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If you drink bone broth everyday or so, come here please

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Ok, i wanted to know, if you drink your bone broth like a beverage, how to do "season" it?

Like, you pour yourself a glass of bone broth and then what? Do you put salt and pepper in there? Do you drink it hot, warm, cold? Do you drink it as a snack, or with one of your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner?)?

Just wondering
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I like it in a mug, with generous Celtic sea salt. More so in the winter, though. It's like a morning coffee replacement.
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I put it in a mug, put some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper in it, and drink it. Sometimes I put a couple Tbs. of cooked jasmine rice in it.
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I put salt in it and drink it from a mug (or sometimes put it in a bowl and use a spoon--that's the way my kids like it, with noodles though) right before dinner every day. Been slacking over the summer, though--it's just so darn hot for soup!
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I drink it hot, seasoned with salt, garlic powder and onion powder. Sometimes I add coconut milk.
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I haven't managed to do it every day yet, but... I warm mine on the stove, add a pinch or two of sea salt, and then a nice fat dollop of butter.

I drink it from a mug.

I really really really feel good when I do this... so I have no idea why I don't do it more often.
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I boil down a quart of homemade broth into about a cup, then I put it into a mug, add a tablespoon of good butter, a bit of realsalt and pepper, maybe a dash of cayenne, and sometimes a bit of curry powder, and squeeze a lemon or lime into it.
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I squeeze some lemon, grate about half a clove of garlic, salt and pepper.

Sometimes I add some grated ginger and sauteed onions.

I eat it with a spoon like any other soup! I was eating it every day with a big salad for lunch, but it's been WAY too hot, so I've been just encorporating it into my cooking.
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oh, I forgot...also, a crushed clove of garlic...yum!
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My favorite is to warm the bone broth in a pan with green onions and then add sea salt. I just love it!
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I warm it up, put the broth in a mug with Sea Salt and squeeze in the juice of half a lime. Some days it tastes better to me than others...honestly some days for whatever reason it grosses me out . I like to drink it because its a power food.

As a side note, I found I like chicken broth better than turkey broth (I haven't made beef broth yet so I'm not sure on that one).
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I warm it up with some mushed garlic, s&p and red pepper flakes. I strain the garlic out and drink it out of a mug.
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Some great ideals in this thread :

I always just add lots of sea salt to mine. And drink it from a cup. :

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I add salt. Sometimes a teaspoon of Master Tonic.

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I had a stroke of what I'd like to think is genius during my insomnia last night. . . eating bone broths during the summer as aspic. If you have a good gel with your broth you could probably get away with just seasoning and chilling it. I'm doing an experiment this morning of adding gelatin to ensure that it sets. I seasoned it with salt, a dash of cayenne, and lime juice. We shall see how edible it is. Other thoughts--use it to make a tomato aspic (with tomato juice or tomato water), use it to encase something else (veggies, pate, meats, etc.). I'm guessing that you might want to slightly overseason as chilling might mute the flavors a little.

Also, just to add, when I drink it in the winter, I usually put in some cream or coconut milk as well (along with salt and lemon or lime juice). It's been too warm for me to contemplate that lately, so I'm hoping the aspic solution will work for me--I really need to get some energy back, and this thread has inspired me.
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I need to drink it every day but have not done so this summer. But it is cooler now and I instinctively want to drink it.

Like others have said, I love it in a mug with salt and pepper. I have also been trying to incorporate 3 spices/herbs with every meal to make it a superfood (spices/herbs are superfoods with tons of vitamins/minerals minerals and are chock full of antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory)

I like
turmeric, paprika, cayenne, cumin
basil and garlic
garlic and ginger
thyme and oregano
fresh dill with pickle juice
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Thanks, mamas!::

My VERY FIRST POT of beef bone broth is on the stove ATM!! The anticipation is killing me!

Dd and I are both sick, and I want sooo much for it to turn out, and for us to both like it. That there are so many ways to drink/eat this is awesome.
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We use it often for egg drop soup-good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mark Bittman's vegetarian book has numerous variations...Asian, Italian, etc. so it doen't get boring.
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I simmer the homemade bone broth with some seaweed until the seaweed is tender. Then I put about a tablespoon of miso in a bowl and ladle broth and seaweed on top. Yum!
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