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kbond- That's really expensive health insurance. Any chance your school offers a health insurance policy for students which you could buy to cover yourself? That stinks basic health is no longer taking new clients. This is the reason we really need health care for everyone in this country.

I haven't posted since my into but I guess I'll update. Right now my husband is working about 6-8 hours of overtime every week. It helps a lot. I've also been able to pick up a few more hours than usual at my work. I signed up for a product study and I'm going to be paid $105 for minimal work. Our bills are caught up so I'm planning to use some of the extra (if there really is any) to start buying christmas gifts. We're in the process of applying for medicaid for our kids. We can't afford to keep paying our private health insurance premiums anymore. I'm a little scared of being rejected since we do have the option of buying it through my dh's work, but we're well under income guidelines. I'm looking forward to the wic new food package which will start in October for us. Right now we could really use the fresh produce checks. We're out of money until Friday with no fresh fruit in the house. Oh well, at least we have plenty of other stuff.
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I have a week left to decide if I want to insure myself under the student plan, and I just don't know. I know that, ideally, I don't want to have a gap in my coverage because then I could have issues with pre-existing conditions when I do get insurance again.

But, the student plan isn't exactly cheap either. It's better, but it's still $576 that could be spent keeping us in food for a month. And since I'm not having a lot of luck with finding a job and the legal market is tight, I keep thinking that I should save the money because I'm healthy, and if something catastrophic happened even with insurance we'd wipe ourselves out trying to cover the deductible. So, does it really matter if you bankrupt yourself a little bit or lot? *shrug* I don't know.
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Originally Posted by cwat View Post
By the way, Umarider, any information you have about MRSA would be extremely helpful :beg
I don't want to go through that again with her or any of the other kids.
Cwat, sorry for the delayed response, I was offline.
MRSA is a catchall name for a group of bacteria that are resistant to the commonly used antibiotics. They are also known as "Supergerms/superbugs". W/ my dd, they cultured the "gunk" from the second infection/boil that she had (we thought is was a spider bite) and then they tested the cultured bacteria to see what types of antibiotic are able to knock it out. If the bacteria is unaffected by more than 1 commonly used antibiotic, it is considered to be MRSA. DD tested positive 2 times. They didn't culture the first infection in her armpit, but it later turned out that they suspected MRSA at that time. Google MRSA and you'll get a lot of information.

Some people became colonized w/ the MRSA germs... usually the colony is in a person's nose because the growing conditions are prime. Some people outgrow it, others don't. Many people carry MRSA germs on them and have no problems, but some people are susceptible. The Drs. & nurses who treated dd said that odds are good that every single one of them had MRSA germs somewhere. The important thing is to practice good hygiene, such as washing, and not sharing personal items. Some of the treatments for MRSA colonization included dumping gallons of water that had a small amount of bleach added to it over my daughter! There was also a suggestion of giving her a very strong antibiotic that is normally used as a preventive measure for people who may have been exposed to meningitis. It gets into every tissue in your body. I finally found a Dr. who understood my desire to avoid extremes w/ DD if at all possible. We opted for the Safeguard soap mentioned in my pp and to swab her nostrils twice a day w/ a particular topical antibiotic. We need to do the antibiotic swabbing for 6 months.

I found that some people really freak out about MRSA, while others take the approach of "it is what it is" and simply take common sense precautions.
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Hey, everyone! So for a quick update on us....

DD1 turned 5 last week & both girls start dance class, so it was a busy week. I'm also a co-leader for our 4H homeschool group (*that* just started...it is a bit more work/time than I'd like, but they needed help & no one else stepped up ). Luckily, there was no 4H this week, since we only meet the 2nd & 3rd weeks of the month.

DD's party ended up costing us more than we wanted. Always does somehow, but we'll survive. Everything is paid up & going OK right now, so I'm grateful for that.

What is driving me crazy is the feeling we're spinning our wheels because we need the medical assistance. If we didn't have to worry about loosing our health ins we could make substantially more each month, but the health is just SO expensive our gross income needs to get a MAJOR raise to really give us much after the additional expense. It also limits the amount of money we can keep in savings & investments. It is definitely NOT a long term solution & a huge part of the reason we remain "poor" financially.
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Today is my b-day We are going out to dinner with family tonight at a greek restaurant.. I bought some gift certs online and paid $5 for $25 certificates
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Happy Birthday, Lizzy
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
Today is my b-day We are going out to dinner with family tonight at a greek restaurant.. I bought some gift certs online and paid $5 for $25 certificates
Happy Birthday! Have a blast tonight!
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Does anyone know if all Targets take FS? I found the cappuccino mix I love there for really cheap, actually ends up being almost the same price I spend on tea every month!

