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have you introduced a bottle of EBM?

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We have been trying for a week now to get DD to take a bottle of EBM with no luck.
So far I have tried Born Free, Avent, Medela and an Adiri nurser. I am going to Babies R Us tomorrow to check out the selection and see if there is anything different/unique that I haven't tried yet.

Every time DH puts the bottle to her lips she absolutely screams bloody murder... I have never seen anything like it. She goes from calm and happy to very, very angry in a matter of seconds. I had a feeling this would happen because she is such a needy nurser - and she just couldn't seem to figure out how to use a paci. DS was so different! Although he preferred to nurse, he had no problem taking a bottle when it was offered.

Has anyone had success with bottles? Which ones have you used?
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We try to give DS a bottle every couple of days so he knows how, since I have to go back to work in a couple of weeks . Honestly I have had the best of luck with the plain, cheap old Gerber preemie bottles. DS also takes a pacifier so I think that does help. There are times though when he definitely does not want the bottle--he wants his mama! I hope he doesn't have too rough of a time when I go to work
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Elijah has been good with taking a bottle. DH had to give him one all day when I was getting my PET scan.
We've done good with the Think Baby bottles and are using their slow flow nipple on it. I could probably use a fast flow nipple though and it would still be slower than my oversupplied breasts
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My dh gives ds a bottle once a week. We just use the bottle that came with the pump and he seems to have no problem with it. I'm not there to see it. He took it with no problems on the first try. Sorry I can't offer any advice.
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Originally Posted by fawnanddoe View Post
I could probably use a fast flow nipple though and it would still be slower than my oversupplied breasts
I was thinking the same thing too. I bottle doesn't squirt like my breasts do. A fast flowing nipple is certainly slower than my milk fountains. I feel bad for ds when he chokes on it. Now he's figuring out ways to handle to flow- letting go and getting sprayed, spitting it out on me, oh my favorite, that he did at church when I was nursing on the front row, he let his mouth fill with milk and then he simply tipped his head and dumped the whole mouthful out on me. He did this twice before I gave up not wanting to be soaked and stepped out of the church a feed him in private on a couch were I could catch the milk from his escapes. I hear you can pump to take the edge off the flow, but who would want to carry a pump around and use it at every feed. I'd rather just rescue my "drowning fish" when he chokes and try again.
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We introduced a bottle after about a month - I am in school, so he has to have "Daddy milks" a couple of nights a week.

We use the Born Free bottles, and haven't had an issue.

If bottles don't work, I've heard that you can try a syringe (the medicine kind), a spoon, or a cup.
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We have not, and won't be trying anytime soon... I wanted to chime in and say that with DD1, she also refused some bottles on your list, but my mom went out and got those playtex latex ones, and she took that one with no problem. I don't know if she was this young when we did it though...
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I'm about to introduce the bottle to DS this weekend. I start work next week and my mother will be watching him for a few weeks. He sometimes will take a pacifier but that's after some coaxing. Maybe he won't outright reject the bottle because he has a reward (aka milk) for sucking on it. We'll see. At least I know he'll accept milk from a spoon if need be.

ETA: I'll be trying the Dex Milk Bank vented bottles.
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We've used the ones that came with our Evenflo pump. The package of Dr. Brown bottles has been opened and washed, but not sure if any have been used.

I've had frequent disagreements with the rest of the family about using bottles and pacis. DS only takes a paci under protest (that's my boy! ).
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Lily had her first bottle of EBM last Saturday (I work 5 hours on each weekend day). She was 5 weeks old. She takes about 7 oz. while I'm gone.

We used the Medela bottles and they worked fine, but I think we are going to try NUK this weekend. She occasionally uses a Soothie paci.

My motto w/r/t artificial nipples of any kind is "only if mommy isn't available." So...yeah. They only get used if I'm not there. But we haven't had any nipple confusion issues, thank goodness. And she definitely prefers my breasts...when I got home from work both days it was like a nursing marathon for several hours!
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We haven't started yet but I have a friend whose baby refused every bottle except the playtex drop in nursers.
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I went back to school too, so DS is with DH or MIL 2 nights a week. He takes a bottle and a paci for others, but certainly not for me. We use Evenflow glass bottles with slow flow nipples (the faster flow would just drip all over in his mouth, he has to work at getting milk from my breasts- though amply supplied).
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For those babies who won't take a bottle, I highly suggest trying to cup feed. My dd often wouldn't take a bottle (she would occasionally ), and cup feeding worked really well for her.
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We started introducing a bottle to DD when she was around 6 weeks old since I was going back to work around 8 weeks. She has had no problem taking the bottle from anyone. She is still a booby girl when I am home in the evenings and cluster feeds a lot. We use the Breastflow bottles.
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We just gave Parker his first bottle 2 nights ago. I kept saying that I was going to try a bottle at 4 weeks, but I just got lazy and never got my pump out until this week. I wish that I could just stay home for the first 9 months or so, just to nurse him. I HATE pumping, but I will go back to work on Oct 5th,so I need to start storing up. Thankfully, I only work three 8-hr or less days. Anyhow, after about 5-10 min of crying, he took the bottle. Not sure how much to give him or how much he needs at a feeding, but we're trying. The bottle was something leftover from my son, so not sure the kind. I think that it does help that he takes a pacifier once in awhile. Good luck--it's so stressful!
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I have been having some bad problems with recurrent thrush this time around, so I had to introduce a bottle 4 weeks ago, so my nipples could take a break 1-2 times a day.
Luckily, unlike her siblings, DD had no problem accepting the bottle! We have an Avent bottle.
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ds has had a couple now with no issues - we always do it when I'm out of the house though or I don't think ds would settle for not-mama!!
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IT took a little while for my LO to get used to it, someone suggested preemie nipples (you can purchase them online, Dr. Brown's makes some), but, I never tried it...we used the narrow Nuk nipples for a while, and now we are using those along with the Adiri breast bottle. We introduced at just under 2wks and it wasn't until about 8-9wks that he took it really well. He still refuses it (like screams) if I am in the room...he's totally different than my first son, who happily took a bottle from the first time we introduced it--even from me.
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My daughter has only had EBM 3 times (the first was at about 5 weeks) but she did well with it right from the start. The first two times were with the containers I pump the milk into with one of the nipples the hospital sent us home with. I went to Babies-R-Us a few weeks ago to get her some better bottles and bought two of the Nuby Natural Touch bottles. I liked that they are squeezable and the nipples seem to have more of a breast shape/size. She has used them once so far and though I wasn't there I was told she did well. I don't pump or use bottles alot at this point though so I don't have experience with different kinds. She also does use a pacifier though the only one she has ever wanted is the one from the hospital.
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Originally Posted by BlessedEarthMother View Post
We haven't started yet but I have a friend whose baby refused every bottle except the playtex drop in nursers.

I had to go back to work part-time after 6 wks, dd took/takes ebm in the playtex nurser.
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