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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
GAYE! i have another ITBS question!
Should I run track tonight or not? I'm stretching, icing, strengthening but I am certain it will start bothering me like it did last week. Is it best to not do any running until I feel no pain in that area? Or is it OK as long as I'm not limping?
Not Gaye, but I DO have ITBS! The sports medicine doc I saw last week said NO running or cycling for 4 weeks. The more you run on it while it's irritated, the longer it will take to heal. I read a great thread on ITBS on a triathlon forum last night.

Here is the link which includes a ton of other links to exercises, information etc. Hope that helps .

I'm back from a 4 mile walk to DH's office with DD in the jogger, then weights and stretching at the Y. I also bit the bullet and registered for an Intro to Yoga class. I'm kind of scared ! I've never done anything yoga-like.
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Re: ITBS, my sports med doc told me that I could run on ITBS but not turn corners in the opposite direction of the hurt knee (running in circles on a track is a bad idea); puts too much pressure on that IT band that is hurting. I could run until it ached but not push until I had pain.
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Thanks JayGee and RM!
That's funny because that is exactly what I do on the track - turn in the opposite direction of the hurt knee. Awesome.

Alrighty then....taking a longer break from running.... and
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
So, um, yeah. My peach jam didn't set up. : Anybody want a jar of peach sauce? I've got 8 of 'em...
Sometimes you have to give it anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks... and if it doesn't set I think you can reprocess it. Or is this freezer jam? (in which case, ignore me because I am clueless about that)
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Hi, Dingoes! I'm not on that much, but I hope to keep up with this thread.. I lurk occasionally.

I've been out of the running game for over a year due to recurring shin splints. In a few weeks (or maybe sooner!) I'll be starting the Couch to 5K program and running again!! Woot! I am so excited!!!

Anyway.. Hi. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions!
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reporting 1.5 hours on the bike. it's beautiful out today, a perfect summer day. glad i had the opportunity to get out and experience it.
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nemesis~ Welcome! I don't know if this will help you or not, but I had the worst shin splints in high school, major pain, I still have a bone fragment on my shin that you can see the bump pulled off from the shin splints. Anyway, changing my shoes as an adult, no more pain! Good luck!
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oh wise dingoes~ are circular knitting needles now allowed on planes? Can I travel with almonds and protein bars and protein powder to another country?

Geo~did I miss why you are going to Germany for 2 weeks and is the fam going?
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poppy~Well, you CAN run. The question is, should you? I never stopped running while I was having my ITB issues last year, and while it got *significantly* better with PT, I don't think it truly went away until I had my knee surgery. So, you certainly *can* run, but you may not want to so you can heal a bit faster, kwim?

eks~Hmm. Interesting. I did not know that. No, it's not freezer jam. This is my third attempt at jam (one batch of plum, two of strawberry) and the first one not to set up immediately. I had a bit leftover, so I put that in a tupperware in the fridge, and that set up, but nothing else has. I guess I'll just let it sit, and see what we get. And worst case scenario, I have lots and lots of peach sauce to put on....something.

Workout #2 is done. I wore my cute pink dress, and I it. I actually don't feel like a complete dork running errands after my workout in it, since it's cute and it covers my bike shorts. I rode about 16 miles, several of them quite hilly, with a friend (and trailers, of course). Phew, dead legs.

I get to go provide childcare tonight for preschool orientation, and then our orientation is tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it, and not, all at the same time. It's from 7-9, and DS will be going with us, and that's late for him to be up. XH could take him tonight, but I don't really want to give him up since they're going to Ohio for the weekend and I won't see him for four days. I guess I just need to really, really hope that he actually naps this afternoon. And I still need to take that stupid pretest for stats. Ugh. I know I'm fine, I can do math. I just don't *like* to.
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Ugh! That was the worst 5 miles I have ever done! : I hate the treadmill!
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Checking in from my parents' place, which I treat like a bed+breakfast when I need a getaway. They live on a lovely street overlooking the water, at the top of a hill. There's not a darn place I can run to where I don't end up spending my last ten minutes huffing up, like, a 65-degree hill. I ran for 35 minutes today, but didn't get nearly the distance I'd like.

