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: should I openly admit I don't even pay the PTA/PTO/PTSA/whatever dues?

Hi Hollysmom. Good to see you. Erin's in first this year.

must run. first day of preschool was a hit, but the little dictators are now being demanding.
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kerc. I mostly ignore the PTA, which since their meetings are on a weekday morning, seems to be their attitude to me, as well. I get that the school needs money to do everything, but I can't possibly find money in the budget for all of the PTA fundraising extras. I do enough of that to make the kids feel like we're participating, but that's it.

I'm so tired and have a week of tired ahead of me. We did the minor prophets in class today and it feels like a "How long, O Lord?" kind of week already.

My craziest colleague is on an especially crazy bent today, which makes me a little bit anxious - I really like him, but he's increasingly hostile and feeling persecuted and I'm a little uneasy about how much anger he's venting. (I'm totally safe! Just anger makes me anxious.)
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Cutoff dates are weird. IMNSVHO they should be the same everywhere.

I think I may have burned out my kitchenaid motor. It smells kinda weird, I just made a batch of challah dough that seems like it was too much for the machine to handle. Uh oh.
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I might be crazy, but Duluth sounds like a blast in June! I might be persuaded to do another marathon!

Dinglets and school - I have the exact opposite problem. Emily is the oldest in her class, missing the cutoff by a few months. I think 1st grade would be a WAY better fit for her than kindergarten. The big event of her day yesterday was tracing her name. This makes me want to cry. She came home asking for homework, so I gave her a multiplication workbook to start on. She is reading at a near 3rd (maybe higher?) level, and definitely doing 3rd grade level math. We just had a conference with her teacher last week about challenging her (they refused to hear about acceleration, assuring us that they would be perfectly capable of differentiating in grade). As soon as the newness of school wears off, she's going to be bored out of her mind. I'm working VERY hard right now to keep her happy and not let my bad attitude ruin her school experience. But, it's hard.

Jen - Congrats on DD's band win!!!

Mmmmm, chocolate chip challah!:

RR: 5 miles with Abby in the jog stroller. My legs are still tired from Sunday! But, I still managed around a 12:00 pace!
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Originally Posted by grnmtnmama View Post
I'm 90% packed, just have to throw in a few last minute things. my in-laws are in the neighborhood ready to take over for us and we leave around 4 am tomorrow.
What's your costume?

Nic - Healing fairy dust for your mixer. Maybe it just needs a moment to collect itself.

So I did about 3 miles then my upper body routine, and a wee swim. I was really happy to see that the gym has dumbbells for 8, 12, 17.5 lbs. and that I wasn't nearly as feeble as I had expected to be. It felt really good to be back into that mode.
And then I conked out completely while I was nipping Alison down for her nap. : I'll build stamina too right? Or maybe I need to start working on getting children to sleep through the night in their own beds - again. I don't know when it happened but Alison has been getting in bed with me earlier and earlier and trying to nurse more and more often so that I keep thinking (bitterly) about how my Mom Day starts at about 1:35 am and goes through bedtime. Oy.

Hi Hollysmom! Good to see you back!
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Bec - I hear you, I had the same concerns last year at this time when Chiara was repeating 1st to get in with the right age group and they were going over the alphabet. But after the first couple weeks it did seem like things sorted out to be more appropriate for each kid's level. Of course, Chiara is not a genius at math and basically at grade level so she wasn't bored, but still, try not to get freaked out too soon.
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Mandy - whoa! That would make me really uncomfortable too.

nic - that sounds like an awesome feast! I'd gladly trade you some pomegranates from my tree for a taste.

mommajb - I know exactly what you mean about being bothered by the woman who is your exact opposite. There is a mom that is my opposite at DD's ballet class, and I can assure you I'm not a violent person at all, but I always just want to punch her. She just does not shut up. Ever. And she talks really, really loud so as to always be the center of attention. Total drama queen. :

penelope - that's a super fast mile! You're going to be great at your marathon!

rr: 8 miles w/ 6x1200 @ GHMP. Goal half pace is finally getting easier!
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Thank you for the good wishes!!!!

Today was nice. I went to yoga and that was perfect.
I just sat out on the screen porch listening to the rain. More nice!

Plady..peaceful zzz's tongiht! I don't lose much sleep these days but DS crawls in bed with dd and she doesn't like it anymore. This past week took some work and an agreement. He can sleep in her room in the trundle but not her bed. I know we have to work out of that but for now it's working.

Holland 73 did you get your run today?

Jaygee..woohoo for soon to be running! I need to get some sort of rehab. Just doing yoga today gave a slight ache to my hips.

