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I wasn't sure which area to best post this topic in - but I just got back from an extended trip in Europe and after multiple friends asking/wishing to do the same thing I started thinking about the possible need or desire for parents such as myself (with a focus on attachment parenting and natural family living) to be able to take a trip with their children that is conscience of those qualities and lifestyles.

I've NEVER been one for groups and it seems like a lot of the family tours out there has a main selling-point of getting the kids into their own thing and away from the parents as quick as possible / or they just seem really canned. Since I've lived on and off for 15 years in europe i thought about setting up tours with other stay-at-home mom's where they can interact with other parent's and kids of the other culture - share ideas and attachment parenting cultural differences - set flexible times with enriching, non-consumer driven activities - visiting village bakeries where kids can help make the bread or help gather eggs - where the group can dine al fresco at a local woman-owned business without worrying about the kids in a restaurant. My 2 1/2 year old speaks 3 languages fluently and loves rubbing lotion on the great-grandmother who is 101 years old in spain! She's learning so much and I'm trying to get some feedback on if there is an interest in something like that where I may start a small business for other like-minded mother's.

Thanks for any ideas or input!!!