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What to Apply for from CRA?!

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I'm currently expecting my first baby, and I hear a lot of other mamas talking about Child Tax Credit and Child Tax benefits.

I did a little bit of sleuthing online, but I think I'm missing a lot of what I'm looking for- What other types of subsidies should I be looking for? DH and I are fairly low income (I don't think we're *below* the poverty line, but I'd guess our combined income to be about 40K a year- so not all that much)

can anyone help point me in the right direction? The CRA website has the forms for the Child Tax Credit, which I've printed off, but I know there's more that I'm missing, and we can use all the help we can get while I'm on maternity leave.
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I think we applied for everything, and left it up to the gov't to determine what we are eligible for. I'm sorry I don't have any links for you, that was a while ago that we did that. We were also out of the country when dd was born so had to sort through all that goes with that. But it worked out to be the $100/month that everyone gets for the childcare benefit, and then there's another one based on income. I'd probably just call them and ask, at this time of year there shouldn't be much of a wait on the phone! Or else your EI counselor may be able to help you.
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thank you for the advice.

I wasn't even aware that I'd need an EI counsellor :

Shows how much I know going in to all of this!
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Maybe you don't need an EI counselor, I'm not sure myself! But I think that's what happens, or at least one person is assigned to you whether you actually get counseled by them or not, who knows! I didn't qualify for mat benefits because I had been out of the country due to DH's job for too long before having our daughter, so unfortunately I didn't get to figure all of this out.
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I don't think you need an EI counselor for mat leave. You can apply online. I think you need to verify actual date of birth and last day of work (I forgot to apply until after DD was born). I think all I had to mail in was the ROE. No phone calls, no leaving the house. EI can be direct deposit. As for the other stuff, go to services canada under baby and it's all there. I think there are 3 things (barring any disability). The $100/month is guaranteed (universal child care benefit), the other 2 are based on income. I believe that when you add the child under your care (so you have to wait until the birth), the applications are automatic?? I do recall that being a pain though. Had to wait for a password to be mailed to me (you can get the account set up before the birth), and had to sign and fax a statement about my marriage or DH being the father or something like that. It seemed to be a waiting game, but I didn't miss any payments (I even got 5 weeks of EI all at once because I applied late). Good luck!
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As far as I know there's three things you will get:

1 - if you are currently working, you can apply for Ei benefits. Just take your T4 to your local Human Resources & Development office or you might be able to apply online. It's been a long time since I've done this.

2 - You will get the $100 per month Universal Child benefit up to age of 6. For some reason I'm thinking that the hospital provided me with these forms.

3 - Regular Child Tax benefits - apply the same way as the Universal Child tax benefit.

I should also mention that you should apply for a SIN card for your baby once he/she is born. You will need that if you want to open a RESP. Even if you are not contributing to the RESP, there is a Canada Learning Bond that you can get $500 in the first year and $100 for each year, and you don't even have to contribute anything. Free money rocks.
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Dont forget GST if you dont already get it, and attached the Child Tax in Alberta you get some sort of family credit in January and July.. its about 350 each time.
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If you give birth in the hospital, they will likely give you all the paperwork for the tax credit, childcare allowance, medicare and birth certificate.

With EI. You do likely need an ROE. They are annoying and will not help you at the local office - you need to call Ottawa if you have questions about the online form.

Be prepared for it not to appear just as you need it - they are often late, so you should try to have extra cash on hand. Also, keep in mind that it will affect your taxes later on - you may pay more than usual. It's something to look into so you are prepared.
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This will be a little ways down the road for you, but I'll mention it anyway, for you or others.

We've had DS's name on a waitlist for daycare for just over a year. He finally got in and the owner of the daycare suggested we apply for a gov't childcare subsidy. He's only there 3 days/week, but our subsidy amounts to almost $1000 for this year! We are self-employed and not rolling in the dough, so this was a nice bonus that we were not even expecting.
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Alberta also has the Stay at Home Mom subsidy. You can get that for early childhood education programs for children up to 6 years old. You apply for an approved program and they pay directly. It provides up to $1200 per year for programming. I took my DD to Kindermusik and did baby sign language through the program. It's nice to know about if you want to do those kinds of things with baby while on mat leave. Also the same office handles other child care subsidies which might be available to you.


The link above also has calculators so you can get an estimate of your benefits from all levels of government.

ETA: Oh yeah and Alberta has the Healthy Families program which provides supplemental health care benefits incl. dental and optical for children.
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