Nic..enjoy your holiday! Especially the choc chip challah. I went to montessori school and I remember this Mom coming celebrate Jewish holidays. Potato latkes were my favorite.

mommajb..chin ups? that's tough!
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gmm~I get the weirdness and discomfort, but that's still pretty cool to get that kind of recognition at work! And I also hear you on the distance thing. Weird, huh? Have a great trip, and let me know if you end up having a few free minutes to grab a coffee or something on your way through!

, Hollysmom!

bec~I do kind of like the idea of a June marathon, but the problem for me is that if I get into nursing school, I will hopefully be starting either right at the end of May or the beginning of June. And not knowing anything about what kind of schedule I might have that first session makes me nervous to plan something like that. I was kind of looking at the San Diego RnR marathon, too, but same situation. Hmm. I'm going to an informational session for applicants next month, maybe I'll have some more insight after that...

It's been a weird day. We had a really nice morning at the zoo with our friends (the non-date ), and then I dropped DS off at school. Where I got a little teary having to actually leave him. He asked me if I was coming with him, and when I said no, he was like...ok! And headed right in without looking back. At least he was excited to see me when I picked him up.

I used the 2 1/2 hours to run some errands, where I ended up going to three different places to find some stuff to repair a nick in my wetsuit because the first two were out. And had no luck finding a 70.3 sticker to put on my car, either. :

I just feel, I don't know, twitchy today. Like I really need to be doing something. I posted on FB, but I was seriously contemplating signing up for a half-marathon this weekend. I think the voices of reason (gmm, kate~mom) have talked me down, but I was pretty close. I probably would have just done it, but I really can't afford the last minute registration fee ($95, ouch!). I'm still kind of thinking about signing up for a half next month ("only" $90 ), but we'll see. I just feel like I need to DO SOMETHING. Argh.

No word from the boy today. It's such a weird situation. He's said some things that definitely make me thing he has interest (such as "blowing the opportunity" to get my info), but then again, he kind of disappears. I know I'm email addicted, and respond way more quickly to emails than a lot of people, because I'm online allthetime, but I would think if he was interested, he would reply in less than 24 hours, ya know? Or use the phone number that I gave him in one of those emails. Or something. Oh well. If that was it, it was a fun little flirtation while it lasted...

Ok, time for a little homework. I'm hoping to bust out my A&P homework quickly, which will just leave me my lab to do by Sunday, and then watch the Biggest Loser while getting blog posts up about DS's first day of preschool and the HIM.
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I was going to suggest SD RnR, Gaye! Or there's always Huntington Beach in Feb. or L.A. in March or...lots of possibilities here if you want to get away from the snow for a bit next winter. Just sayin'.
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Man... this thread just speeds on through! Need to build endurance, just to keep up with y'all!

Originally Posted by Mommabelle View Post

Holland 73 did you get your run today?
Thanks for asking... yes, I did.

Besides breakfast, I didn't wasn't able to eat anything, which the exception of some nuts and a nectarin. On my way to the gym, at 5:30, I realized... I have no energy! I found a sample CliffGel in my glove compartment and figured I would try it out.

WELL... didn't realize, until after I down the packet, it was loaded with caffeine! I get really jittery on caffeine.

At the 3 mile mark, I was aiming for 4.5 miles today, my thighs just felt like jelly (but not the kind of jelly feeling after a hard workout, ykwim?) and my head started spinning a bit. It was really hot in the gym too. So, I just stopped. No more caffeine gels for me, especially on an empty tummy.

3 miles @ 12:30
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So apparently Justin's science teacher said his midterm grade was in error because she hadn't entered all their grades yet. He's not failing, nor even close. How that can happen, I'm not sure, since I'd think his grade would have just been up to the last day she entered grades, but whatever. Crisis averted.

Caroline had open house tonight at school and she was beside herself with excitement all day. When I woke her this morning, she didn't even get her eyes open before telling me urgently "It's my open house tonight!" We got to see her desk and her reading log and read her journal, which was really cute with her funny little phonetic spellings "I'm goen to myoosic now"

I didn't run tonight. Dh has been washing and preparing the basement floor to be painted and I didn't have the energy to move the treadmill and re-plug in the TV and all that and didn't have time to run until well after 9 pm and just didn't feel up to going outside by myself then. Instead, I gave myself a headache crying over a book. I've been reading the Anne of Green Gables and sequels books. I just finished "Rilla of Ingleside" which is set during World War I. I just can't imagine, I guess, living through that time in the world - I had a good cry when one of the sons dies in the war, and feel sort of wrung out now - over a 90 year old book!
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I'm in the middle of the Anne of Green Gables series w/ DD1 right now. Sounds like I'll barely be able to read through all the sobbing.
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Oops, sorry if that's a spoiler. I thought I might be one of the last people left who hadn't read them! There is plenty to laugh over in there, too, never fear.
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Cornflake Girl, you have pomegranates in your garden?! Nifty!

