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September Pagan Circle

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Welcome September! :
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Hope it is a fantastic month for all!!
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Liza- Sounds like a wonderful day!

Today: I'm hoping ds's teacher is at school so he can meet her before school starts. I should have put it into his IEP that he needs to officially meet the teacher before school starts. I just assumed they would offer that to him.

Also can finally go grocery shopping. Roo is so excited about making one of the recipes from Kids' Kitchen. He'll help find the ingredients and then we'll make it later today. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Also have to go to a couple stores in town to drop off forms for our local merchant discount program. These people are dragging their feet and it's time I say, submit it today or it'll be too late.

E gads, I'm out of milk/cream so I can't have any tea this morning. Ds woke up super early. Must. Have. Caffeine! I'm going to make him get dressed early and am going to walk into town for a latte. mmmm
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Morning Ladies! I love how much one day can change things! MIL apologized for over reacting and mentioned that she needs to consider her language and how she writes. Umm, ya, telling me that I am going to bring her financial ruin should really be reworded.

But I can feel the wheel turning. We have cool mornings and evenings, which I love. I love the crispness in the air, the scent of concord grapes and ripening orange and yellow gourds,pumpkins and squash, on the vine. :

I will catch up with everyone today- I have missed stuff...the whole bead thing, and what everyone is up to.
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root canal all finished! now on to making a baby. this is my 8th month. i have my 34 week appt today. and i get to go by myself! usually i have to take DD with me, but DH is home today. that means i can stop for groceries myself too! ah, alone time. better get it while i can.
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The wheel is definately on it's way to fall...cool mornings and not too much warmer during the days. However, we have this beautiful sunshine and we are expecting it to last into next week.

DDs birthday is on Saturday and my anxiety is starting to rise. I invited my family as a good faith gesture to the park where we will hang out for a few hours and I thought it was only my mom, her partner, my sisters and my grandmother...but it sounds like more people may be coming and I didn't know they were invited...

I think we will venture outside soon...take DD to the park she likes and I have to do some cleaning since DH's family is coming Thursday night (which adds more anxiety over the party...just the interaction part). I also have a little bit of work just making sure I get things together for my staff meeting tomorrow night and a quick update on my training schedule.

Not to mention my LLL meeting tonight...ah it is definately time to ground here...relax.

I wanted to mention that last night I took DD out to the park while DH was off in his own world and she loved looking up at the clouds. She sat on the hill with me and she watched the ultimate frizbee game that was going on, which gave me those precious few moments where I could listen and feel the wind and enjoy the trees around me without worrying about anything. It was beautiful!

I also need to get back into the yoga practice I was doing with DD. There was an awesome book I bought a while back "Itsy Bitsy Yoga" with yoga postures based on developmental stages. It was fun and we haven't done it in a bit...I also need to get back to my own practice. No better time to begin than the present...but I feel I need a schedule. DD gets up at 6:30am and goes to bed around 9pm. She does nap about 2 hours in between, which is a chance for me to get stuff done. I would try the evening but DHs version of playing with her is letting her sit in front of the tv while he plays games on facebook...lol. Hence why I do the playing lol (but a break would be great)!.

Well it looks like I have lots to think about and meditate on now...and the month is just beginning...

I hope the new month brings wonderful things into each of your lives!
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I feel like I sort of floated through August. Have no idea where it went.

The kidlet started 2nd grade yesterday and I can already feel life coming back into focus. It was like summer vacation sent us all out of whack and we needed to get back into routine.

Happy September all!
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Originally Posted by singin_angel View Post
DDs birthday is on Saturday and my anxiety is starting to rise. I invited my family as a good faith gesture to the park where we will hang out for a few hours and I thought it was only my mom, her partner, my sisters and my grandmother...but it sounds like more people may be coming and I didn't know they were invited...
What you do is, assertively ask "So, what dish are you bringing?"
Srsly, though, I would.

Happy Birthday to DD! How old is she?
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It is my absolute favorite month of the year. Still plenty of sunshine but cooler temperatures that make you WANT to be outside...instead of hiding inside like the hottest part of summer or coldest part of winter.

And yeah, my brains saw that it was Sept. 1st this morning and no part of said brain thought to look for (or even, gasp, create) as september pagan circle thread! Oy!

Anyway, onward.

Since we have a big ole' full moon coming on Friday....can you ladies give me some ideas of things to do with the whole family to celebrate?! As we start our homeschooling year officially next Tuesday (9/8) I want to get this going as I want moon phase awareness to be part of our seasonal/cyclical emphasis this year.

