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Does anyone home-school AND have a job? - Page 2

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We plan to. DH and I both work full time (he is away most of the week for work and comes home on the weekends). I have a flexible job, so I can basically make my own hours, as long as I get the work done. I plan to have a nanny watch DS while I am at work - probably two full days and a few mornings a week. DH also stays home one day a week, so that helps.
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It's not a predictable income amount, but I have six PT jobs (some very PT -- only once a month -- and some I could do every day if I want) and I'm homeschooling. Honestly, if we didn't need the extra money right now, I wouldn't be doing quite so much, but I've held a PT job in some form, with varying hours, ever since DD was born.
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I do part time also. Only 28 hrs per wk. Evenings and Saturdays..every other Sunday. It gets kinda tiring at times, but I like to have a lil spending money to treat the kids to outings and pay for extras..
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When I first made plans for homeschooling, I was working about 15 hours a week, about 1/2 that on the weekends when DH is here. All fine and well.

Now that we're actually homeschooling, though, I got a couple big freelance projects and am working more like 30 hours a week. I've managed so far, though to do work one full weekend day, 3-4 afternoons a week, and lots of work after the kids are in bed. I homeschool 3 mornings a week and have the sitter all day. In the morning, she entertains DS/takes him to the playground (which I hate doing... a la that thread in TAO about Mom things you hate to do) while I homeschool DD. In the afternoon, she entertains both kids and I go to the office. This is a bit rough a schedule, though, so while we're on a homeschool break, I'm trying to sort of clear the decks workwise and push back or outsource a work project or two to get it more like 20-25 hours a week.

DH is a supportive husband and a great dad, but he's not involved in the homeschooling beyond the fact that everything DD does involves learning in some way.
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Originally Posted by heket View Post

However a variety of working parents have been able to homeschool their children. There's even a Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WORKandHOMESCHOOL/
Thanks for the link to the Yahoo group. Off to check it out now.
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Yep. We wait tables and there are 3 adults in the house so the kids don't ever have to leave home to go to a babysitter's or daycare. Also, since we work at night, we can get out and do things during the day if we want.
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I work 32 hours and homeschool a 2nd and pre-kish/k. It is a lot of work but doable. It helps as far as groups and trips that my hours are evenings/weekend.
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Just the thread I came looking for! DD is in 1st grade and is miserable. She's gifted, and has a lot of difficulties with the regiment of public school structure (as do I!).

I had always wanted to homeschool her, but I had let go of that dream since dh and I both work. But her frustrations with school - and mine - are mounting and I really want to pull her out ASAP.

Sounds like it's really just a matter of finding daycare, or another homeschooling family who can help share the job?

I work roughly 7:30-3:30, so I suppose I could spend an hour or so each night doing academic stuff (or setting it up for whoever does daycare), with other types of "schooling" like gardening, cleaning, pet care, shopping, exploring, playing happening just as they do now...?

I am getting more and more excited about this. I really want to find a way to make it work!

(Hi Jess!)
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