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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
He'd spent the morning with a guy that fell, hit his head, and refused the ambulance. The guy couldn't remember his name . I wished the ranger a day with more seat raising and a lot less ambulance calling.
: I tourist from Mass recently died here from falling off his bike. THere was no car/tree/pedestrian/other immovable object involved, just a guy falling off his bike without a helmet on.
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RM ~ great run, and speedy! I forget, are you running the full or half this fall?

bec ~ great run for you too! And tapering already ! I'm so excited for you. In fact, I'm living vicariously through all the racing Dingoes this fall .

Geo ~ no helmet riders scare me. DH is among those who won't wear one . The kids and I have conspired to buy him a helmet for his birthday, whether he wants one or not. He needs to set an example, I say.

mommajb ~ I totally agree about group running! I have read a few articles about training without fuel, and honestly, I don't get it. Biologically, it's been shown that glycogen depletes in 70-90 minutes. I'm not sure "training yourself" to go longer will prevent that. I'm not a huge fueler, but I do take one gel around 60-70 minutes into any longer run or race. The one Olympic distance tri I did last year, I ate a package of sportbeans after the bike and before the run, and drank two gulps of Gatorade every 20 minutes on the bike. Much more than that and my run heads to the port-o-john and not the finishline .

Lalalala ~ I my women's running group. There are paces from 11-12 min/mile down to 8 min/mile gals. We gab the whole time and then regroup at the bagel shop after our run every Saturday. Since my injury, I miss them . I highly suggest a running group, or even a running partner. Accountability, ya know .

I had planned on swimming this afternoon, but the girls misbehaved so badly that they are staying home with me while DH and DS are at the pool. Those two fight like cats and dogs. It's awful. Tonight DH and I are going to a surprise party for our friend who completed Ironman Louisville last weekend. We're supposed to bring junk food, to help him celebrate. I made a 7 layer dip with a big M-dot (the Ironman symbol) created out of olives on the top .
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
bec ~ great run for you too! And tapering already ! I'm so excited for you. In fact, I'm living vicariously through all the racing Dingoes this fall .

I made a 7 layer dip with a big M-dot (the Ironman symbol) created out of olives on the top .
Love the Ironman Dip!

I'm not quite tapering. I got one more full week to get through. 43 miles! One 20 miler. Included in that will be a half marathon race (just for fun)! We'll see if I can lurch my body into finishing the last 7 miles! Hopefully, I will be able to do a mile or two before the race. Then I start tapering!

I'm looking forward to tapering. I am just spent. Emotionally and physically. Does it always happen that way? It seems like this summer has been just one emotional rollercoaster. Add to that the most intense training in my life, and I am at the end of all my reserves. Is that because I've had a tough summer, or is it just what happens at the end of marathon training?
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nic - I hope the job problem gets resolved soon. DH just had a problem like that this past month, potential new employer wanted to make sure they wouldn't lose business from the company he currently works for so they wanted him to inform them he was leaving before guaranteing him a job like that's going to happen.

lalalala - ugh! Call calll calll and calllllll. we had a $8000 nicu bill because the company that runs the nicu at our in network hospital was out of network. I spent months on the phone and then finally when I broke down crying and telling them there was no way I could pay it they finally came to terms (the nicu co and insurance) and the nicu co didn't even bill us for our part. So don't give up, miracles happen.

rr - feeling miserable. I did more miles when I was running a fever this week. Yesterday I did one mile which took me more than 20 min....... looks to do 5 tonight, but already exhausted, we'll see if I do it or not.........
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I don't buy the whole train your body to go farther w/o fuel thing, either, but then this is coming from someone who eats a sandwich on my LRs. I've noticed that as I've run more I do seem to have become more efficient and can go longer w/o fuel, but I didn't plan it or force it. I remember the first time I ran 7 miles I took a gel because I thought it was *so* far.

bec - I didn't feel like that at the end of marathon training at all. I think it's more a reflection of your rough summer.
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Hi mamas!

That's the thing, Ocean, there is no timetable. Just wait and see. Something I'm not very good at.

