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I have it as well, and I'd caution you against any type of essential oils until you know what triggers it.

EO's make me flare up so bad I want to cry. I have to use very specific lotions/soaps and avoid anything scented/dyed.

Ironically enough, St. Ives Mineral therapy works great and doesn't cause any flareups for me.

Aveeno body wash is also awesome, I've found that warm water makes it worse for me, I need cool/cold water to soothe. I do a baking soda bath sometimes if it's really itchy. We visited cape cod last summer and the salty water was torture on my skin, it took me about 2 weeks to recover.
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Originally Posted by MangoMommy View Post
I wanted to add that she also has a little stuffy nose. She's not sick though,and she also has been fussy and having a hard stomach. I am starting to think it is something I'm eating. Her ezcema is like dry dry skin all over, no patches or inflamed areas yet.

Today I ate: (not a great food day)
biscuit w/sausage, orange juice
pizza -pepperoni, green tea
ravioli (spinach) with olive oil/parm cheese (no sauce) water
coke (my weakness)
edamame for snack

So I see dairy, soy, wheat and caffine in there..are those possible triggers?

Off to read some more to figure out what to eliminate...

Soy and milk both caused it in my LO. We did a gut healing diet and he can have milk now, but not soy. Within hours of eating soy he has a bad breakout. I can calm it with Benedryl until the itching is gone. I soothe the skin with vit E oil.
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I went to the ped today and talked to her, and she thinks it's food-related too, judging by the all over ezcema. She does not think it's dairy since my baby has it really bad and I get so little dairy. We did do a blood test for casein, whey and gluten and she recommended a full allergy work-up but I declined for now.

Family history of allergies, ezcema and asthma too.

Thanks guys! BTW I was so embarressed to post my food that day, LOL. It was a BAD day!

Today has been better, but of couse the sushi I had for lunch had shellfish in it, ugg.
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Eczema can be from environmental allergy, food allergy or intolerance. So even if an allergy test comes back negative for a food, she can still be intolerant to it. And for what it's worth, my DD2 got eczema from minute bits of corn (like citic acid in a supplement) so if they're sensitive to something, then they can react to tiny amounts of it.
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I had to do an elimmination diet for my youngest son's eczema when he was a little baby. Dairy, soy, eggs, and corn were the big eczema triggers for him in MY diet (it was severe enough that I had to read labels religiously--I swear they sneak those ingredients into EVERYTHING). At the same time, we switched from Burts Bees to Cali baby super sensitive, and between all those changes it cleared up 100% and now stays at bay as long as he doesn't get any of his triggers.

Now that he is eating food in addition to boob, he can't eat those things; he also can't eat wheat (stomach issue), stawberries (eczema), or citrus fruits (blistering rash). He is also sensitive to what he wears (clothes), and will sometimes still break out in a contact rash (though not actually eczema) when having contact with certain perfumes or if someone kisses him with their lipstick. :. As a baby, he was more sensitive and absolutely could not wear polyester or any poly blends; cotton only.
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Try Ethical Nutrients Eczema Shield, my daughter had eczema from her torso to her legs, and after only a week it has cleared almost completely. This is a probiotic, you will probably have to source it from a homeopath or naturopath. My daughter does not have any food allergies.

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This thread is almost 2 years old.

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The creams and oils you're using are treating the symptoms - dry, scaly skin - not the cause.  The cause of eczema is yeast overgrowth in the intestines and the only way to get rid of eczema for good is to get rid of the yeast overgrowth.  I started out with expensive prescription creams that only worked as long as I used them, until I found the yeast overgrowth bible - The Yeast Syndrome.  (It's a terribly boring book written in excrutiating detail but I was desperate.)


I recently wrote an easy to read free eBook on eczema home treatments (www.eczema-hometreatment.info) that outlines what I've learned and you can use it as a catalyst for getting rid of eczema instead of just treating the symptoms - I've been there, done that, wrote a book about it :)


Hope this helps,



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We are going through the same thing.  I just got tested for allergies (by naturopath) & am allergic to milk protein, eggs, some fish & almonds.  My babe is showing the symptoms.  Even small amounts cause flair ups.  Elimination diet is a good idea.  Many times for many breastfeeding moms it ends up being a problem with eggs & milk.  I was surprised by salmon too.  Bathing often (3 times per day) is actually better followed by a barrier cream to keep moisture in.  We aren't excited about it but have used an OTC hydrocortisone cream if the poor kid is really itchy.  Good luck. DS is 5 months & has had eczema for more than half his little baby life.

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Avoiding wheat/gluten, pasteurized dairy, GMO-corn and GMO-soy are huge for healing an inflamed or "leaky gut". Skin is a detox pathway.

I'd add Omega 3 fatty acids and avoid Omega 6 fatty acids (corn oil and soy oil).  Also, magnesium is critical to over 300 biological processes in the body. Epsom salt baths can help for magnesium and supporting the body's natural detoxification processes.

Whole food probiotics such as kefir, kimchi, naturally fermented sauerkraut and dairy-free yogurt are other alternatives to add.


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I tried everything to help clear up my little guy's eczema, my doctor gave me a script for topical medication but I refused to put it on his face. I went to a health store and the lady that worked there was great, she too had a little girl with eczema and gave me advice on what helped her. I found almost complete relief for him using an infant probiotic and Calendula Baby Oil. I also give him a quick 10 minute warm bath everyother day and use a dry soft rag to help keep his face dry from the drool monster winky.gif. I know how overwhelming it can, I hope this helps anyone who is searching for some help!

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