My mom then wanted to buy DD some new clothes for kindergarten, leading me to ask the eternal question: how on Earth did I end up with a child who is so [I]girly[I]? Dresses. That's all she wanted. Dresses and tights and frilly hair things. Eek! Her surgical sites are healing nicely, and I'm hoping all of the steri-strips fall off before school next Thursday.

I'm currently crawling out of my skin; I have my fifth case of poison ivy this summer. I want to find some sandpaper and rub it all over my body.
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subbing, I can't believe my half is in less than 2 weeks! I'm excited and nervous.

rr: just did a quick 3.1, faster than my race PR

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
On a mildly related note... I enjoyed running faster and faster this summer and even impressed myself with some of my times. On my one group run I slowed down somewhat and was astonished at how easy it was to keep going. I really, really enjoyed the long slow run.
I'm feeling the same way, especially about how much faster I've gotten lately. And I love long slow runs, they're usually my favorite after the first mile or two.

Hi LaLaLaLa! I'm in MA too. I think a decent amount of Thanksgiving 5ks tend to have t shirts, the one I do does for everyone if I'm remembering correctly.

Awesome run, runningmommy!

JayGee, wow on all the walking. Good luck with the yoga, I think I'm going to start going at least once a week after my half. My compression socks are the same way too, a little too big but I love them!

Bec, so sorry about Katie, I can't imagine how she's feeling. It's so hard to want to be able to control something and just being unable to.

Glad you had a nice ride, Mandy. It was so gorgeous here today too.
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Someone on the IT band discussion that JayGee linked to had this little number: http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-ITBAND.html

The customer review on the site is good, and they're good on Amazon. Does anybody here use one? And if my IT band twitchy place is hip, not knee, would it do anything for me?
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I'm still here, still running! This week has been a little crazy--first day of school for me [I'm a college teacher] was yesterday, as was my daughter's birthday. She is 3! I can't believe it. She's so grown-up. In the past week, she's used the potty, learned to ride her tricycle, and figured out how to turn on the DVD player and start "Dr. Who" [that last is not a milestone I really want to celebrate....].

Anyway, I finished week 3 of couch to 5k today and I felt good, endurance-wise, but my shins are still bothering me. I iced them when I got home and that helped. But it's hard to know how much to do..as a lot of you know, based on the posts so far in this thread. I am getting up earlyearly [for me at least] to run on campus before I teach Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We'll see how it goes.

I turned in a chapter of my dissertation to my advisor yesterday too and that felt good, too. I am really trying to use the running to release some of this dissertation stress, since it paralyzes me and it's a vicious cycle!

And a couple of random responses: Runningmommy, I'm pretty sure you can fly with your circs!

And Gaye, I know I'm way behind the pack on this one but I love your new dress!
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Thanks for the support ladies. I think the big problem is that she is suddenly much more aware of it than she was before. I don't know how we could have avoided that, but there it is. They are significantly diminished today, so I have hope that they may go away soon.

Runningmommy - It would appear that knitting needles are allowed. http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtrav...rial_1252.shtm
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bec - I can't remember if I said before, but my oldest had (has, actually) a motor tic disorder. It started when he was 8, at first just a few little things, and then he developed a lot of facial tics. Unfortunately, the first tic he had was shoulder shrugging, and usually when he was stressed - so at first it seemed like a behavior. You'd be asking him something and he'd keep shrugging, so unfortunately we first tried to get him to stop it thinking he was doing it deliberately. Within a couple weeks it became obvious it was part of a whole bunch of tics. There was some speculation that his tics were strep associated, too, but we never really figured that out. They were bad for a few months, and then faded some, but he still has a few today - mostly eyebrow raising. I think folks who don't know him don't recognize them at all, but I do since he's mine! One thing I can suggest, if you haven't already, speak to her teacher(s) and make sure that they just ignore any tics and aren't trying to get her to stop. Also, make sure that she isn't getting teased by anyone else. Most of the time motor tics are transient and do go away or at least lessen in severity over time. Stress makes them worse, often, and so does the feeling that someone is watching, so do what you can to be low key about it.

ashcav - are you right in Boston? I'm coming to Boston next month for the annual family practice meeting. I'm bummed because my dh can't come, but looking forward to seeing Boston again (the last time I was there was 1992 on my honeymoon!)