I am starting Hal Higdon's half marathon intermediate program. Starting on week 2 b/c I'm already up to 6 in the long run. So I did a 3 mile tempo run today (race pace) and man, it was HOT HOT HOT. Tomorrow rp and I are starting at 6:30am for the 6 we have to do because it's just not do-able after 8 am until things cool off here. It's going to be a boring loop, but that way we can at least stash water . I know it's not that far but at 83 degrees before the sun comes up, it's necessary.

Bec, : I know how you feel, and I am not training for a marathon. "Spent" would be an apt description.

I was grading a (very late, summer school) paper today (appropos of the whole citation thing). Someone used spell check, but didn't read it over. "The Profit Muhammed received the Koran from the Angel Gabriel." :
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hey Nic, the good thing about training in the heat is that the first day that it's 70 it feels AWESOME. insane, but there you go. oh and I like your quotes! I may use them someday.

I have some blood sugar issues and so I fuel after an hour. If I don't, I get nauseated. But lots of people eat less and are okay. I'd say if you're feeling yucky, eat something, don't worry about training yourself unless you are doing an ultra!

I ran 3 miles this morning, barefoot and with the VFFs! It felt great (CFG, I have done 7 miles BF total this week, so only 1.5 more than a week ago). So I think I can still shoot for my half at Thanksgiving, even being really conservative with mileage. And I'll probably be wearing what the kids refer to as my gorilla feet.

take care mamas, I have sermon-ed once tonight and have two more tomorrow, but then it's fun for the rest of the holiday wkd.
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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
I made a 7 layer dip with a big M-dot (the Ironman symbol) created out of olives on the top .
*Please* tell me you took a picture, I would love to share that with my friend Sonja!!!

geo~: on the no helmet guy. I'm kind of surprised the ranger didn't insist on calling an ambulance for him if he didn't know his name! Seems like a situation just full of possible liability! I've always been hardcore about helmets, but it was reinforced by one of my newer riding friends. She took a fall from her bike (pre-kids), not hard, wearing a helmet, and still ended up in a coma for three days! Can you imagine how bad it would have been had she NOT been wearing the helmet?! I'm constantly amazed by the people around here who don't wear helmets. There were a couple of (elite) triathletes who were hit by a car on a ride a couple of weeks ago. The guy was wearing a helmet and still suffered severe head injuries. He was just moved out of the ICU a couple of days ago. It's scary.

Wow. What a day. I drove up to Vail this morning to meet my friend at her house, and we headed out for our bike ride. We decided to ride Vail Pass, since the other potential ride was going to be quite a bit longer, and she wasn't quite sure she was up for it. It was pretty much all uphill from her family's home to the top of the pass, 24 miles. It was a great ride! Robyn didn't make it all the way up (she has asthma which was acting up, and hasn't been training as much as I have), but I did, and felt pretty good about it. It was tough, but a lot of fun. I even kind of met a guy. : We rode the last couple of miles to the top together, he's also a triathlete from Denver, and he's running the race I'm volunteering at on Monday, so he said he'd look for me. The way down was SO MUCH FUN. The first five miles or so of downhill were kind of technical, so I was riding my brakes a lot, but the next five were awesome, wide open, pretty straight, and I just let it FLY. I think I topped out around 40 mph. All told, it was just under 48 miles in about 3.75 hours.

Then we went out to this amazing restaurant up here. My friend is a regular and is friends with the chef and the owners, which is awesome. The other time I've been, when we were up in March for skiing, the chef pretty much gave us every dish on the menu (we had gotten the chef's tasting, supposed to be 6 or 7 courses), and we got free drinks and only charged for the off-season tasting menu. This time wasn't quite as good, since the chef was out, but we still got 3 extra courses. And the food at this place is awesome. I am full, slightly tipsy, and very tired.

I have a 10 mile run in the plans for tomorrow morning. The original plan was to get up around 8ish and head out for it, but then we met these women at the restaurant tonight who are going out to brunch with the restaurant owners in the morning at another very, very nice restaurant that apparently is having a 2 for 1 brunch special. And they invited us. And their reservation is at 10. So, that means I need to be running by 7 so I can get my run in and get back and showered. And I need to be up early enough before that to eat and digest breakfast. Therefore, it is not even 10 PM and I am heading to bed!
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
*Please* tell me you took a picture, I would love to share that with my friend Sonja!!!
I didn't, but my friend did. I'll have her send it to me and then I'll send it on to you. Your day sounds wonderful! A great ride and a great meal .

