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My LO is getting to crawling stage and babyproofing stage 2 is starting! My apartment is very small (1 bd, I'd guess 500-600 squft). We have an open living room/kitchen (no kitchen table, just bar stools on the island) and a small bedroom with a side-carred crib and high bed. We have a lot of electronics so a lot of wires. We have some of the wires in those white things that go along the wall to hide them, but I want like a big box for the surge protector, not the little power strip protectors I normally see.

I'm thinking of gating off the hallway leading to the bedroom, bathroom, utility closet that has the cat litter in it, and W/D. So I have to really focus on getting the LR/kit safe. Dishwasher, oven, shelving bracketed to wall, wires, etc.

AHHHH where to start? I'm so tempted to pay $300 to have a company come in and do it.
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crawl round on all fours and pretend to be a baby ona discovery journey. everything that looks interesting to you and you can reach should be nailed down
seriously though, it helps get the right perspective and see things you might otherwise overlook
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you can pay someone to do it for you joy.gif

sounds beautiful!

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Not all kids get into everything.

I lived in a similar size apt with dd1. She didn't really get into much.

With dd2 we lived in both a very tiny and larger places. She gets into a lot more no matter the size. Just a button pusher
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