Also, I'm going to switch to Virgin Mobile for my cell, any idea where I might pick up a prepaid one for free? The previous user ends up getting a 60 min credit on there new cell if they upgraded and give the old phone away so its kind of a win win for everyone For those who don't know, virgin started an unlimited minutes plan for $49.99 which means I'll save money (currently using tracfone and spending $30+ mo on minutes) and be able to go back to cell only (ie, kill the LD on the home phone which costs me $25mo on top of the local access) and not be missing calls from Dr's and stuff Problem is, I can't squeeze the $ to buy one of there cell's out of my budget, I'm already in the hole $60 this month
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Originally Posted by Satori View Post
Does anyone know if all Targets take FS? I found the cappuccino mix I love there for really cheap, actually ends up being almost the same price I spend on tea every month!
I'd like to know too.. I am always afraid to use them there.. also if they take WIC?
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umarider- my dd has been fighting a staph infection since the end of July- she ended up in the hospital with the beginnings of Toxic Shock b/c of it. Bleach baths, what you described, has the been the one thing to keep it under control and it finally looks like it is going away. I was leery about doing it, and didn't for the first month after the dermotologost suggested it, but the infection came roaring back a week after she stopped really strong meds. We finally gave in to the bleach baths (she takes one twice a week) and the infection is finally on its last legs. I figure that is better than keeping her pumped full of strong meds. Just wanted to let you know the bleach baths aren't as scary as they sound.
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are there any tricks to FS that new stamper should know? i don't think there much in the way of stretching besides coupons/sales but you don't know till you ask!

i'm extremely upset at sprint. i had a phone suspended over the summer but kept the awesome plan i have but didn't have to pay the monthly bill on it (but the contract wasn't running either) and now (2 months later) they don't have the ability to do that. WTH? i have always hated sprint and the only reason i keep them is because of the super cheap plan. so now i have to figure out how to get rid of the second line by either selling it or giving it back to exh if he wants it. it's just all a bull cockamame and i feeling like beating someone over the head.

as for home phone service if you have high speed internet then magicjack.com does wonders for your phone bill ($40 first YEAR). i would much rather pay less than $40/mo for HSI AND an unlimited phone line than have dial up and a regular home phone for more than that.

i'm moving to a temporary rental that is tiny teeny. but it gives me options later. no lease. $100 key deposit first and last WEEKS rent needed the first day. so $440 move in price instead of $200+ and then the first months rent. i just hope it's a good idea. it's almost $100 for a moving truck and i have to seriously cut down on my belongings/give things to exh and then knowing i won't stay there for long and having to pay to move AGAIN....but if i had a crystal ball i wouldn't be where i am!

i'll officially be in the city limits though which gives me access to parks and rec financial aid (tons of stuff for the kiddies!) and 10 minutes from EVERYTHING (including hopefully jobs) so i think mental health for me and the kids, availability of work, fun and although cramped a darn cute house is worth the risk right?
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Dhinderliter, to you. No tricks for you on the FS front, but if you find a sale and it's something your family will use buy as much as they will let you!
(I know, that's not very good advice, but it's all I can think of right now, sorry)
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my food stamps are going to go far for a while. i had 2 packed freezers when i left and still kinda do but i have to get rid of one freezer that has the TURKEY in it...so i guess i'm having a turkey dinner and hoping that little baggies stuffed everywhere will keep the rest for later. no need to buy any meats just fresh fruit, sides etc for at least a month (and considering how LITTLE us 3 eat maybe more like 6 ...haha) plus YAY wic now has fresh fruit vouchers...isn't it funny...i'll be flush with food but nothing else!
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So, I am cautiously doing the happy dance today! I went on a job interview at a local preschool and the director there seemed to REALLY like me! She wants me to come back on Wednesday to do a "working" interview and work with the teachers and the kids for two hours.