The party last night was fun. DH and I were kind of antisocial and just talked with each other most of the time. Hey, we never get to have a conversation without interruptions! My friend was still riding his Ironman high . You couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

mamabeth ~ I'm so impressed with your and CFG's barefoot running progress. I saw a woman wearing V5Fs in Kroger yesterday. They DO look like gorilla feet!

Nic ~ hope you had a good run this morning and it wasn't too hot. Trust me, you'll be loving running in FL come December .

Not much going on here today. I hope to get a swim in though.
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No run this morning. Dh woke in the middle of the night and decided the injury that has been plaguing him all week since his ill-fated jiu jitsu class had gotten bad enough to visit the ER. So we packed everyone up and went at 6 AM (after shift change), I just dropped him off.

Sigh. And no insurance, too. Yep, all the makings of another FUBAR.

Anyway today is day scary of AF's visit, so maybe it's better to put off a long run til tomorrow. It's a holiday anyway so rp will be around.

Gaye, that sounds like a nice evening! I'm in awe : of your general fitness and activity level! My paltry runs are so .. paltry in comparison!
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We are taking the girls camping this evening. Should be fun -- 2 nights, *almost* backpacking style camping. (there's a food cabinet so no need to hang the food and the car is 0.25 miles away so we're bringing a cooler).

Nothing is packed. Naturally.

Off to buy food and camping fuel.
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9 miles in the bag. Was supposed to be 10, but I ran out of time and motivation. The first half was uphill, with a head wind. My hip started killing me around mile 3, but I sucked it up to 4.5 before turning around. The downhill was WAY better, at least!

Time to shower and head out for breakfast! :
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Awesome run and ride, and food, Gaye!!!

RR: Me and Sarah did 12 today! It was a beautiful (if early) morning run. Next weekend the half and my 2nd 20 miler!
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15 miles done with 2 great ladies and then my parents came down for bday cupcakes. I can just power up hill but downhill is killing me.
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Ah, running.

Some fabulous person or group of people decided that where there are old unused train tracks around here, they should pave over them and make bike trails. Man, I love those folks, whoever they are. This morning I drove over to the new bike trail that's fifteen minutes or so away.

There I ran for forty minutes or so, very slowly, through the woods, in the peace.

I just felt absolutely... ebullient. I was able to revel in the fact that I'm (somewhat) young, (fairly) strong, and that I have a body that likes to run. My knees wanted to weep with joy over the absolute FLAT of the trail, compared to the hills I've been running over the past week. The sunlight dappled through, and the new wood on the railings next to the trail smelled so fresh and sweet, I just wanted to stop and gnaw on it like a hamster. I wanted to jump up and down or roll around on the ground with happiness at just being alive and awake and outside. But, of course, instead I just ran.

Then, of course, I balanced off my healthy morning experience with a visit with DH's family that included hot dogs, too much coffee, and chips. Do you know how long it's been since I've had chips? A really long time. I didn't eat so many that I have my usual post-chip headache, so that's a success, at least. Maybe tomorrow I can manage to run in the morning AND eat healthy food the rest of the day. Baby steps, right?
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I ran 8 tonight, at a decent pace except for when I had to stop to answer a page and talk on the phone a bit. Then we went out for dinner and I probably ate more calories than I burned. Sigh. At least I did the run - would have been worse to just eat the dinner, right?

My weekend call so far has been steady but not crazy. One more day before I get to give some of these patients back to their own doctors!
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I'm always amazed when I see people cycling without helmets. I see it all the time in Boston, and it just seems so dangerous to me especially in traffic. I know that in the accident I saw a few months ago, a helmet may have saved a man's life.

Gaye, sounds like a great weekend full of food, friends, running and biking. Enjoy!

JayGee, glad you had fun at the party! Good for your friend, that must be a huge sense of accomplishment

Nickarolaberry, sorry about missing your run this morning, hope your dh is okay, stinks about the no insurance. Have a good long run tomorrow!

kerc, have fun camping!

Bec and Sarah, nice run!

mommajb, glad you had a good run with good company. I'm the same with hills, downhills and I do not mix.

