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I finally have my energy back. I am so happy, all I've wanted to do this entire pregnancy is make it through the day at work by sitting at my desk and pretending to be busy, and coming home and laying around. Well, this past week, I am actually DOING things again. Moving around the house, not sitting in one position the entire night.....seems like forever since I have felt like this!
Anyone else?
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I'm envious. I had it for awhile and now its gone again... Probably because I'm not exercising, maybe my thyroid. Need to get it checked again.
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I have surges of energy then recurring exhaustion. It's like... hills and valleys of energy. Right now I'm in a valley- DD is finally sleeping again (that tooth finally came through!) and I thought I'd feel more awake, but I'm just more exhausted than ever.

This week has also been crazy busy, so hopefully next week I'll have more energy once I have a few days to myself to recharge.
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I am also having the ups and downs. I got all excited when I first had some energy, but then it went away. It comes and goes. I hope I get a longer stretch of energy soon so I can finish projects instead of just start them!
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i feel great until about 8pm. Then it just hits me that I'm tired.
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Yeah, I've had great energy filled days but then I crash by 6 or 7. Luckily DH is ready to take over by then. It is fun to want to go out during the day, though!
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