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vomitting 8.5 month old - wwyd?

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DD vomited three times tonight over the course of 2 hours. She is now sleeping peacefully and has been for about an hour. I just want to double check that I shouldn't be doing something more, or be more worried. Here are all details.

-runny nose for about a week and a half - discharge is clear and thin. I have been attributing this to her second tooth coming in as the same thing happened when her first came in.
-occasional coughing - I was attributing this to the runny nose.
-no fever
-no change in energy or attitude
-tummy is soft
-DH has been sick for the last three days: super sore throat & sinus congestion. He has stayed away from her since being symptomatic, but of course he could have given it to her before then.
-vomit number 1, happened a bit after waking from her afternoon nap. she was a bit fussy and when I picked her up she passed a little gas so I put her down and did some leg pumping to see if I could help her pass any more. after a few pumps she vomited. It was pale yellow/white and smelled a bit of bile (clearly not just spit up). There was a good amount of it.
-vomit number 2, I was worried that she had lost a lot of her prior feed so tried to nurse her more, she wasn't too into it, but ate a little. As I was cooking dinner I put her in her chair and gave her a sippy cup of water. She drank a lot. She fussed a bit and then vomited. It was much less this time and was kind of mucousy and watery with a bit of curdled milk in it. Smelled only a teeny bit of bile.
-vomit number 3, I nursed her before bed and she ate quite a bit. Not really a lot more than usual, but more than I wanted given what has been going on. I was trying to burp her (which honestly we don't normally do - but I wanted to make sure she didn't have any air bubbles in case that was part of the problem). I was applying gentle but firm pressure to her lower back and she vomited/spit up over my shoulder. It looked and smelled like spit up this time, but was more than what I am used to in quantity.

I have no idea what caused this, but I'm not feeling too concerned. I'm watching her of course but I am figuring it was just being overfull and then me stupidly putting pressure on her digestive tract.. or maybe she drank too much pool water (we were swimming right before nap)... maybe a combo of both.

I really just wanted to check in. Would you be running to the doctor if you were me? Does it sound like she caught DH's bug?
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sounds like she has caught your dh's bug to me - if she has a lot of mucous she may have been swallowing some and that could cause tummy upset/vomiting. I'd just keep watching her for any signs of more infection (fever, etc.) and keep nursing as much/often as she wants. if it were my lo I might try a little bit of chamomile tea in a bottle if thirsty but not wanting to nurse. maybe go easy on the tummy for a bit (no pressure, pumping of legs, etc.) of course if you're really worried it never hurts to check in with your doctor. hope she feels better soon!
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Sounds like a little tummy bug...just make sure she doesn't get dehydrated. Nurse often and/or give pedialyte. Water is not a good choice. Just watch and see...even if she develops a fever, this is not a sign you need to run to the doc...fevers can be a good thing!
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Thanks for the advice. It has been a couple days now and we haven't had any more signs of sickness for her - I on the other hand was up all night last night vomiting. We are just a mess around here!! I actually think that it was something I ate because, aside from feeling a bit dehydrated, I feel okay now. DH is still sick though so today was pretty miserable. I'm worried that I'm so distracted with myself and DH that I might not notice subtle changes in her. But I keep checking her temp and it remains normal, no more vomiting, and she seems pretty normal. Ughhh... just hope I'm 100% tomorrow. Being sick is for the birds!
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