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Test the alcohol content of water kefir?

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Or milk, too I guess?

I was reading a page on water kefir while making my first batch and it said the water kefir could be as high in alcohol as 3% (much to high for my toddler, and even pushing it for me!)

So should I test it?
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How much are you going to consume? We just use a tablespoon a day, in general. Tons of probiotic benefits in just that small amount.

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In that case I definitely have been drinking too much. I notice the kefir juice (milk grains in 100% juice) always turns out very strong. My husband calls it the "high test". I drink 4 oz and alway feel the rush to my head and arms immediately. I only give our 7-year-old kefir used water grains in sugary water then flavored in 100% juice. Sometimes, I can smell a bit of alcohol in the juice if it's not consumed in two days.

Is there a place where I can order strips to test alcohol content? I don't want to turn my little guy into a alcoholic at age 7!
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wow, didn't even occur to me to just use it as a supplement. We drink it, yummm! I am drinking about 12 ounces a day and DS drinks about 8. Same way we drink milk kefir. I have a very low tolerance to alcohol and can feel one beer. 2 makes me tipsy and unable to drive (safely, at least), and the water (and milk) kefir is not noticeable in any way.

My DH used to homebrew beer and there are apparently at least 2 ways to test the alcohol content (ABV). One basically tests the starting and ending sugar content and tells you the ABV based on that. So you have to test twice for each batch. The other just tests the alcohol in the final product. I can ask him the names of these products and link them when I have a chance.

I am pretty sure we'll be getting one of these items soon!
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i finally let my water grains die because no matter what i did it became way to alcoholic for me. my mate is an alcoholic and he asked me to put them in the pantry because the smell was too much in the kitchen

i don't drink and i felt a buzz from it several times. i prefer the kombucha because it turns vinegar-y rather than alcoholic.
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You know, we stopped drinking it also because it was way to alcoholic tasting for my liking also. Plus, my kids were almost acting like they were addicted to it, it slightly worried me.

We also just went back to Kombucha. If anyone has any luck in finding out a great cheap way to test it, I'd love to know. It is very easy and cheap to make!
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alcohol testing

I have been looking online trying to find a gadget to test the alcohol content of my kefir d'Uva (grape juice). Didn't have a lot of luck. There were opinions on using different gadgets in making wine and beer but there's no unison on what to use in kefir drinks.

I have emailed a company and asked about their hydrometer and got a reply saying that I should use an alcometer. I thought an alcometer was a breathalyzer? I also noticed something called a wash (or spirit) hydrometer. I just couldn't quite figure out if it's appropriate to use in kefir.

Anybody has better luck? I hate to have to give up on making kefir juice because my 7-year-old refuses to drink milk kefir and water kefir. With this H1N1 situation I would like to strengthen the little guy's immune as much as I can. I was hoping to add kefir to his diet but the alcohol content seems to do more harm than good.

If anyone knows a way to test the alcohol content please share.
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Are you using milk kefir grains in water or are you using sugar kefir grains (water kefir grains)? I use the water kefir grains and if they are really thriving, they have no alcohol that I can detect.
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Kefir juice

cybyard, if the question was for me, I use milk grains in 100% juice (i.e. pineapple, grape, or apple). If I leave the grains in the juice more than 24 hours, I can smell it as soon as I open the lid of the jar.

Are you using water grains in 100% juice?
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You will definitely get a much higher alcohol content when using juice (versus sugar water). I personally don't have any issues with alcohol when using sugar water but with juice, even a 48 hour fermentation can lead me slightly buzzed (I've been known to make my own wine coolers of sorts with a 3-4 day fermentation).
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I just started making water kefir and am concerned about the alchohol content. It def has some in it. How do I brew this differently to maybe not have so much alchohol in it? Or do I just need to give this up?

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I know this thread is about water kefir, but what about milk kefir?
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