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Missouri Baptist for births-experiences anyone?

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We're actually wanting a homebirth, but in the end it may be cost prohibitive for us. If we end up having a hospital birth, I know I don't want to be at St. John's or St. Luke's. My last was delivered at Progress West, but my Dr's practice doesn't attend births there anymore, which pretty much leaves us with MoBap (unless I switch OB's, which I'm willing to do if I can find a good one). Of the few things I've heard, it seems like they're relatively good about natural childbirth, and having the AquaDoula tubs for labor would be nice. But if course, most hospitals like to convey the impression that they're the greatest place ever to give birth, so I'm wanting to hear from moms who gave birth there-especially if you went home before 24 hours after the birth (which is what I would want to do).

Please feel free to PM me if you'd prefer.
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I had a super-great natural childbirth experience at MoBap. BUT I loved my OB and my doula. I think you definitely need a doula if you want natural childbirth -- for so many reasons, but partly bc you don't know which nurses you're going to get at the hospital and what their birthing philosophies are (or if they even have one!).

Have a doctor and a doula that you like, and MoBap is great.
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I had a natural delivery at MoBap and it wasn't a problem. My attending nurse mentioned an epi once...to which I explained that it wasn't an option and she never brought it up again. No doula for me...my partner is good at standing up for me when I'm overwhelmed emotionally/physically.

FWIW, the next day the lactation chick came in and asked when my daughter was born - I told her the exact time and she said "Oh, YOU are the natural delivery...I heard about you!" Way to feel like a rock star.
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As a doula, I have had nothing but GREAT experiences with MoBap (but then again, I am a doula and my clients go in more educated than an average woman). The nurses have always been fabulous about asking for birth plans, asking about meds rather than just giving them, asking the moms preferences rather than going with a standard protocol, encouraging skin to skin contact, every birth I have been to there the nurses have asked if mom wanted a natural childbirth and never offered meds or brought up the topic.

The hospital has bent over backwards to allow moms to take their Placentas home! A client and I worked with the risk management department and came up with a special release form (you have to get it before you give birth and bring it with you in labor; I have a blank copy if anyone needs it, PM me)

This is more about the specific OB, but I've had clients pushing on toilets and in showers, no one (nurses included) batted an eye.
I find that the nurses at MoBap spend more time with their patients in the room than many of the other local hospital.

I am a homebirth supporter, and have given birth at home, but if a hospital birth is someones reality, MoBap is a great hospital to be at.
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I had my c/s at MOBap which was all the ob and not necessarily the hospital. I labored there naturally for several hours and really don't recall anyone offering me meds until I asked for them after my ob broke my water. It all went down hill from there, but the hospital was really pretty nice. The nurses were very complimentary of how well I handled the contractions at 7cm dialated and after surgery, baby was put in my arms as we were wheeled back to the recovery room. They didn't wisk her away anywhere and had a lactation consultant (albiet a not very well educated one at the time) who was available every day. As far as the St. Louis hospitals go, MObap is among the best. I'd definitely recommend a doula however.
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Thank you for the thoughtful replies.

Would anyone care to share the name of their OB? You may PM me if you like.
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As a doula I have also had generally good experiences with MoBap and the nurses there. Especially if this is not your first natural labor and birth, you should be fine. I would prioritize finding an OB who will support physiological birth - including pushing and birthing in whatever position you want - and you can have a great experience at MoBap.

One thing I have really notices at MoBap is that the nurses seem less aggressive with suctioning and stimulating right after the birth. They really support rooming in at MoBap and just seem less hurried and harried. In general.

I know an aquadoula is a theoretical possibility there. You may want to contact the head nurse, I can't remember her name, for more information. Last time I checked into it, she basically had to set it up which made it impracticable.
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Originally Posted by Lizafava View Post
You may want to contact the head nurse, I can't remember her name, for more information.
Diana Estep is her name.
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I had a (greatly) unwanted cesarean at MoBap. They did not give me my baby for a long time after birth. I couldn't leave for 4 days, but that was for the cesarean.

My first nurse was awful, but my second one was good. I had a doula.

I had two vbac's at st. mary's. The nurses there were great and very suppportive of natural childbirth. For my first vbac, the nurse actually talked me out of the epidural (after I was screaming for drugs from posterior baby). Of course I highly recommend a doula. I had one at all my births, and even though I had the cesarean, she took great pictures.

I left st. mary's exactly 24 hours after both my vbac's.

I know moms who have had good experiences at mobap. If you want a homebirth, there is no hospital that is even close to similar care. I thought I couldn't afford a homebirth last time too, but after I paid all my copays and deductibles, I paid almost the price of a hb!

