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Here's hoping all is okay!

They tried to hear mine at 12 weeks, and it took forever, and I still never heard it. The midwife eventually said she heard it way in the back (behind the placenta), but I still didn't hear anything, and it took two of them to try. I've heard both other babies at 10 weeks, so it freaked me out to be waiting that long.

This waiting space is so tricky. I hope the ultrasound brings good things.
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news, mama. Please keep us updated!
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Thinking of you mama. Give us an update when you get a chance. Many positive thoughts are flowing your way.
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Thinking about you tonight love. I also didn't get a HB last week at 12 weeks.
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Sending positive thoughts!
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I hope everything is ok...sending positive thoughts.
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Gah, I'm sorry, I'm so bad. I totally forgot to update...my appointment was really late (7 at night!) and an hour away so by the time we got home, I ate and crashed.

As soon as the US tech put the thingie on my belly, we saw the baby waving. We saw the heart a little bit later, but obviously baby was fine since she was squirming. And no, I have no idea if its a she, the tech said she wont even check at this point cause its not accurate, I just keep calling it a she, lol.

No idea why we couldnt hear anything though. My placenta isnt anterior and my uterus is well above my pelvis. I guess she's just good at hiding! Everything looked fine though and the US confirmed what I thought to begin with-that I was right and that OB was wrong, so hahahaha! neener neener! (I'm mature!) Baby measured 13 weeks and 1 day and I was 13 weeks and 3 days so pretty darned close.

They gave us lots of pics, I posted the nicer ones on my flickr, along with a small video clip. Its here if anyone wants to see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36597415@N03/
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I was just thinking about you! I'm so glad you updated I'm so happy for you :
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YAY!! Glad to hear the good news! :
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YEAH!!!!! :
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awesome!! Thankful for technology when we need reassurance! Same thing happened to us a little over a week ago.
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Crashing from April...

I'm so glad everything is ok!
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Oh Whew! I was starting to feel worried. Glad everything looks good, and the dates you knew to be right were proven "right".
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Yay! I'm happy to see this update too today. My heart sank yesterday when i read your original post and I've been sending positive thoughts since. And, I'm glad that you have your due date confirmed. Just goes to show, follow your intuition and hold it the closest. It'll keep you sane and strong.
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Congrats to you!! Very cute little baby :-)

BTW, just from looking at the pics you posted, your placenta does look to be anterior ... just say'n.

Enjoy your pregnancy!
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: Yaaay!!!! That is such good news! My MW has a pretty old doppler, I am hoping that is the reason why we couldn't hear anything. I am so happy for you!!!! :
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DD Crashing, but I've been keeping up with this thread with baited breath waiting to hear that everything was okay!

I'm so glad you got to see a healthy little one giving you a wave.
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That is wonderful news!
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