DrJ, glad this crisis was averted. Sometimes things like that can be so difficult and stress producing, esp. if you have a 'history' with the teacher. Ugh.

I think I have discovered something...on the days I don't run, my eating habits are awful. Weird. Yesterday was simply terrible, can't even state what went into my mouth without being horribly embarrassed. Sigh.

But this morning did 3.7 on the treadmill (rp didn't want to go out today and it's too dark to run alone that early). So hopefully today will be better.
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DrJen ~ I'm loving the description of your DD's phonetic writing! My DD writes long stories, all phonetically. I love reading it (although it takes a little time to decipher)! Ahhh, Anne of Green Gables. Must break that out again... And I'm glad you were able to figure out Justin's grade issue. Phew.

Nic ~ I'm the same way with food and exercise. The days I don't run (or bike, or swim) I am a total chow-hound. Defies reason, doesn't it? That could be part of the reason why I'm now 14 lbs. above where I was this time last year. I haven't gone for a "real" run since June . But I'm winning the eat-a-thon!

Gaye ~ I understand that "twitchy" feeling all too well. I'm patiently waiting until I get the "all clear" from my MD to run, and I'm signing up for the Indy Mini right away. I fear that it's going to take me the next 7 months to get my endurance/speed back. Find a race. Do you xc-ski? Showshoe race this winter? Just some ideas that aren't so far off.

Mandy ~ I am really looking forward to hearing about your race! You've worked your tail off this year training.

It's yoga day (yay!) My entire thigh is purple from PT yesterday.

And a WWYD re: my 5 yo DD. She signed up for soccer this year, mostly I think, because her Papa is a great soccer player and DS also enjoys playing. Well, she HATES it. It doesn't help that practice is 5-6 on Tuesday evenings, and she's so wiped out from a full day of school that she can barely stay awake on the ride there. Yesterday, she refused to participate. Just stood there while the other 40 or so kids did their drills, etc. And then she got angry and threw her ball at the coach ! She is only 5, she doesn't really have the physical skills for it yet, and she's miserable. Should I let her quit? I want to, but DH wants her to stick it out for the next 7 weeks (2x a week). She just wants to go back to gymnastics, which she loves and misses.
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Home from track, the last 6 AM workout of the year, hooray! And boo, because it means no more double workouts on Wednesdays. I guess I can still go to the Y after track, but I won't have time for bike rides with friends.

I think I've decided not to run the half this weekend. It's just too much money right now, and my legs were pretty tired at track this morning. I don't want to go out there just to run another 2:30 half. I'd like to get at least somewhere close to my spring half, or faster. I'd love to break 2 hours, but I think that's a pipe dream right now. The Denver half is on Oct. 19, so I'm seriously contemplating that. I wish they had a deal to get discounted entry for volunteering, but it doesn't look like it.

rr~2 x (800@10k pace, 400 recovery, 400@5k pace, 400 recovery). A nice short workout, exactly what I needed!

Time to get stuff around for the rest of the day...bike ride with friends, meeting with financial planner this afternoon (bleh), and childcare committee meeting for preschool tonight. All kinds of fun.
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Hi again, Dingoes!

I did my first run of the C25K last week, and then ended up taking a week off because of having my wisdom teeth out. The painkillers were pretty awful and I was either dizzy and queasy or in agonizing pain. Anyway.. that's getting straightened out now!

Yesterday, I restarted and did most of the week1 run. I had to take the kids with, so of course they started a rebellion about the fourth run interval. :

Anyway.. the running has been going great! No shin pain, and after my last run only my calves were sore. So far so good! I am sooo excited to be back to running, even just a little bit! As an awesome (and strange) aside, my ever-immobile DH started the C25K also and is already on week 3!
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DrJ ~ I have never read the Anne of Green Gable series, although now that I think about it... I believe I have it sitting on my shelf at school.

Nic ~ I also have the same experience with food on the days when I don't run.

No run for me today. Ds has his "toy doctor" appointment from 5:30-6:30 and there is just no time to squeeze in a run.
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I stories with phonetic spellings. I agree they take a while to read, but they are so worth it

Hoping to get a couple of miles in tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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