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How is everyone doing?

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It looks like this DDC might join the archives pretty soon. Maybe we should have one last thread to see how everyone is doing and to brag about our babies. I joined the other forum for this DDC, but I have a hard time keeping up with everything as it is that I haven't been able to check it.

My baby will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies! She's such a happy baby. I am very blessed. She's a great sleeper and nurser. She's about 15lbs now, so growing well and wearing 6-9 month or 9-12 month (depending on the brand) clothes now, mostly cause of her big, fluffy butt otherwise she'd be in 6 month clothing. She's 95th% for everything!

It was really hard in the beginning, adding another child to our family but I'm happy to say that things are much easier now and it feels like Molly has been with us forever. The only really hard part is that she still isn't a big fan of the carseat and we are out and about a lot.

She loves baths! Here is a recent picture: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...7&id=507443026

I am doing well too - hoping to start losing some of my pregnancy weight soon. My husband is going to deploy for a year pretty soon and my goal while he's gone is to lose 50lbs!

So who's next?
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Every one must be really busy!
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Quin is doing really well. He's 7#13oz as of Wednesday, growing well for one of my kids. 22" long and has a big head.

He's rolling from front to back and can go from back to side but then gets stuck.

He likes mommy and pretty much mommy only. When anyone's holding him and mommy walks by, he launches himself at mommy. People have learned to hold him with both arms around him.

So when your dh deploys, are you staying in Ft. Lewis?
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We are doing good here too!! Trenton is somewhere around 13.5 or 14 pounds, no idea how long and in 3-6 month clothes. He shows absolutely no interest in rolling over since he did it on accident and scared himself
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Originally Posted by Rikki View Post

So when your dh deploys, are you staying in Ft. Lewis?
Yes. Are you in the area? I can't remember.

I love hearing about the babies. Molly is also rolling front front to side and grasping toys. She can hold on to a toy for a few minutes now! She gets frustrated when she can't get it into her mouth though.
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Shane is 11 weeks and doing well. He is in the 10 lbs range (or at least was at his WBC) and just loves to nurse and sleep. Other then that, he isn't doing much other then laughing up a storm and smiling as much as possible. He does have a serious side but really doesn't try to roll over or anything like that. He is really strong though when he stands up on our laps.

Things are going well here. Tomorrow I have to go back to work for one day and I am dreeding that. I hate the thought of leaving him, but if I don't go back to work for the one day, I have to pay back all my insurance, so I am going.

Thats about all that is going on.
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Grace is such a sweetie, she has everyone cooing over her, she weighed 10lb3oz last week and was 14 weeks old yesterday, she's a bit confusing for us as she seems very grown up and is breastfeeding like a much older baby, short feeds, often only one side. She's also sleeping through the night, much to our surprise, we don't think she is really ready, but she's done it of her own accord.

Finally her newborn clothing is starting separating at the waist, so I'm looking forward to buying her some autumn stuff, I've seen some really cute things!

Big brother started first grade today, so it's all quiet at home.
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Baby girl is awesome! She is more vocal on here needs than here brother ever was. Which in a way is a good thing. I always felt like I was neglecting him because he could care less how much or how little he was held. She on the other hand has an opinion on everything!

I'm not sure how much she ways but she's in 3/6month clothes. The 6 month stuff is a little big still, but the 3 month is too small.

She loves to coo! Every night before bed she talks to us in that way that only a baby can do.
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Sal is just about 12# now and is long...at least 24" now. With all that length he looks thinner and younger than all the other 2 month olds I see. I am more exhausted and stressed than I thought I would be but he is worth every little bit of it.
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The twins are perfect. Sam is about 15 pounds and so talkative. He laughed outloud yesterday for the first time. He is also nursing well and just about sleeping through the night. 3-6 month clothing and chubby!!! Happy baby.

Jocelyn is about 13-14 pounds. 3-6 month clothing. Almost sleeping through he night as well. Nursing very well. She cries a bit more than Sammy but cute as can be.. She is a love. Big brother and big sister are adjusting well.
I am officially part of the Toyota Sienna club.. :
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Rémi is a sweet chunk at 15 pounds (9 weeks)!! Most days he is calm and very cuddly, but he suffers bouts of colic that leave him screaming for hours at times Fortunately those days are becoming fewer.

I am very sad to see him growing up so quickly. Makes me almost want to consider a third child But that's not what I really want. I just want the two I have to stay little for a while longer
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Originally Posted by Alohamelly View Post
Yes. Are you in the area? I can't remember.
Yep! I'm in Kent.
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Claire is doing great! She's 24.5in (97%)and 13 lbs 6 oz (90th) at 2 1/2 months. She rolls from back to side all the time and kicks and scoots around like crazy. She smiles and chuckles a little. She loves when I sing to her. She is so sweet! She even slept 8 hours once a few days ago! Despite a rough start nursing (we had to get her tongue tie clipped), she's doing fantastic now. Here she is a few weeks ago

2 months

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Z is doing good - he's almost 14lbs at 11 weeks old. No rolling, or grasping at toys, though he does like my bra straps! Nursing has been a challenge, since i have an oversupply and an overactive letdown. He's been smiling and laughing the past few weeks which has been great - especially since he's a *terrible* sleeper and will be happy for about 20-40min but dissolve into screaming/crying like clockwork unless we bounce him to sleep. Not sure if its colic or what, since it only recently started (last few weeks) but the smiles are fun


most of his crying is overtiredness, but I also think he's super frustrated that he can't move yet. So hopefully when crawling comes he'll calm down a bit!

