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Thought others might enjoy this article from the NYTimes magazine about MZ twin brothers Bob and Mike Bryan, the number 1 doubles tennis players in the world (it's LONG... but interesting).

Among all the details of life with a twin as a tennis partner was this quote, too:

One conclusion of a landmark study on identical twins that the Freudian scholar Dorothy Burlingham conducted in the 1940s was that from infancy, they are much more drawn than most siblings to establish a sense of equality with each other. But, she observed, what manifests itself as genuine altruism is a way not so much of avoiding competition but of managing it. “The struggle is now centered around the desire to have not more, not less, but the same,” she wrote. “To have the same prevents the other from having more, and in this way they are able to strike a balance.”
Although I don't think I'd want my kids to be pro athletes of any kind, I liked getting an inside peak into the life of adult twins. What do you think?