The only down side is that DS's preschool gets out at 5:30, and this job goes until 5:30, so I won't be able to make it to pick him up in time. I was freaking out a little at it, as it seems like a really great job, great people, etc, but they are not flexible on when I get out at all. I was stressing out a bit, came home and started venting to a neighbor that I just couldn't figure it out, and things needed to come through for me somehow soon. He mentioned that another neighbor that I am friends with, who is currently unemployed, and not looking for work right now could most likely pick DS up. I chatted with her, and she is thrilled to do it!!! Also, the neighbor that I spoke with initially said DS could stay with him until I got home, for free!!!

So, I think I have a job, and I think it will all work out!!! I will be paying the neighbor who picks DS up $30 a week to go get him, but that will be my only childcare cost. I am so excited to start working again!!!
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YAY PP! : That sounds awesome for you, hope it works out!

Well, I am not sure, but it looks like I already managed to overdraft my new checking acct At least it'll only be one fee and not like 6 of 'em, but still. : I could be wrong tho--every bank does things a little different (i.e. weirdly, so as to confuse you, LOL).

My last ok-sized paycheck comes this week, and after that, well, it's gonna be veeery tight until I go back to work after the baby comes. I'm due round Halloween, and want to take at least 4 weeks before I have to leave him The upside is, my job is really pretty flex, so I can liekly work out-of home for 3 hrs a day only, and use my manual pump. Guess I need to buy some breastmilk storage bags so I can stock up in those early weeks of oversupply......sigh. (I think best "out loud", can ya tell )

I haven't gone to WIC yet, either to apply for benefits or the BF consultant job there--I think I will do both today

My older kids come home from their vacation w/their dad today--my 2yo and I are both excited for that!
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Yay PP!!!

Krystal- My WIC had some donated storage bags, you might want to ask if yours does too.. and you might be able to rent a hospital grade pump for free from them too. Let us know how it goes. Did you get your dress yet?
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Yah, PP hope it works out
Well, Amber went to the pediatrician yesterday, and had the packing removed from her wound (ewwww) she only screamed a little bit, and I have another appointment for Wednesday
Hopefully, this will be over soon (fingerscrossed)
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Originally Posted by cwat View Post
Yah, PP hope it works out
Well, Amber went to the pediatrician yesterday, and had the packing removed from her wound (ewwww) she only screamed a little bit, and I have another appointment for Wednesday
Hopefully, this will be over soon (fingerscrossed)

Get well wishes and lots of healing sent your way!!

We are really struggling right now I am trying to make foods that we can use as left overs praying that Thursday comes real soon!
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Originally Posted by Peacemamalove View Post

We are really struggling right now I am trying to make foods that we can use as left overs praying that Thursday comes real soon!

I know this feeling! I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to feed the kids beyond sausage/eggs/pancakes because were running pretty low. We have the major ingredients like meat but were missing smaller key ingredients for everything.

Praying my car is ready in time for school today so I can run to the market in the city while down there and spend $5 and get what we need to get through the week until Friday when I get my FS. I don't know what the heck has happened the past couple of months, we've always had an over flowing pantry and FS left over at the end of the month, that hasn't happened in 4 months now and its getting frustrating. The freezer is still decently stocked but when your missing that one item that really makes the flavor of the meal..

On the upside I just ordered 75 lbs of various GF flours for pick up next week so were gonna be set for several months at least in that dept.

By some miracle I've managed to sell enough stuff that the bills will be covered with exactly $5.05 left over which I will use to get food if my dang car is ready! Otherwise all I can do is try dragging the kids out of bed early and being in line at the food pantry at 8am and hoping I get something we can actually eat fresh produce wise.

Trying to figure out what I can eat for lunch/dinner today at school if I have to take the bus, I'll be gone 10 hours and I'm clueless about what to take! I still don't have a rolling backpack and my sciatica is still a mess from carrying to heavy a bag 2 weeks ago. I can't think of anything that won't require ice packs (we have the heavy duty thick medical ones that last 24+ hours but they really add a lot of weight). I'd take least a sunbutter and jelly sandwich but I don't even have bread right now (totally forgot to throw it in the machine last night) and it wouldn't be ready in time I don't think. I'll figure it out and pray my car is ready in time and I'll only be gone 7 hours and I can get something off the $1 menu plus snacks from home and I should be good.
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