I go back to work next week - so the mr. will be on full time baby duty four days a week. So that'll be an interesting change that I'm sure will be super challenging, since there's so few hours in the day NOW to do everything!
Its tough since wearing him he's now not a big fan of either, so its really hard to get anything done.
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Kilian is doing awesome. He is now around 12-13 lbs and in 3-6 mo. clothing. Completely caught up to where his brothers were at this age. He is laughing and full of smiles... I love it!! He is pretty happy and only wakes once in the night to nurse. We are all head over heels in love with him.

Homeschooling has started for us once again and is going well. Kilian likes to be in the middle of it all when awake. Thankfully he is content listening to our voices and doesn't demand too much, so we can get our school day done.

I still have around 15 lbs. that I would like to lose to get back to my pre-pg weight. WOuld like to join the Y, but we may be relocating back home to the midwest soon, so I am putting it off.

Its great hearing from those who have responded!
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Carabelle is 11 weeks old now and was 12 lbs. (75th %) and 24 in. (95th %) at her last doctor's visit almost two weeks ago. She is my most easy going baby so far and takes 5 hour naps in her swing in the mornings. I am in heaven!

She is a fantastic nurser but will not take a pacifier or a bottle of pumped milk. Only mommy will do! She sleeps in bed with us and my only complaint is that she has to sleep with my nipple in her mouth and my sides ache because I can't move around. I have to stay in one position.

She's been smiling since the day she was born and now laughs, squawks and says lots of "ooohhh"'s. Her big brothers love her and constantly "pet" her head.

Carabelle has her first cold and had a fever last weekend. We ended up in the emergency room because her pediatrician wanted her seen right away because of the fever. She's fine though; I was never worried. I thought we would be somewhat protected from viruses since my boys are homeschooled but we picked it up somewhere anyway.

I am finally feeling less hormonal and emotional. I was crying daily up until a week or so ago. I was crying that she was growing up so fast, that I felt so happy, that I loved her so much, etc. so not depressed - just emotional! I also had night sweats for almost two months and I was beginning to think that was my new "normal" but then they finally went away. Thank goodness!

My husband had a vasectomy in July so that is a little sad. We both definitely are happy with three children. I am already feeling jealous though when I see a pregnant woman but I have to remind myself that I just had a baby two months ago! It already feels like it was a long time ago that she was born. She has just melded into our lives beautifully and feels like a perfect addition to our family!
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My preemie is just about 10lbs now and growing stronger every day! cute littlel chubby cheeks might I add

(born May 11, due June 30!)
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Zander is doing fabulously and I'm right there with him! Now if only I could say the same for my 3 year old! He is a ..... handfull. Holy moly.

Zander is such a happy dude. He laughs a lot, smiles easily, sleeps great as long as he's on me or sleeping right by my side -- 2 things I find easy for the most part. He has started doing some independent sleep during the day if it's quiet enough. I still find it to be hard to balance both of my boys at the same time alone for the majority of the day. My older son LOVES to wake the younger and I can not get it clear to him that baby asleep=time for big boy. He doesn't get it. Ahhhh.....

Lots of rolling from back to side to tummy but no tummy to side or back yet. He loves to try to stand and sit up, I'm amazed at how long he can stand while I balance him. His favorite place to plant those feet? My mummy tummy. Hey, it's good for something, eh?! He fights to sit up and is pretty close to mastering the head control, although he gets tired still and lets it fly, generally bonking into my collar bone when in the wrap.

I'd offer his stats but I have no idea what they are at the moment.

I keep meaning to check in on the other site but I just don't tend to do it. I think it's going to be really hard for me to add one more thing to do on the computer. Which will lead me to a different thread....
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Well, I'm glad to hear that things are going well for lots of mamas...but I have to say that it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong reading the posts!!! My DD is 12 weeks, and I have yet to cook a meal, grocery shop, etc. OK, I make oatmeal for breakfast and heat something easy for lunch...that doesn't count. This is our first baby, so that may be part of it...sounds like the other mamas who have posted have other kids too. (which I can't even imagine!!) DD eats every 2-3 hours, and often feeding last 45 min-an hour. She's not a fan of sleeping, so letting her drift to sleep comfort sucking is one of the best ways to get her to sleep. That's part of why feeding takes so long- I keep hoping she'll fall asleep! Thankfully she's sleeping better at night, but usually eating every 3-4 hours then too...I'm usually getting 2 or less hours sleep in between feeds. I'm trying to focus on being thankful of having a healthy baby, and remind myself that this phase will pass! Also, she's finally tolerating being set down for short periods- but that usually only gets me 10-15 min...time to pee and get something to eat- that's about it! I've been reading Dr Sears Fussy Baby book, and it's only slightly helpful...basically says that some babies are high-need and you just have to respond to their needs accordingly. If anyone else experienced an extended time w/ their 1st baby of getting nothing accomplished I'd love to hear about how/when life got back to a new normal!
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so great to hear all about the babies! they all sound lovely my little guy is awesome! he is 8 weeks and about 13 pounds. he laughs and smiles a lot and is generally very mellow and happy. i was so nervous about incorporating number 2 into our lives, but he just seamlessly fits. it's so wonderful!

kkd- my first was VERY high needs. never slept, never wanted to be put down, etc. that is part of the reason why i was so nervous about number 2. i think she started to be more independent at around 5 months. i could put her down during the day in her swing or on a play mat and she would be happy. she didn't start sleeping well until i stopped nursing her at 2.5. but now, at 3.5, she sleeps great! and she is one of the only kids i know that is totally self entertaining. maybe all that holding and rocking paid off i know that the days felt really long when she was a baby, but the weeks flew by. it will pass before you know it-- i promise!
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