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Possibly moving to Fredericksburg, VA!

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My husband has found his dream job in Fredericksburg. We are looking at an unexpected move happening pretty quickly, and I would SO appreciate any advice/recommendations regarding the following:

1. We will be looking for a house-- in what suburbs/country areas of Fredericksburg should we be looking? Our DREAM would be to have an older house on acreage, but we're willing to defer that dream for his job if need be.

2. I'm expecting a new baby in March. Are there any good birth centers?

I would appreciate any other info you can think of. I'm feverishly internet-searching, but there's only so much that google can find

Thanks in advance!

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Hi! Glad to hear your husband found a good job in Fred, it's a nice area.

To answer some of your questions -
1) There are some really nice houses in Orange County that would probably fit your description. Of course, there are parts of the county that would make it a trek to work and back, but it's a beautiful rural area. There's also Lake of the Woods, which is a gated community in Orange County (but just barely, they aren't exactly considered part of the county by residents) which has some really cool homes - but the lots are a bit on the smaller side.

There are lots of areas in Spotsylvania County (where I live, so I'm a bit biased ) that have homes in rural areas with acreage. Depending on how far you want to go, there's some cool areas near and on Lake Anna as well. If he's working IN Fredericksburg he'll have lots of commutable country options. There's also King George within driving distance, and you may be able to find an older home there, although it's not my favorite area around. Caroline County is another option, but I'll warn you that if you plan to send your kids to public schools, the schools in Caroline County are notoriously horrible, sadly.

Okay, just on a search (we're homing searching too, so this is fun for me ) here's some houses that may suit what you're looking for - of course I'm not sure what your price range is but the Fredericksburg area is pretty reasonable.


2. There aren't any birth centers in the area, but Culpeper Hospital recently became a "Baby Friendly" hospital - I know many mamas who have birthed there and LOVED it. http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2...2222009/443474 Aside from that, there are plenty of homebirth midwives in the area, and I know some great doulas.

Hope that helped some! Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help in any way
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Thank you!! My Dh got the job, and he is thrilled. We visited last weekend, I loved it. Spotsylvania Co. is probably where we will be looking, though we did drive down as far as Lake Anna and we looked online at some houses out in King George.

That Culpeper hospital looks about as good as a hospital gets... I'll look into that.

I really appreciate your taking the time to write all of that out!

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nothing really to add, but i'm from fredericksburg (south-east stafford actually) so i really hope you enjoy it! my parents live in a rural area that's off the beaten track (towards King George) and i LOVE going home to visit - it's so quiet and peaceful. i think it's a really great area to raise children as well. best of luck with your move!
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I hadn't checked MDC in a bit, but congrats! Hope you guys love it here!
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