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Is it normal to spot after dtd at 4.5 weeks pp? Btw all my bleeding had stopped at 2 weeks.
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Hmmm ... don't know about that but I'd assume that it was OK.
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You are brave! Dh isn't coming near me for a long time.
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I am 15 days pp my bleeding stops for a couple of days...so far i have been pad free for 2 days
i am a horn dog...i have beechasing dh for days...he is too afraid that i will get pg again...lol
he has given in and i am gettin some tonight *grin*
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My bleeding ebbs and flows. When I O I have a bit of bleeding, first few times I had bleeding after as well
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with DS i bled 4 weeks PP, 1 week clear, then bled 2 weeks, 2 days clear, bled 10 days, 1 week clear, bled 1 week, 1 week clear and then continued to spot on average every 12 days for the next 3 months. : talk about frustrating.

I then FINALLY had 3 months clear until i began cycling again at 8 months PP (ecologically breastfeeding mind you)

i don't recall any correlation with DTD... all this to say - i personally had no rhyme or reason to my bleeding and spotting.
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Ya its just a small amount like barely anything and its a while later after we dtd. Like when I have been up cleaning the house or something.

I am guessing my cervix might be still sensitive or something.who knows.

It does not hurt at all or anything just light spotting.

aleast its light enough I dont have to wear any pantyliners lol I was glad to get that over with.
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