So, I need ideas for FUN stuff...nothing long, nothing too ritualistic, because I want them to do something and be actively engaged.

I thought I might go looking for a mooncake recipe as well.

After they are all asleep I'll go have my own alone-time in the light of the full moon. That was amazingly transformative and recharging for me last month. Maybe I'll even have a little witchy stuff ready to try out.

Happy September everyone!
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Woohoo September! Today is my dh's 35th bday. The girls and I will bake a cake today. It's also Not Back to School day for us here too. Mary, we'll start hs next Tues too ( I'm really enjoying the waldorf hs thread you started, thank you!)

We were gone camping most of August. And while that was a wonderful, much needed break, I am looking forward to staying home, working on finishing up house projects, reading books, baking, and sewing.

I spent some time outside yesterday evening too. I think for Fri's full moon, just sitting outside ( alone or as a family) and soaking it up is enough. Maybe I'll see a meteorite.
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I cant believe September is here....though we have been having the coolest summer I remember. It is usually really hot and nasty in august...the highs have been only in the 70s!!! Its amazing, but I kind of worry about what this means for the winter?
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September! And an excuse to use the yummiest word in the English language... AUTUMNAL! mmmmmm.... yummy warm caramel juicy black cap crunchy apple tangy woodsmoke misty cool morning bright blue sky riot of leaves smooth pumpkin pie spiced cider Autumnal!

Lurve it.

It's dipping into the 40s at night but still in the 60-70s during the day. We have so much to do before it snows though. I'm a bit worried about that...
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Saphire -- you're welcome
I intend to be more active on that thread once we actually start. I'm sitting here looking through my planning book right now. I looking to see if I need to request any books from the library system. It's a small system, too, so I have to give them plenty of time to find the resources.

I'm sooooo glad that Carrie (bendingbirch? -- author of The Parenting Passageway blog) joined in. She is an amazing resource.

Are you on Melisa's yahoo group too? It's a great resource too...filled with wise waldorf homeschooling veterans as well as Melisa herself.

It was incredibly hot here most of August. We made it to about the 14th before turning the AC on and then turned it off any chance we could and opened the house up. So I think it was a pretty normal summer weather wise here. But I am loving these cooler temps we've had for the past 2 days. It's been in the mid 50s when I get up and then not getting past about 75 all day. That is perfection in my book!

Now when I think of taking the attachlings on a morning nature walk it doesn't seem so *blicky* I'm hoping that going out for a short walk each morning will help work out those 'wiggles' so that they are ready for the day...well, especially Nic since he will have to do the 'sitting still' work of writing.

Off to more planning...
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Hey mamas! I'm going to be joining you all and following your threads for now. I normally post over in the Buddhist thread, but I have a strong pull back towards my Pagan beliefs lately. I have started a yahoo group and am trying to get some interest locally in a Pagan book club and grove. It feels like the right step in my path.

Anyways... it's nice to meet you all!
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Wow, its September already?? This year is just flying by.........wow.
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LeeAnn! Tis a wonderful bunch of ladies here!

Wombat -- I totally agree! I love the word AUTUMNAL it just rolls of the lips with so much promise!

I have so many notations in my homeschooling planner about baking things together and as late as last week I was thinking, 'ugh! who wants to bake in this heat?' But now I am wearing my favorite old sweater and thinking about making cinnamon rolls for dinner.

Autumn is awesome! Happy, Happy, Happy September! :

(and you know I mean it if I can be this cheerful whilst being plagued with a monster headache!!)
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Afternoon mamas. Today and yesterday were beautiful! I can't believe how many trees are turning already. September, October and November are my favorite months of the year weather wise. I have been so tired lately, I even needed a nap yesterday.
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September already! I can hardly believe it. My youngest is entering kindergarten this year and my oldest is on to middle school. This weekend dh and i are planing a family ritual to mark these milestones.

And harvest is in full swing. I'm picking, peeling or canning with every spare moment.
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I can tell it's September... All the pagans come out of hiding.

It's been a busy day. Now I'm fighting with my computer because I'm trying to set up an online Pampered Chef party (stoneware is on sale, dude!). My email has been wonky so sending out the link, etc, is driving me bonkers.

We went to meet ds's new teacher today. She's younger than I expected. And she has blonde hair so ds is happy. Yes, you read that right. Because Cinderella has blonde hair, he has a thing for blondes. LOL. She seems gentle yet organized...yippee!
School starts tomorrow (half day).
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(i'll try that again when i'm more awake... <blush>)
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