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I'm running a fever

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about 5 days pp, my breasts are sore and engorged. "down there" doesn't smell quite right o me. I feel flu-ish, fever of 99.6F+.

thoughts suggestions? i have a 1st degree tear w/ no stiches, very sore, but my 1st vaginal so not quite sure what to think. Also headachy. Anyway, any ideas?
I'm on 800mg of ibuprophen, still feel weak and like doo doo. Tried cabbage leaves with minimal effect and took some emergenC and cod liver oil.
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make that 100.6F
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If your engorged I would pump to relieve it. And I would keep the baby attached as much as possible.

I would call about the not quiet right smell and tell them about your fever as well. You dont want to mess with infection down there since it can impair fertility later.

hope you feel better soon.
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oh, not sure what to tell you other than can you call your doctor or midwife? maybe give it some time (if you haven't already), and see if it gets any better. if not, then call.
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I just got back from a visit with my mw for those same symptoms. I'm now on bedrest for a breast infection.

It sounds to me like a phone call worthy concern.

: I'm there with you!
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101.4F chills.... going to bed, I'll call the dr. in the morning i guess

not totally engorged... tandem nursing helping, but I have large breasts that never get close to empty.

thanks ladies.
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Any news? It sounds like mastitis to me (or at least, that's how my bout of mastitis played out and I was tandeming too)...

Hopefully your care provider can take a quick look and help you feel better fast!
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yep sounds like mastitis. u may need antibiotics. definitely call!
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officially mastitis. down there is aparently healing fine but is not so much a deep cut as it is a raw area.

they were pretty impressed that the fever and chills broke through all that ibuprophen... and they assured me your not supposed to feel this sore and crappy a week after a vaginal. I wouldn't know so.... go figure.

can't wait for the head ache to let up.:

just started antibiotics
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I hope you recover fast mama.
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I had the smell down there when I had a blocked duct. I am 5 weeks pp, and still smell sort of funky down there. It takes a while for things to normalize again in that area.

Glad you know what it is and are getting treated. Hope you feel better soon.
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Glad you got a diagnosis quickly. I hope you get well soon.
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guess what!? My fever is back ...99.9F seems to be the other side. I'm starting to feel awful too.

Last thing I remember hearing at the Dr. office was ...some people rarely don't respond and IV antibiotics might be needed but this stuff usually does the trick...

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Not in your DDC

After Bodie was born, I got mastitis at 8 weeks PP, and it was so bad that I had to try 3 different kinds of antibiotics and even did 2 of them at a time before it cleared up. Definitely call them back mama, mastitis is not joke and can make you sicker than anything else I've experienced. I was too sick to take care of baby even (still nursed him though, of course) and DH had to take care of him other than feeding. I hope it gets better soon, and you start feeling better!!!
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
After Bodie was born, I got mastitis at 8 weeks PP, and it was so bad that I had to try 3 different kinds of antibiotics and even did 2 of them at a time before it cleared up.

yeah mastitis doesn't respond the same to all types of antibiotics. do a google search and find out what the preferred types are and get your doc to prescribe you one of those. they usually start with amoxicillin and that is not the best one for mastitis.
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