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No Heartbeat :(

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Well...I went to see the midwife today. She tried for a good 15 minutes to get a heartbeat and got nothing, so I'm getting an ultrasound later today. Since I'm 13.5 weeks we really should've heard something, but at the same time its entirely possible it was just in a bad spot or something. Anyway, I need good US vibes! lol
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Sending you happy baby u/s vibes! I can't remember if I was 12 or 13 weeks with my third when the same thing happened to me. But either way, he's 2 now, so clearly things were fine!
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Mama - my midwife couldn't hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks because my placenta is anterior. Happy bouncy baby inside though! Sending you lots of :
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: I'll be thinking about your little one and hoping for good news!
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I'm thinking of you too, and also feeling that everything is going to be okay.
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Sending all good thoughts!
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Oh good luck mama!!!
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: More good vibes your way!
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:: I didn't hear my DD through a doppler till after 15 weeks.

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Cari, did she hear any fetal movement or placental sounds? I often find that I can't pinpoint baby's HB at 13 or 14 weeks because they're just so LITTLE at that point, but I can often reassure mom anyway because we'll hear kicks and/or placental sounds and that can tide her over until her next visit.

Whatever the case, I'm sending good u/s vibes your way!
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She couldn't get anything. I was listening too, I didnt hear anything at all-not even my pulse (which I know I always hear at least once each visit, )

I know its probably fine and nothing is wrong, but I'm definately glad I'm getting the US done-waiting 4 weeks would drive me nuts.

Oh also, she said I'm measuring right on for 13-14 weeks, which is reassuring.
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Try not to worry, mama

The fact that you couldn't hear anything could be reassuring kwim? Maybe the doppler was broken...like you said, you always hear your own pulse, etc. so something had to be off, you know?? eta: and you are obviously alive even though you didn't hear your own sounds.
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Well, she tried 2 different dopplers so I have no idea....maybe its like Carley said and I have an anterior placenta or something. I've never had one before, so it'd explain why I cant hear anything....I guess.
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What time is your U/S?
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another "couldnt hear the heartbeat till 16 weeks" story here.
my placenta was anterior with my dd and we seriously couldnt hear a thing till 16 weeks.

good luck!
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Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X View Post
What time is your U/S?
Yeah, when and what time???
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I hope everything is well, when is your U?S?
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let us know how everything goes. (((HUGS)))
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Hoping all is well!
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