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trouble finding heartbeat?

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I'm freaking out just a little here...

I'm 18weeks (tomorrow) and had my second prenatal appointment with my h/b m/ws today. When she checked for the heartbeat my m/w had all sorts of trouble locating it. She finally found it (after several minutes where i didn't breathe) and it was 152 bpm. She used a doppler and it sounded so quiet and faraway--it usually seems so loud. The baby was tucked way down in the lower left-hand corner of my uterus, almost behind my pelvic bone. My uterus is measuring 16in and is just below my bellybutton. I've been feeling movement for a few weeks, though nothing yet today--baby is most active about 10pm. the m/w who was using the doppler is an apprentice, but she's been doing this for a few years now.

it just seems that this far along a heartbeat should be so much easier to find. With my uterus that big, is it really that easy for a baby to "hide" --is it still that small?

even though we did hear the heartbeat, i'm still freaking out. I feel very uneasy, like there is something terribly wrong. We've been wavering about whether to have an u/s (leaning towards not, since it sounds like it would be a bit of a hassle to schedule one with a hospital m/w) I'm just wondering if this is within the normal range of experiences, and everything is just fine, or if i should be worried, or should i go ahead and have a u/s just to relieve (or confirm) my fears?

any input would be welcome. thanks.
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i totally freaked out, too. yesterday was my 18 wk appt, and we heard the HB for the first time, right before we found out he was a boy! each time it has been impossible to locate, but I finally got to hear it. If an u/s will make you feel more at ease, by all means, have one! But I'm sure everything is fine, mama!
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thanks, I'm trying to stay calm....
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Yes, it's totally possible for baby to just get in a position that makes it hard to locate the heartbeat. Your placenta could even be partly to blame for making it hard to find. If having an ultrasound will ease your fears, go for it. No need to be all stressed out if you can do something quick and easy to make you feel better. (((hugs)))
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I had my 32 week appointment on Monday, and my doc had a hard time finding my baby's too- even though she could feel baby moving- she was all tucked up in a faraway corner.

Nothing to worry about
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Yeah, SIL had a 19 week appointment (about 3 weeks ago now) and they couldn't find the heartbeat after a long time of checking

she went for an emergency ultrasound- everything was fine! He'd just twisted himself into a weird position, her uterus is slightly tipped (tilted? whatever) and she has an anterior placenta, all things combined can make it tricky.

There were definitely a few hours of panic, though.
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She found it, so don't worry. It's not always easy to find, but if she found it, and sounds like it was totally normal, there's no need to worry.
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No worries!

It has happened to me several times (I am one day shy of 27 weeks) because my little guy is VERY low in my pelvis...he is always tucking himself behind the right and left side of the bone!

The first time they couldn't easily find it, they sent me for an u/s--- and he was fine (at 12 weeks)-- and sometimes its easy and sometimes it isn't.

It's a normal thing that happens to a lot of us!

:to all!
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Thanks everyone....I do feel better knowing it's happened to others. My m/ws never had trouble finding heartbeats for my other two babies, so this was new and very scary. Also, i've felt plenty of movement last night and this morning, which also calmed my fears.
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Originally Posted by Mrs.Floyd View Post
Your placenta could even be partly to blame for making it hard to find.
DD1 had an anterior placenta, which meant that the placenta was always in between the baby and the doppler. It made her heartbeat harder to find, because of all the noisy circulation in the placenta.
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Since she did eventually find the HB, I would not worry! At 15 weeks, the nurse and then the OB both tried to get the HB and just couldn't so they did a quick U/S and there she was kicking away and I got to hear the HB too. If the baby is in a position behind something or so that your own HB is interfering with them picking up the baby, it can easily happen that they can't get the HB.

It is scary when they can't find it at first though! I was glad my OB just went ahead and did an U/S for peace of mind since I could not feel the baby moving yet at that point.
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