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washing fabric

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I got a great deal on 7yds of quilting flannel. I want to wash it and get some dresses made for the girls, but I am a little apprehensive. I want to get as much out of this fabric as possible so I don't want to cut it into smaller pieces. Is there any problem with washing a 7yd piece of fabric? Thanks!

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I don't think that'd be a problem. I know my machine can handle a set of queen sized sheets and a set of twin sheets in the same load.
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Great, thanks!
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I have done that much in my front loader.
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Might be too late, but just wanted to mention that when you put it in the dryer, you might want to check your lint trap relatively often, because flannel will fill it up.
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This is probably definitely too late. But I'll reply anyway.

I sew for a living. Everything is pre-washed if the finished item will be washed later. Last night I washed (while dying) a 15-yard length of silk chiffon. A typical home machine handles this just fine. Just don't unfold it and then wrap it around the aggitator Just unfold and set it in the machine loosely and it will be fine. Use the same temp water and dryer setting you'll use on it later, and you'll be fine.
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I'm going to piggyback a related question onto this thread - I hope the OP doesn't mind!

If you're supposed to wash fabric before sewing, how do you handle fraying? Wouldn't the act of putting a length of cut fabric through the washer end up with a totally destroyed edge? I can't help but think of the first set of wipes I ever attempted on my old Singer...now I have a new machine and some wonderful fabric (and learning as I go), but I'm very apprehensive on washing it first.
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Most fabrics will fray a little bit. You can help lessen this by folding the edge over and narrowly hemming it. Post-wash, just cut it away.
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