So I called the school today about the awful bus driver - and no one called me back. I guess I'll be calling again tomorrow.

Today is dh's annual golf outing and boys night out with his best friend. I was proud of myself for being productive this evening even as a single parent. I saw all 14 of my nursing home patients this morning, then did a little shopping (pants shopping, which was way depressing actually.) I got home in time to drive ds to baseball practice, and then I blanched a whole bunch of tomatoes. I had to pick ds up at 5. Unfortunately, he was down in the dumps and cried most of the way home over a kid he's having trouble with. This kid is quite a bully, and is frequently criticizing ds and today took his water bottle. His dad is on the school board . I'm not sure what to do about it - the issue has been escalating all month. Ds does not really want me to say anything to the coach, as he doesn't want to be the kid whose mom protects him. Baseball is over in a little over a week, so I think he's just going to tough it out. He only has 1 class with this kid and otherwise has no contact with him.

So, since ds was feeling sad, we cheered him up by working in the kitchen together all evening. He loves to cook and especially to cook with me. We made barbecue chicken breasts in the oven, roasted broccoli, 2 apples worth of homemade applesauce, and he made baking soda bisquits from scratch to go with supper. I finished packing tomatoes in jars and processed them and kept him company. By the end of the evening, he was considerably cheered up - and I was about ready to lose it from having him and little dd in my personal space and talking non-stop for 2 hours. I can cope with that, though, in the interest of emotional well-being for my kids!

I ran tonight, too - needed to burn a little energy. I did a program on my treadmill that I'd never tried before with both hills and speed intervals combined. I started on intensity level 9 - and had to bail after 7 min when the darn program had me running at 7.0 mph up a 5.5% grade! I finished it on level 8, which was still hard. 4 miles total - and that's 18 for the week so far!
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Penelope, I really don't think that would do much for you, since your pain is at the hip. The logic on it is ok, as it's pretty much the same thing that's used for patellar tendonitis and tennis elbow, but I don't think that relieving pressure close to the knee is going to help that much. I think you're better off with the foam roller. If the foam roller is not entirely cutting it, you can also do some self-massage. Get some lotion and DIG in. When I was doing it to myself, I would kind of cup my hand around my leg and use my fingers to just slide down the IT band. When it was really bad, I could feel all the lumps and bumps that aren't supposed to be there. And then follow it up with ice.

academama~I can't remember if we covered this before or not, but how are your shoes? Icing is great, but you really shouldn't be developing shin splints on C25k, that's one of the main points is that it goes slowly to prevent injury. You may need new shoes or maybe you're in the wrong shoes for your foot. Just a thought. Keep up the ice, though. It really does help!

Childcare was completely underwhelming tonight. Four kids (well, five with DS), three of whom were siblings, and two adults to watch them. The hardest part was cleaning up the mess they made.

And now, I really really need to tackle that pretest. For reals this time! :
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I took the pretest, and I passed, hooray! Most of it wasn't too terribly bad, relatively simple algebra stuff. Although it still took me an hour and a half. I do not remember hardly anything about graphing, blech. I took an educated guess on a couple and got them right. Math people, can someone explain this to me, because I can't remember it *at all*. |4x-3|<12. What the heck do the | symbols mean? I tried googling it and couldn't figure it out.
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
I took the pretest, and I passed, hooray! Most of it wasn't too terribly bad, relatively simple algebra stuff. Although it still took me an hour and a half. I do not remember hardly anything about graphing, blech. I took an educated guess on a couple and got them right. Math people, can someone explain this to me, because I can't remember it *at all*. |4x-3|<12. What the heck do the | symbols mean? I tried googling it and couldn't figure it out.
Are those absolute number signs? Try googling that. I can't remember anything about them.

Ran my 12 miles this morning - not pretty, but done. I feel kind of weak in the legs. Now I have to get packed for a weekend away with the kids. I wish I could fit in a nap first.
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Yea, absolute value.

I tripped and fell during my run last night. No visible damage, but I think I did something to my shoulder. Ug.
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