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Substitue teaching

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Any moms do this? Just wondering how flexible of a work schedule is it. Meaning if they call you to work do you have to accept? Can you tell them how many days a week or month you want to work?
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I don't anymore but I used to. Here's how they do it here:
You apply, get hired, background-fingerprinting-etc. (Took me about a month before I was actually able to work.)
Once you're "on the list" they call you. A LOT. Our phone would ring every few minutes from 5-10 pm and from 6-8 the next morning unless we punched in the code for "stop calling us today." If you are already reserved for a job, they don't call. Most calls are for the same day (am calls) or the next (pm calls) but occasionally they come up ahead of time.
We also have a website, so the last year I told it not to call me AT ALL (it gets to be SO annoying!) and just signed myself up for assignments through that.
I was able to work as much as I wanted. Every day, there's always a need. Or less if I felt like it.
It can be easier if you get on well with a school you like. They can give you their "good jobs" before they go to the list, and it helps if you know some of the people. There are schools here that I won't take a job from, even if it's the only 1 available. And there is 1 school that I would actually cancel other jobs to go there and help them out.
If you are deemed qualified, the cushiest job (except for the schedule) is a long-term placement. You have the same class every day for weeks, and actually have to teach them instead of just babysitting. Before I got pregnant, that was my specialty.
I have to warm you: after teaching fulltime, telemarketing, waiting tables, fast food, tow dispatching... subbing is the most stressful job I've seen. I was doing it to be "in the system" if a fulltime position opened up, w/o that option I wouldn't have. It depends on the school & the kids, but don't assume it's an easy job!

Oh yeah -- districts are different but most of them have pretty thorough websites. They hope it will stop people calling them constantly with questions. Check out that for yours, it will probably tell you more than you want to know about rules, pay, etc.
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I have been subbing for 4 years now and I love it! You can use the call system if you want (and it does call constantly!) but you can program it so you only get calls for schools in a certain geographical area, grade level, subject, etc. if you want. You can even pick only certain schools.

I have a great situation because I only work at my neighborhood school, where I have a great relationship with the staff, kids and parents. Most of my calls come directly from the school secretary or the teacher needing a sub (they have my home and cell numbers). I work as much or as little as I want and most of my jobs are booked in advance for planned days off. If a teacher gets sick, or needs to leave in the middle of a day, they also call me directly to see if I am available.

I love that I can take days off as needed, and I am home when my kids are home. I truly enjoy the work.
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