LaLaLaLa, sounds like a great run, and pretty too! I hope things work out with your insurance.

doctorjen, I don't live right in Boston, about 30 minutes outside but I actually work at one of the Medical Centers in the city.

rr: 10 miles with the boyfriend, our last long run before the half next weekend. took about 98 minutes, not bad at all. my left calf was really tight causing the numbness in my foot to reappear, which i hadn't dealt with in weeks but after we stopped and stretched around 3 miles, everything was fine. it was a little chilly but nice.

i'm so happy that tomorrow is a holiday, i have so much reading to do for classes this week, including an online quiz on the reading for epi so i'll be spending a lot of the day with books.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I can just power up hill but downhill is killing me.
I am just the opposite. I would happily run forever downhill.

Didn't get in my LR today. Last night I got all feverish and achy and hardly slept for discomfort. I'm mostly better today, just a few lingering aches, so I'm hoping I can make it up tomorrow. I don't like to run very long on weekdays since they still haven't caught the guy who's been hiding in the bushes and attacking solo females, but hopefully they'll be lots of people out tomorrow since it's Labor Day.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I can just power up hill but downhill is killing me.
I'm with you on this. Uphill, awesome! Downhill, ouch!

Lalala ~ I our rail trail too. If you google "rails to trails" you can find all the locations in the country. Great for bike rides too . Sounds like you had a fantastic run.

cfg ~ hope you feel better today and be safe out there on the trail.

Nic ~ how's your DH doing? What was the verdict at the ER?

kerc ~ enjoy your camping weekend!

tjsmama ~ hope that breakfast was yummy :!

DH has to work today :, and it's rainy :, so I need to come up with a plan for the kids that doesn't involve much cash. DH is in one of his "we can't spend any money, we have to SAVE! SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!" modes. I think it's really starting to dawn on him that his Air Force career of 22 years is winding down and the future is big and wide and way too open for comfort right now. I can definitely understand, but still, his procamations can stress me out a bit too.
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Hi Dingos!

I did a really really great 6.5 miles today. It took me 1:16 which is just about on target for me for long slow run pace. I had to do it on my own b/c running partner has to work today, but me and my country-music-laden IPod had a great time. (Have I mentioned I think Brad Paisley has a very sexy voice? shhhh....)

I need to measure some routes though. Since I really didn't know where I was going, I ended up doing my 4.5 mile route and ran an extra 2 on the track at the school I pass. It was BORING doing those 8 laps. Do y'all think this is a good excuse for a Garmin? (say yes. )

LaLa, we have a great Legacy Trail here (paved over railroad tracks). Until recently apparently it was totally safe, but lately there is a peeping tom/pervert exposing himself to women on the trail, and getting more bold by going off the trail to peoples' lanais (back patios). So I'm staying off that until he's caught. Grrr. Why do people have to ruin it for others? :

Dh has a torn hyoid ligament. I am not sure what that means, except that there are no bones involved (thank G-d) and no surgery necessary. Just rest. He did have to have a CT scan which will be expensive, but he will be able to negotiate it down to what the HMO would pay the hospital (less than what they bill a cash-payer/uninsured). The upside of being a doctor burdened with spending countless hours haggling with insurance companies is that he knows how to haggle. Also, ironically (and boy does this say a lot about our screwy system)...it will cost us in the end less than what we would have been paying for private health insurance the last few months.

The kids are being signed up for the state insurance. We qualify. Which is sad. But thankfully they can at least get it.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but it sure ain't this. We're still looking into moving overseas (Israel) at this point.

Anyway. In other news...I will be running the Womens Half Marathon (which is raising money for breast cancer research) in honor of my "mom" in Israel, Nili, who was diagnosed and underwent a mastectomy last week. : When I was a teenager, her daughter came to the US as a "shaliach" (messenger) to speak to American Jews about Israel -- and she stayed with us. When we went to Israel many times after that, she was always home base. She became my second mom. She has had a tough life and is a tough and strong woman. Please add her to your thoughts/prayers for a complete and speedy recovery (along with Amy and any other who needs it!).

On the funnier side....ds last night was very excited to get ice cream for dessert. He yelled "I WANT CHOCRLATE ICE CREAM WITH WHOOPED CREAM MAMA!!" He got chocrlate and whooped cream. And a hug.
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