely story and congrats, mama!:
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Congratulations!!!! Isn't homebirth awesome?
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