It's very important to have a supportive doc. What is their policy on water broken for 12 hours? 24 hours?? or more? What is their postdates policy? Those things will get you. I did a lot of research and my doc agreed not to induce if my water was broken, absent signs of infection--ie fever.

Keep us posted!
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I had both my babies at MoBap....yes both were c-sections but the hospital was very supportive. My second was a homebirth transfer and they didnt blink an eye....totally didnt care and they knew we were trying for a homebirth. Very very supportive of all my choices. I was immediately given baby both times (after finishing the stiching up) and my husband held them in the meantime.

Even though they were c-sections, I was never rushed or pushed into a decision. The only issue I had was with my dd the first night nurse I did not like...she was also a LC and was just way too pushy with my already very sensitive dd...but my second time round, well my night nurse that time would hang out in my room to talk when she could...loved it (we were talking about things like not giving vaccinations, leaving babies intact, Vbacs and Hbacs, etc)
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I had two wonderful experiences at mobap. The labor nurses were great. They went along with what I wanted. I had epidurals, but only after I asked for them. I also declined the eye antibiotics and the hep b shot and wasn't hassled in the least about it. The recovery nurses were hit and miss.
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Hungry for Knowledge

Can anyone give me the name of an OB they worked with at MOBap that they liked and allowed/encouraged a natural child birth? While I'm asking can someone point me to a comprehensive list of doulas in St. Louis? This is my first pregnancy and I am still in awe that there isn't a birthing center in St. Louis.
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Dr. Claudia Krasnoff is my ob....recommended to me by my doula.

there is also doulas of greater st. louis
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Dr. Shanon Forseter is awesome for natural birth. He is very open to what you want and friendly. I believe they have a website www.goodgyn.com
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Thank you so much. I'll be calling tomorrow!
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I recommend Dr. Wasserman. He is great and very laid back. I have a great experience with him at MoBap.
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overall cost of mobap birth

I am also debating between homebirth and hospital birth, and I want to consider every aspect, including financial.

Can anyone tell me what the cost of their hospital birth was in total (insurance + insured cost)

even regional statistics would be helpful, and I know that this can vary depending upon how many interventions were eventually required, length of stay, whatever, I'm just looking for a baseline.

for the record, I do have health insurance, but it's high deductible ($3,000 and 20% copay up to $5,000 out of pocket limit)

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I had another amazing Mo Bap birth last weekend. I swear, that place is worth their weight in gold!!

I walked into the LDR room and had my son within 15 minutes so there was no time to do much, but the nurse asked before doing *ANYTHING* to me (I'd like to monitor you, May I check your dilation?, Can I put a hat on him to keep him warm?, etc)...with the exception of pulling me off the toilet because I was going to have him right there if I didn't move immediately. FWIW, I had three nurses attend the birth since there wasn't enough time for my OB to get there and the resident OB was in a section at the time of my son's birth. It's a good place that really values women. My postpartum nurses rocked and just smiled as we nursed and co-slept.

aanysea - I don't know that anybody can answer the financial question for you as it depends on your insurance and and interventions you might have. For example, I paid a $20 co-pay for my first prenatal visit and everything was covered (every visit, every test, hospital stay, etc) - no matter what I had done.
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So, what's the issue with St. Luke's?

I knew to avoid St. Johns like the plague, but the only person I know who delivered at St. Luke's is my cousin and she had a good experience (natural birth, twins). I had as good an experience as I suppose you can with my D&C there the other day

I live in far west county, so St. Luke's and Mo Bap are the only 2 I'm considering. Is MoBap considerably better? St. Luke's is more convenient to me... I'm fairly certain my OB delivers at both, but the office I go to is at St. Luke's.
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I had my preemie there in Dec and I couldn't have asked for a better experience with my limitations. I am a previous home-birther so coming from that frame of mind, it was amazing. My biggest problem was my OB, who wanted to pit me 2 hours after my water broke for my 34 weeker. I refused and the nurses ALL supported me. No one offered drugs once I made it clear I was going natural. The nurse basically just sat with me and encouraged me, and knowing the drama I had with my OB, (he hung up on me when I refused the pit and was very rude) delayed calling him until the last minute. He didn't even make it and she delivered my baby!
And I can't say enough about the NICU staff, I really feel like they are family. They took wonderful care of my LO for the two weeks he was there, and I had great communication with them. I would highly reccommend MOBAP, the nurses I experienced all supported my NCB, and were kind and helpful.
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